Jodha Akbar Review

Review Jodha Akbar

It’s been a long wait for the epic drama and the wait has been worth it.

Brief story – Jodha Akbar is a journey of true love of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (Hrithik Roshan), the great Mughal emperor with Jodha Bai (Aishwarya Rai), a Rajput princess and daughter of the King Bharmal of Amer. Akbar’s biggest challenge isn’t only about winning battles but also winning the heart of Jodha.

Now the Review, let me start off with the helmsman – the man behind this magnificent drama. Director Ashutosh Gowariker’s direction is flawless, every single sequence has been executed brilliantly. The effort that has gone into the making of this epic love story is evident on the screen – etched on every frame of the movie. It’s simply incredible. The movie deserves nothing less than a ‘A++’ in every aspect.

  • The scene where Akbar tames an elephant, has been performed and executed to perfection.
  • The sword-fighting scene between Jodha and Akbar is a masterstroke by the director. It’s romance on screen at its ultimate best. The dialogues in the particular scene too are brilliant.
  • When Jodha and Akbar meet for the first time, their chemistry, Hrithik’s body language, the execution – Perfect!
  • Hrithik’s dance at the end of Khwaja Mere song as if he was immersed into the song, his expression and those eyes… I was awestruck
  • Akbar practicing sword fighting baring his torso as Jodha watches him hiding behind a wall… Hrithik’s physique is perfectly captured, an absolute treat for the female audience.
  • The romance between the couple is subtle and beautiful, something that is hard to find in modern day movies. The chemistry between Ash – Hrithik is sizzling.
  • Azeem-o-shan-shenshah – choreography, music, use of colors, execution out of the world. Never ever would you have witnessed something like this before!
  • The final fight – brilliantly done and Hrithik performs the action sequence with a lot of class.

Cinematography is of international standards. Kiran Deohan’s proficiency is evident from scene one. He just sweeps you off your feet by capturing the huge sena to the intimate romance with deftness. Music by A.R. Rehman is perfect classic material. Khwaja Mere Khwaja is divinely pure; Jashn-e-bahara is a beautiful romantic song. Every song is a classic, superbly choreographed and picturized. The editing for a couple of scenes could have been tighter but never mind, you don’t get bored for a single moment.

The movie belongs undoubtedly to Hrithik Roshan. He is Akbar, not for a moment do you feel its Hrithik Roshan the superstar on screen. His body language, expressions, action, dialogue delivery just about everything is perfect. Here is an young actor, who is light years ahead of the competition, with the right kind of roles Hrithik is gonna rule Bollywood in the future. Shenshah-e-Roshan, indeed!

Aishwarya Rai is great too; this is one of her finest performances. She looks every bit a beautiful Rajput princess. Sonu Sood and Ila Arun are good and so is the rest of the supporting cast.

So overall, Jodha Akbar is a classic masterpiece that shall be remembered for a long long time. Don’t worry about the length, you hardly feel its 3 hours 20 minutes long. Remember, you got to be a bit patient while watching Jodha Akbar, relax and enjoy as the epic drama unfolds with all its glory. Don’t miss it, worth the price of your ticket and more!

Rating: ★★★★½ 4 and a half stars.



  • I want to say Only 1 word after Amitabh, only one man/guy take his Gadi thats ‘” Mr. Perfect HRITHIK “‘………………….. Hey Hrithik dear……………. love u yaar ……………ever n ever……….

  • Well said bablu on behalf of millions of HR fans. Kids, adults and old folks alike…
    Dying to watch the Break free video on HR!

  • heyy…..friendz….d krazzy 4 video of hrithik is already there on u tube……
    plzz watch it….tis FaNTASTIC and MINDBLOWING
    cant believe any one can do that so effortlessly as hrithik has done

  • Krazzy—4, duniya chor , nahi hongey hum bore..dekhege 40 barr hum crazzy 4

    hey Hritik I wanna u see in a number were u dance like gaon ka chora, I mean u would look great in those songs too.

    You look amazing in krazzy 4, wow the way u move it making everyone crazy, ok ..u just dance the way i do hehehehe
    I wish I could watch that movie today, but it is yet to be released. I am gonna watch 1,2,3..I liek esha deol too coz she is my fav actress’s daughter. I just love hema malini …I loved her in Raja Jani..especially lappo jhsnna thing.. when I give food to the helper i have at home, n i find her eating fast i say, bahoot lappo jahnna kar rahee hai…insaan hai ke machine…n she just laughs her head off.

    Hritikh please act in some movie where u r some college boy but arrogant and wild hehehe..that role owould suit u…
    And stop prasing other actors, just praise urself, world is mean n they like mean people:P:P…
    I always find u prasing everyother actors..stop doing that…prasie urself …
    ….but be what u r…we like u coz u r sweet n humble……n i am crazy 5..oh yeah sunita also likes u alot so does bablu and i think Mayaank too…so the chain goes on n on……o yeah i got back from newyork last night( a lie)

  • Bablu yeah gaadi kyon chala rahe ho ab toh plane ka jamana hai….amithabh gaadhi chalaya honga..but Hritk hawaan main oodtha hai……… eagle kai jaisa…

    hritikh should do a movie with no dance………but some silent dance like kwaja merey kwaja…………u know soemtimes simple dance takes u to another world….may be antimaterial world….

    world of krishna…………..where everything is so pure………………………

  • Well folks, the HR video just blew me away, but like I said earlier, nothing surprises me about Duggu anymore. he will only do better, but what next…
    Well Tara, HR did a village typa dance in Krrish in first half. He will be dancing all thru his next movie.
    I love all the message boards, even after this dance srk fans continue to say srk is best(?) dancer(?). Well, I liked what one obvious HR fan replied to this- srk is best dancer at weddings and parties..hehehe..

  • We just finished watching the movie. What a chef d’oeuvre! But if this filmmaker wants international renown he will have to fork over bigger bucks for better subtitles. 3.5 hours of horrible English and French. We laughed hysterically at the subtitles and were not able to really focus on the story, during half of which we were lost. The lines make no sense what so ever and complete dialogues are missing. This is sad because we can tell how much work went into it. We knew we were in trouble right from the first screen. Please explain what this means: History is witness this land get a blood and give against royal. In the french subtitles the word give is replaced by elasticity! Second screen: Since 1011 time to time lots of people grim this flower in his step. The french subtitle is worse. Although we speak several languages we love all foreign films, cultures and languages but I doubt I will get to learn Hindi/urdu so hopefully this filmmaker will get more support for subtitles.

  • lol sunita lol i laughed when i saw ur us of A thing…I am very busy with my french n german classes – I shappth…no jokes…..n abouve that my eyes burn on computer..I was too much into computer almost like a bug… my eyes burn

    n was busy feeding dogs in my street, one got ran over by a car so took it to animal shelter…..I want to call some actors n ask for donations for animal shelter i wish every actor had this number 100…i would hve collected atleast 2 crore by now..coz i am a perster i can bug them incedssantly..till they give some money for dogs

    Sunita u r a cuteee..i just like u i don’t know why…..hehehe…hahahha……u think like me that is theonly reason….hehehe don;t mistake me..IAM a norma girl..hehehehehhe..

    before my eyes burn n kill me live, i should say hasta la vista or bis morgan or tshcue… goten tag..cee I am learning german lies…but not in us of A …in some nook n corner of India..I wish india was america…then i would have been america..i think we need t o exchange name with america for a year….n paint myself white….hehe.

    Now I am waiting for krazzy 4……comeon roshan jee pls don’t make anymore sequels..let Hritick act as some noramal guy, how long can u make him a guy jumping off from bldgs..let him yelln cry n drink on the street liek amitabh bacchcahn( chuck the spellings) i don;t understand my the spellings r too difficult for me..sometimes they dance when i type..may be I am dyslexic…ok taroon jammen ki..time to go for a walk…i am getting all zero in my exams….worst student of my class….may be i should say om om om omm…some jadu will happen

  • I like jodhaa akbar because it is romantic and it reminds me of a love I did with zeeshan he livesin 370 dixon road apt. 915 postal code m9r1t4.I know that jahanara is the great grand daughterof jodhaa akbar. I wish I was in this love story.

    THE END!

  • Hey Tara,

    Good to see you back to earth. However with your messages now I am beginning to wonder why you are learning French and German? How about English? Hehehehe….All your thoughts come in one huge para!
    BTW Krazzy 4 does not seem to be a hit, but atleast it seems to be an average movie.

    Am too busy myself these days. India is better than USofA any day. I have spent many a month there getting fully bored..

    UK is a better place to be. …

    What do u plan to do with all these languages?

  • Ja was one of the greatest movies I have seen despite the distortion of fcats a little bit. Hritik’s acting and looks, Aish’s beauty with her chemistry with Hritik..Vow what can I say. Aish acted well also in this movie. She is improving with every movie like Rekha. One day she will be a great actress also. In my oinion JA was even better than Mughl-e -azam. The chemistry bet the couple surpasses anything I have seen. The music was A+++. They were simple tunes any one can hum but backed by superb background music. The blending of indian flute and Sarod with symphony only AR can do this. On the down side , they could have shown some real facts like it was Akbar who proposed to Jodha, and also the other 2 wives he had at that time. It will still not take away anything from the movie but only add to it. They could cut down the one on one fight and shown more Jodha Akbar inter action. They could have shown all the 4 stanzas of Manmohana.

  • I type breathlessly so everything comes out with a single go.
    You were so sarcastic I didnot like it. My english is perfectly O.K atleast it brings smile to so many dull faces and that serves the purpose. Wow it hurts! Instead of sittign at home n killing mosquitoes its better to learn soemthing new. People think I am a yooropian girl hehe so they treat me well when i go out for shoping n once they realise arrey yeh toh desi hai .. they drop me on the floor… atleast once i learn deutsch they would hold me hi. indian loggo ko imported cheesey bahoot pasand hai hehehe….

  • I saw krazzy 4 n i enjoyed it, i was laughing head over heals….. ending was o.k BUT OTHERWISE EVERYTHING WAS FUN I COULD NOT stop laughing…whole theater was laughing( i mean people who were watching) coz some people pick on the language skills..
    I liked that ciggerette thin and gandhiji and umm let me think when they went out for asking one ruppee that was so so so funny..

    I wish rakesh roshan make some more comedy movies coz i loved his taste……its a really krazzy 4 …

    I think i like roshan family n every thing they do is adorable………..german class is so boring actually..she only speaks in german n i gape at her face.

    Its so hot outside just like sitting in the oven…i asked one of the students did u watch Jodha akbar he said no…i said r u crazy5 go n watch it ..its the best movie….next day i asked him again did u watch he said nah coz he gave me 5 lousy reasons. n i was like..i swear its the best movie pls watch…………looks he has no brains..n got soem audible blindness too…some people never listen howmuch ever u coaz them…they r like …………ah forget it
    whatever said and done german classes r giving me head ache ..anyways 4 more weeks to go…even otherwise i am going to the oo ass off A for adults…..

    peopel who get back from usa act as if they got bored there , but actually the were spent back coz they were illegal immigrets.

  • hrithik ur da best
    i luv u i luv u i luv u !
    jodha akbar is dddddddd best hindi movie upto date
    no 1 cfan match hrithik and ashs chemistry
    they both rocked d movie


  • i completely agree with you – ash at her best!
    also hrithik was amazing a fantastic movie that touches your heart!:)

    it deserves the recognition its gonna get!:)

  • Hritik is such a fantastic actor. His expressions say everything. In the scene I cant help admiring the shhepish look on his face when he admits he can notread and write. The sexy look on his face when he catches Jodha staring at him. The soft vulnerable look when his Mother tells him to bring back Jodha. Aish also acted so well just with her eyes. she delivere her dialogues beautifully. Specially when she tells Akbar on the first night tha her heart does not give her permission to unite with him Physically. She sound so innocent and straight forward.

  • Wonderful movie…Hritik’s performance was excellent and Aishwarya was simply outstanding with her unique beauty. The cast waz also gud…Overall the chemistry between Hritik and Ash impressed me a lottt…

  • hey, all d critics of dis fantabulous movie are mere fools.
    d movie rocked.
    hrithik n aish r superb. Their chemistry, in this historical movie, simply ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    d action scenes r performed with gr8 perfection- by all
    worth watching.
    deserved 2 b a super hit

  • What ever is written about the movie .. is absolutly correct.. Ashutosh , Hrithik , and Aishriya have done an excelent job.Hrithik is just the perfect mach for Akbar.Hrithik is really king.
    Ash .. also is just awsome.

  • I love AISHWARIYA RAI very much and Iam a big fan of her. I have a great wish of seeing her before my last day of my life. I love to watch HIRTHIK ROSHAN’s film and his scenes of emotions, fight, love etc… are wonderful. JODHA AKBAR is a wonderful film in which both of them have given a different look. Ilove their jodi acts in all film.

  • the movie s excellant tu t coree………

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