Jodha Akbar Review

Review Jodha Akbar

It’s been a long wait for the epic drama and the wait has been worth it.

Brief story – Jodha Akbar is a journey of true love of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (Hrithik Roshan), the great Mughal emperor with Jodha Bai (Aishwarya Rai), a Rajput princess and daughter of the King Bharmal of Amer. Akbar’s biggest challenge isn’t only about winning battles but also winning the heart of Jodha.

Now the Review, let me start off with the helmsman – the man behind this magnificent drama. Director Ashutosh Gowariker’s direction is flawless, every single sequence has been executed brilliantly. The effort that has gone into the making of this epic love story is evident on the screen – etched on every frame of the movie. It’s simply incredible. The movie deserves nothing less than a ‘A++’ in every aspect.

  • The scene where Akbar tames an elephant, has been performed and executed to perfection.
  • The sword-fighting scene between Jodha and Akbar is a masterstroke by the director. It’s romance on screen at its ultimate best. The dialogues in the particular scene too are brilliant.
  • When Jodha and Akbar meet for the first time, their chemistry, Hrithik’s body language, the execution – Perfect!
  • Hrithik’s dance at the end of Khwaja Mere song as if he was immersed into the song, his expression and those eyes… I was awestruck
  • Akbar practicing sword fighting baring his torso as Jodha watches him hiding behind a wall… Hrithik’s physique is perfectly captured, an absolute treat for the female audience.
  • The romance between the couple is subtle and beautiful, something that is hard to find in modern day movies. The chemistry between Ash – Hrithik is sizzling.
  • Azeem-o-shan-shenshah – choreography, music, use of colors, execution out of the world. Never ever would you have witnessed something like this before!
  • The final fight – brilliantly done and Hrithik performs the action sequence with a lot of class.

Cinematography is of international standards. Kiran Deohan’s proficiency is evident from scene one. He just sweeps you off your feet by capturing the huge sena to the intimate romance with deftness. Music by A.R. Rehman is perfect classic material. Khwaja Mere Khwaja is divinely pure; Jashn-e-bahara is a beautiful romantic song. Every song is a classic, superbly choreographed and picturized. The editing for a couple of scenes could have been tighter but never mind, you don’t get bored for a single moment.

The movie belongs undoubtedly to Hrithik Roshan. He is Akbar, not for a moment do you feel its Hrithik Roshan the superstar on screen. His body language, expressions, action, dialogue delivery just about everything is perfect. Here is an young actor, who is light years ahead of the competition, with the right kind of roles Hrithik is gonna rule Bollywood in the future. Shenshah-e-Roshan, indeed!

Aishwarya Rai is great too; this is one of her finest performances. She looks every bit a beautiful Rajput princess. Sonu Sood and Ila Arun are good and so is the rest of the supporting cast.

So overall, Jodha Akbar is a classic masterpiece that shall be remembered for a long long time. Don’t worry about the length, you hardly feel its 3 hours 20 minutes long. Remember, you got to be a bit patient while watching Jodha Akbar, relax and enjoy as the epic drama unfolds with all its glory. Don’t miss it, worth the price of your ticket and more!

Rating: ★★★★½ 4 and a half stars.



  • Can some one tell my how much money this movie made? Is it a super hit or block buster? I pray that this movie makes loads of money.

    I was so sad that movie was banned in M.P.. coz….ASHOTOSH INVESTED SO MUCH MONEYON IT. ..lif it goes like this then no one would dare to make historical movies…coz one dish can not satisfy every tongue……
    Lukily I am so greedy that thier is nothing i dislike :P
    I love hritikh coz he accepts challenges. Ihope he tries to contact me coz I got loads of things to tell him about movies and songs and dance:P:P
    I like him as a super hero and also as a person coz very rare to see people who walk so high and still so humble.
    If we get many actors who are as huble as Hritikh roshan then whole industry will be blessed with a good people.
    Rahul you are very sweet and I like the way you write. Why don’t you try to write for some newspaper coz u have conviction. If I were a rich person I would appoint you as my p.r :P jk

  • JA for me is a landmark, just because it is a brave attempt in making a movie of a genre which has long been forgotten by the directors of today, only exception is TAJ MAHAL by AKBAR KHAN in 2006, which was a commercial flop and not as well made as JA. JA has its own qualities, like too many memorable scenes in the movie than any i have had ever seen before, and people who thought that it is’nt historically correct should just go to hell, becuase its just full of historical facts about akbar, although it has its own drawbacks though, like i thought that the second have could have been sleeker and the end climax scene (one to one fight, GOD knows why its inspired, can’t just two people fight after TROY??)could have been thriller….but overall its an honest and ‘different’ attempt, showing other indian diectors that such films should be made also, one of the most romantic movies i have ever seen and so its a ‘landmark’ because of the two above reasons……
    thnx to SAMEEHA for the support and ABHINEET for being polite……:)

  • i really noticed one thing, JA gave rise to soooo many history teachers, like, where were they for sooo long??? suddenly turning up from nowhere and everyone trying to educate everyone else, i insist each should write a book by themselves, since you know sooo much bout history…………..JA should be remebered only for this contribution, if not for the other ‘visible’ facts it has..

  • Hello all,

    According to a recent interview of the director, i.e Ashutosh, he says that JA is only 30 % history and 70% fabricated story , as he tried searching for details about the women folk of that time and very little is written about them. Thus Ja was created through the director’s and writer’s prespective.
    Hopefully, this may make some tof the critics realise that as smart . practical individuals we need to just see a movie for what it really is meant to be, basically for entertainment.

  • this is the best movie i’ve seen till date…………
    hrithik is simply awesome and he has proved again dat he’s better than ne othe KHAN of bollywood……..
    .HRITHIK rox…… and its a performance dat will sweep all the awards of the 2008…..
    khwaaja mere khwaaja is the best song i’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!KUDOS to A.R REHMAAN,AISH and AUSHUTOSH 2

  • RAHUL,

    I said Jodha Akbar was trash, and I still think so, and here’s why…

    Ashutosh Gowarikar is a great Indian director I really like. In his previous two films, Lagaan and Swadesh, he has displayed superb visual and narrative storytelling of strong and compelling subjects, which were essentially new subjects, or rather old subjects now potrayed in an entirely new fashion. Jodha Akbar fails miserably on all these accounts, which also happen to be the very things that make a movie good or bad.

    The reason for making a movie should be that a director has a good story he wants to tell, rather than make a movie in a genre long forgotten even if its just for the heck of it. Why not make silent films again then?

    Memorable Scenes? I laughed out of seat when Hrithik got that white heavenly light and started dancing like a puppet. Dude, that is NOT how enlightenment through music happens! The magic hour, when the sun is at the horizon, (to cause a reflection on the glass behind jodha in the critical love scene) is in actuality half an hour long. But in the film its five seconds. C’mon… I am a big supportor of surrealism, but it has to be prevalent as a form throughout the entire film, or atleast in some relevance??! You can’t just make a shooting star out of the setting sun for no apparent reason!!??

    The war scenes were goddamn Empty!!! Notice how the battles in Braveheart make your stomach churn?? since that is what war is like. Not tired soldiers jogging with flimsily held swords!

    Historic Distortion I dont care much about, I can dispense it in favour of a creative freedom, but my man, a film NEEDS a story. Even the abstract works of greats like Tarkovsky and Bergman have a sequence of emotional flow if not that of incidents. But this one “masterpiece” beats all! What was JA about?? their love, the saas-bahu politics, religious unifications, implications of war, strategies of politics, spiritual enlightenment, jealousy and ego and the formation of a romance bw husband and wife in an arranged marriage??????? WHAT??????? its cool, a film can have several issues and good ones make all of them work together to magnificent effect, but here not even one comes through…

    Phew… even the visuals are crass! the exterior shots of most palaces have brown dusty pavements and not landscaped gardens !!! thats not how i think our kings would have lived!!!!

    There RAHUL, thats some of my opinions on the film…
    But good for you if you liked the film, you’re entitled to your opinions as well :)

  • its a little frustrating when people just slate such an amazing movie like jodhaa akbar!
    i know some people will either love it or not like it at all but how can some people just miss the whole point. why compare this movie with others, why not judge it by itself.
    but im so happy its getting the recognition it deserves!:)

  • Great Movie….After Guru this is another good movie i enjoyed..However, I don’t know if it will be hit. I have seen Indian public prefer more movies that is little vulgar (movies of Malika Sherawat, Bipasa Basu etc) and those movie who has been over publicized like Om shanti Om. Indians don’t care about historical movies no matter how great they were made. They don’t care of acting and stuff.

  • Lorna, People who can’t stand hritik or Aishwarya they will definitely try to find any mean to say anything they want….so you just comment what you want to comment on movie and don’t get “frustrated” if other give bad review by comparing or by any other channel.
    BTW, I enjoyed Jodhaa Akbar. Story we all knew before it release as it was based on History….I think director did excellent job and deserve all credit. I don’t think it will nominated for any awards as Awards distribution in India is JOKE.

  • Guys!!…let me take a breath before i reveal sumthin to u…phew!!
    Ok here we go….its for 2008
    1.Best Actor-HRITHIK ROSHAN
    There is absolutely no doubt abt tht….this is one of his best so far….awesome…
    Its time tht we realize tht we hav a star of INTERNATIONAL standards…JODHA AKBAR puts him in
    class of actors like BRAD PITT, MATT DAMON
    She glitters in the TANISHQ jwellery like the heaven’s angel…wat her mouth cant say..the eyes say it all
    We love AISH for her simplicity….the essence she puts in romance….and her acting skills too…
    3.Best Music-A.R.REHMAN
    The music of the movie is its soul…background score is worth praise….JASHN-E-BAHARA and
    JALALUDDIN AKBAR are worth listening beats are amazing….u cant expect anything more from epic
    of this era
    4.Best Cinematography- KIRAN DEOHANS
    jst one word “MAGNUM OPUS”

    There are some other performances too which deserve true accolade like
    Nikitin Dheer…… Sharifuddin Hussain
    Ila Arun…… Maham Anga
    Sonu Sood…… Rajkumar Sujamal
    Tejpal Singh Rawat…… Ni’Mat

    At last i just want to say to all the people who read this just dont miss JODHA AKBAR
    just go for it as it says for itself “JA”….meaning “TO GO”…

    So jst get ur tickets booked now
    i give it 4/5


    ‘A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++” MOVIE…..



    1. the scene which you call ‘puppet’, do you have the faintest idea what it means?? one hand of the dancer is upwards, which means that you take gift from god, the other downwards, which means that you give those gifts to the common people, you are the medium, that is what the song actually also states, if you dont believe me, which is the obvious fact, then please mail mr. amitabh bachchan or bring a good history book from somewhere and start reading it….
    2. dont be that much fool of a person to compare the battle scenes with a foreign movie, they have their own treatment, better or worse may be, while we have ours…
    3. ‘saas-bahu’????? where the hell did you see THAT?? if you look back into your own history, forget akbar’s, you will find everything in your life, from love, hatred, jealousy, sorrow……thats what life is all about….the film is about akbar’s life, with his love with jodha as background….
    now i m convinced that you are a polite guy, with very little knowledge bout cinema..

  • Stunning performance by Hrithik as Akbar. He has outshined anyone and everyone! His wonderful expressions, flitting from brave, courageous, tender…he is mesmerizing. I’m sure there was not a single woman in the audience who didn’t fall in love with him ;) He’s just toooooo good. Everyone just go watch this movie. You’ll know and understand all this only when you see it for real :D Go ahead and have a fantastic viewing!!

  • “Vidya” u r absolutly correct……………….this movie is amazing……………………..Heart touching movie,very nice to watch a historical mvie like this………………………… thanks to Mr. Ashu for giving a nice gift to an indian Cinema………………………………….n “Hrithik” u r amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • I have been watching Hindi movies since childhood, reveling in the glorious days when Naushad saab would spend the whole night working on a song so that it would escape Lata’s lips with classic perfection – such were the efforts of our peers so that the viewer could be treated to a work of art that brought complete satisfaction. As the decades progressed, I became more and more sad at the obvious deteriorating quality of hindi movies; movies being churned out by the dozen with no efforts evident and with the only objective being to hoodwinkle the viewer into coughing up money for the ticket so that the producer could mint a fortune, stars being paid huge amounts to display their obvious lack of acting ability, wax work statues being unveiled and dedicated to some mediocre performances, awards being given to such performers and to films which were basically mediocre and totally undeserving of such accolades. Surely the dark era was upon us once again…
    However, this darkness has been dispelled thoroughly and completely with the advent of Hrithik Roshan. From his very first film he has shown a rare commitment to his roles, infusing them with sincerity, effort and convincing reality. I had to sit up out of my despair and take notice of this young performer creating such ripples through the lake of mediocrity that was Bollywood since 1995.
    With his latest escapade, as the Mughal Emperor Akbar, he has even surpassed the thespian Dilip Kumar, so perfect was his rendition of such a demanding and difficult role. Alas, what a beautiful “Devdas” he would have made!
    As for Ashutosh Gowarikar, he could have stood shoulder to shoulder with master film makers such as Bimal Roy, K Asif, B R Chopra and Hrishikesh Mukherjee (a position that I feel no other present film maker can even begin to consider) if only he had made use in his film of some of our yet existing national treasures such as Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. I hope he will make note of this for his next production.
    So Ladies and gentlemen, gladen your hearts for the golden era has dawned yet again, whose first prominent sign is the magnificent prioduction JODHA AKBAR, and the outstanding HRITHIK ROSHAN!!!

  • I have to admit this site seems to be getting as interesting as the movie itself. The wonderful comments, the ” bickering” of reviews between some guys , the overall AWE and admiration for foremost the true meaning of excellence i.e HRITIK and ofcourse the rest of the cast and crew is just amazing.

    I am actually looking forward to reading these reviews on a daily basis more than anything else.
    Anyways to add on , firstly vidya u r “oh” so right. I know of even married women with kids who are wishing at some point in their lives their “darling” husbands somehow magically transform into Hritik. ( We cant really have so many million Hritiks right, maybe we must start cloning him).

    As for Mr Farez its heart warming to read your review, especially about Hritik, really the Golden Era is back.

    For all the critics, esp Abhineet, lets hope you come out of your Dream land, as the way u envision movies with the sun set and the shooting star we may all have to sit for a whole day or more in the cinemas for one scene to pass i.e if u r the direrctor.

  • Segoutam , I really hope u get to see the original version soon , as pirated would have a lot of cuts.
    Best wishes.

  • Munaz bhai, aapkko kya problem hai life mein? I too found the movie lacking in many departments, but I’m least concerned about the history department. Heck, who cares about Akbar’s muslim wives when you have Aishwarya on the screen. But I found even Aishwarya is lacking her usual appeal in this movie.
    The art department is sub-par, I found the sets and decor of Kamasutra by Mira Nair better than this big budget movie. Rahman’s music is so so. Script is all over the place, I felt like I’m watching an episode of Tipu Sultan. I had to leave the theater half way through because I could not take it any more. Even the romance between Jodha and Akbar seemed tired and forced. I am shocked to see the such good review all over the web. I pity the poor readers who trust the reviews and have to bear this movie.
    So in summary, mian Munaz, if you want to look for muslim wives, don’t need to go to the theater. I’m sure there are plenty in your friends and family. I wanted to be entertained and moved, and alas, I was disappointed.

  • i dont know why jodha akabar having some bad remarks..i admire the director Ashutosh ..fabulous …simply flawless.but main think is the director could have been avoided some romantic scenes.according to me the editting of this movie is not quite good.. the two religious songs Khwaja Mere Khwaja ,manu mohana..what a song that was..i never ever heard such a marvelous song before..there is no words to explain it..TREMENDOUS MUSIC given by A.R.R. ASTONISHING body language by h.roshan,ais during this religious song..
    all indians should watch this film apart from their own religious thoughts.jai kind………

  • yaar, tell me about the box office collection. I heard it collected 39 corores within 4 days. wow.

    I pray that movie goes super hit. Every tiem hritikhmovie is on the floor n i end up spending time in praying for hritkh. He is a true gentleman dedicated actor and at the same time perfect human. Very rare to find people like him.

    Sometimes SIMPLIcity wins many hearts. we love u Hritickh u r superb, u r perfect body with beautiful soul.

  • Rahul don’t argue with that fool. He just frustrated guy who wana bother u. Tell him to just shut up and never reply him again.

    I noticed that u didnot thank me and noticed later that u did thank me:P
    You have a good flow n knack in describing things so beautifully. keep it up:P where r u from? India or Chicago?wild guess like tha t wild elephant who trying to crush Akbar in Jodha AKbar…jk…

    JOdha Akbar Amar rahey……………….Guys what r u waiting for..og n watch it onemore time.. like me.. I have seen this movie for 5 times. Not for that parrot n elephant but Akbar… though I am an animal lover too…elephant was cute but had no teeth:P:P trunk was not long enough.parrpt was over purple…heheh I am acting like a critic,,,they just find faults… coz that what they try to see………………..aww elephant was cute parrot was lovely…

    feed dogs noone feeds them —-at night go for a walk buy some bread n feed dogs of your street………….. hindustan hamara hai hummko jaan sai ppyara hai…duniya hamari jittni hai janwaroon ka bhi utna haak hai

  • thnx a lot TARA, i have noticed that you have a really caring heart, a good humour and you notice a lot of things, you are right, may be i should do that only, but useless remarks like those really makes the blood boil, anyways, you are absolutely right……..good wild guess of yours, i live here only, mera bharat mahan……btw, the person who kept your name really has a good choice :)

  • awww then that person should have kept my name surya kiran not tara….coz i am more bright then tim tim… Yesp I am known for all chat pat things n make every one laugh…I am a laugh riot….

    your Bharat is mahan but ur angrezze flow is unique, I wish I studied from your school… Your english teacher must be some videshi mem

    Now jodha gonna type
    Hi I am jodha, whatever ashotosh made was totally 100 percent true..coz whatever he mentioned did happen with me:P… Akbar did scold me n sent me back coz of sujal singh…manga was just like mmother in law…but akbar scolded her fine n since then she was scared of me…. ummm..Akbar was just as mentioned and showed by ashotosh … ashotosh is right…… my daddy means king of amer did get me married to Akbar not jehangir :P:P :P:P:P:P:P I told daddy pls I love that rajkumar but dad never listend to me n pa got me married to akbar the great,

    yes once Akbar did fight with one mad elephant n my papa pitajee was impressed..aurangjeeb used to play with cats noot elephants, it was akbar who plaed with elephant so again ashotosh was right.

    Ashotosh missed the part where once that parrot bit my finger…but that was a very small incident,

    this movie brought those memories back…But I am very happy in jannat now! khuda aap ko mneyamat de…. jai akbar jee ki :P:P

    oh yeah movie is super ..everyone must watch it..i love the movie..n loved it more when people enjoying it and alaughing on the scene where courtiers tell him that why did u get married tohindu wife and suddenly she starts singing a bhajan oh i loved that part……….

    listen to me…..the best movie produced andit is gonna get 10 oscars :P

  • Actually I am idle n not sleepy, so thought let me post one more review….:P hEY Rahul make a web site where u put ur views i will make it vry popular coz i got many friends. I will hit ur website like 100000 tiemes.

    I never thought that ur blood could boil for some bogus people, who are poor in passing review, who ever liked Jodha akbar has the same taste as mine,..n I am sure they r very lucky to have gifted by jsuch a lovely taste.

    your blood is more importnat than his boring review, so don’t worry.

    Jodha song is running in the back ground and i am dancing on it like how akbar danced on kwaja merey kwaja….. n I ammaking everyone dance like hritkh roshan n having fun..
    I loved that cute step hey rahul u too try that step its fun………….just stand up n put ur hand up n another down n swirl……….its fun.

    Hey guys watch the movie and concentrate more on the step that Hritick( spelling is too difficult) did, n when u get back home try it. Its fun……..i swear on my computer u would love it…just try it………

    watch jodha akbar, one romantic song was so romantic.. I was like comeon akbar kiss her…………….but i think he did but the camera went too far by then…..but by jove! that song was mind blowing it blew me off………and …that sun enters n focuses on them was astounding i was dazzled…how did ashotosh get that idea……….when i am gonna make one movie i am gonna copy the same scene but lead would be me n heritikh.nah ash suits better…:P

  • I am truly sad that Hrithik Roshan’s name does not appear in the number 1 spot on the Bollywood Power List. What this world needs is meritocracy. If judged on merit, the gentlemen who hold the top two positions would appear way down on the list and Hrithik would be Number 1! Alas, the world is hypnotised by too much fan-fare on the media focusing on undeserving individuals, who may have actually paid for such propaganda themselves. Consider how well Hrithik has spoken Urdu (from his throat) in Jodha Akbar. Many emminent Muslim scholars cannot speak such Urdu. A small observation, but one which gives great insight into this young Hindu actor’s dedication and commitment! Of course, only God is perfect. Jodha Akbar may have some flaws but the tone used by “Movie Critic” and Abhineet show that they have been egged on by Hrithik’s rivals within the industry itself, or perhaps such comments have been written by Hrithik’s rivals themselves who are hiding behind pseudonyms such as “Movie Critic”. After all, anyone who says Jodha Akbar is trash or had to leave the cinema hall half-way must have some ulterior motive, or hidden agenda, in saying or doing so. Or perhaps, he/she is not human, an alien from an outer world who knows nothing about excellent films or true art for that matter…

  • vidya is right , even when I was watching jodha akbar, I was like was I jodha? I am sure had akbar had the looks of Hritickh then jodaha must be me n if akbar looked like someone else then i don’t know who was jodha.( jus wondering)
    When I reached home, the movie was ringing in my mind, even next day it rang so much like a calling bell and every sec I was opening the door to see who was at the door.

    This site is so cute..whole day I am watching who wrote what..n when i see a bad review given by some boring people i feel like scratching it. with a blade.

    n who ever writes goo d i feel like umm let me think…may be i say wow what a nice review………..

    even before i watched this movie i sent sms to all my friends n enemies telling thme how great the movie was n i told them i saw the movie n ext day when i saw the movie i was liek i ned to send another sms as i haven’t praised it to the hilt…………n then i sent email to every one n asked them to watch them.
    Wow even rakesh roshan would not take somuch pain , th epain i took, but i enjoyed it. I called my sister n asked her to watch it with her family n called her again to make sure she watches…i hope that snail reaches the theater soon:P

    i even took my south indian friend n forced her to follow the movie. i was whispering her every dialogue… her hindi was kam joor…but she liked the movie her taste is better than abhijeet hehehe…

    I enjooyed that lephant scene ..elephant had a cute tail n every time he missed his kick i was relived.. he almost crushed that next guy with akbar.

    The most impressive part was , before starting the movie, they displayed how they took cae of every animal n bird n how one vetnary doc was always there for aniamls. Made me feel so proud. I wish every india takes care of stray dogs coz moastly they sleep hungry and die coz they r starved to death.

  • hey don’t give too much weightage to people who r giving bad reviews actually they tooloved the movie . They wanna sound differnt to be popular. NOwa days negativity ttakes people to immeasurable heights. But we should nopt forget its too dangerous to walk on higher platform when it is false n weak.

    Just praise good reviews n forget bad…look at tim tim tara. how god reviews she has posted…………i am gonna hit the hay soon…..n no more weightage to any f negativity just don’t bother.

  • hey ****************TARA************************ u r to good yaar……… every day i checkout the site n read all new coments,,,,,,,,,,,,, but ur coments r outstanding like $$ JODHA AKBAR $$ ………… i think u r in love !!!!! with JODHA AKBAR……………….. so cary on yaar………………….. JA is absolutly one of the mindblowing movie in Indian Cinema…………………..

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