Jodha Akbar Review

Review Jodha Akbar

It’s been a long wait for the epic drama and the wait has been worth it.

Brief story – Jodha Akbar is a journey of true love of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (Hrithik Roshan), the great Mughal emperor with Jodha Bai (Aishwarya Rai), a Rajput princess and daughter of the King Bharmal of Amer. Akbar’s biggest challenge isn’t only about winning battles but also winning the heart of Jodha.

Now the Review, let me start off with the helmsman – the man behind this magnificent drama. Director Ashutosh Gowariker’s direction is flawless, every single sequence has been executed brilliantly. The effort that has gone into the making of this epic love story is evident on the screen – etched on every frame of the movie. It’s simply incredible. The movie deserves nothing less than a ‘A++’ in every aspect.

  • The scene where Akbar tames an elephant, has been performed and executed to perfection.
  • The sword-fighting scene between Jodha and Akbar is a masterstroke by the director. It’s romance on screen at its ultimate best. The dialogues in the particular scene too are brilliant.
  • When Jodha and Akbar meet for the first time, their chemistry, Hrithik’s body language, the execution – Perfect!
  • Hrithik’s dance at the end of Khwaja Mere song as if he was immersed into the song, his expression and those eyes… I was awestruck
  • Akbar practicing sword fighting baring his torso as Jodha watches him hiding behind a wall… Hrithik’s physique is perfectly captured, an absolute treat for the female audience.
  • The romance between the couple is subtle and beautiful, something that is hard to find in modern day movies. The chemistry between Ash – Hrithik is sizzling.
  • Azeem-o-shan-shenshah – choreography, music, use of colors, execution out of the world. Never ever would you have witnessed something like this before!
  • The final fight – brilliantly done and Hrithik performs the action sequence with a lot of class.

Cinematography is of international standards. Kiran Deohan’s proficiency is evident from scene one. He just sweeps you off your feet by capturing the huge sena to the intimate romance with deftness. Music by A.R. Rehman is perfect classic material. Khwaja Mere Khwaja is divinely pure; Jashn-e-bahara is a beautiful romantic song. Every song is a classic, superbly choreographed and picturized. The editing for a couple of scenes could have been tighter but never mind, you don’t get bored for a single moment.

The movie belongs undoubtedly to Hrithik Roshan. He is Akbar, not for a moment do you feel its Hrithik Roshan the superstar on screen. His body language, expressions, action, dialogue delivery just about everything is perfect. Here is an young actor, who is light years ahead of the competition, with the right kind of roles Hrithik is gonna rule Bollywood in the future. Shenshah-e-Roshan, indeed!

Aishwarya Rai is great too; this is one of her finest performances. She looks every bit a beautiful Rajput princess. Sonu Sood and Ila Arun are good and so is the rest of the supporting cast.

So overall, Jodha Akbar is a classic masterpiece that shall be remembered for a long long time. Don’t worry about the length, you hardly feel its 3 hours 20 minutes long. Remember, you got to be a bit patient while watching Jodha Akbar, relax and enjoy as the epic drama unfolds with all its glory. Don’t miss it, worth the price of your ticket and more!

Rating: ★★★★½ 4 and a half stars.



  • Great Jodha Akbar Review. I agree with the rating. Its an excellent movie that deserves all the praise.

    The scenes you mentioned about were indeed the best in the movie. I want to watch it again. Every scene lives with you long after the movie has ended.

    I will post my Jodha Akbar Review sooooon.


    Please spread the word about Jodha Akbar it rocks!

  • Another Jodha Akbar Review from the net.. Spread the word guys.. this movie deserves it!

    What a movie! What an AWESOME MOVIE CAN JODHA AKHBAR BE! Initially i was worried as to how the movie will work out since its about an emperor and all those scenes with palace(s),horses so on and so forth.

    Hrithik proved the critics wrong. No one can ever say he is a one film wonder again.No one.People exaggerated (over here in singapore) that the movie is very historical and they compared it to the old tales during the centuries.I went for this movie and i am still having JA hang over!!

    SPOILERS [Very Happy]

    HRITHIK – Tremendous performance. Loved the elephant scene,the sword scene,the part where he begins to like aishwarya and vice versa,the part where he brought aish and was waiting for the sun to set n then expressing his feelings n asking if she loved him – many many more …Overall,no one could hv done his role.He has the elegant,stern but romeo liked look [Winking] The charishma,gentleness,courageous personality which is gave out was too good!

    AISH – Simple look with a strong personality. Speaks her mind and is straightforward(thats why HR praised her abt it in the movie!!) I liked her performance no doubts,they seem to be the most ideal pair in JA! Imagine someone else in her place – impossible!

    OVERALL – 4/5

  • Shut up tejas………Hrithik and ash made a great pair in the movie and the sword fighting was damn good….first of all have u even seen the movie or u tolkin crap???….but let me tell all the people that this movie is for sumone hu wants to relax and not for action lovers….
    there still mite be a lot of action in the movie but u should go for it only if u like romantic movies coz the fighting scenes fit in wid the story from sumwere or the other……

  • I think it breaks all records of mughal-e-ajam. And create a new record. This historical movei make a history in frontpage of bollywood. And akbar is superb. Hrithik and akbar is different man. Rate: 100stars in out of 5.

  • Again hritik has proved tht he is best than any khan or one can play role of akbar greater than hritik.again this is time to be jealous of hrithik 4 srk rating is 100 out of 5

  • Its a fabulous movie.Every thing about it is superb.Hirithik and Ash make a rocking pair.
    Does Akbar really look like hrithik he is the perfect match for this role and there is no one else to imagin other than Ash as jodha .
    I think this is the way in which we can make the people know about our historic stories.
    i really want to watch it again and again please all of u do watch u feel worth wathcing it

  • yaar awesome movie ……….i like the movie so much that m feeling as if i m in that period only

    aish hritik eye language really mast……..the movie can’nt be praised in words.Songs are also very touchng,
    hritik ash really fit the role, both r hvng royal looks nd attitude

    movies like this should be made so that we all get aware abt our precious culture nd history……….

    i don’t abt others but i like the movie very much…………..a super super duper duper great movie…….
    triple 5 star rating………

  • earlier i was the fan of srk, nd don’t like aish.but aftr dhoom2 nd this movie i think aish is not that bad.^_^

    nd hrithik is definately gud……

  • well its one of the most classy muvis to haf hit the indian screen……i waited for ovr four months to watch this muvi and lemme tell u it was wrth evry second of the wait..ehtereal music coupled wid the subtle chemistry between hritik and ash makes it a killer package.and yes yes khaja mere khwaja deserves a special mention….kudos to mr. rehman…the magically gifted musician..well wht can 1 say abt hrithik…he is d ultimate…give him good roles and he will rock the screen….

  • the movie was kinda good… But the movie was irritatingly long 3 1/2 hrs which was quite EH . but anyway the Awesome direction , Cast (Love Hrithik) , The Set (Frm the palace to the clothes) which made Jodha Akbar “COMPLETE”

    I give the movie 3.5 / 5..

  • Ohhhh my God.. Hrithik u r the besttttttttt.. No bachan or khan can make it up to u.. Love uuuuuu for ur performance. U were stunning!!

  • Awesome Movie ever taken in bollywood history. Ever minute was a pleasure, I did not get distracted even for a minute and did not see the clock ever. Camera is awesome, when the camera moves slowly in the battlefiled showing every angle. Hrithik really acts like Akbhar the Great Emperor. Wish every movie, comes with such different theme and story. Nothing like any other masala movie that comes out of bollywood, 100 times better than OM SHANTI OM – Camera, Music, Direction everything. Ash does not look like a rajput, wish Ashtoush had chosen another actress who can best fit Rajput. A+++++++++++, I am sure this movie will cross every frontier.

  • amazing just amazing. the love story was amazinglyt sublty portrayed. hrithik was as usual perfect. songs, direction, cinematography done to perfection, love it amazing.




  • Hrithiks performance is unbelievable he’s just…just…PERFECT in every way – No other actor in Bollywood or Hollywoord compares to him – he is a complete artiste –(always ahs been since Kaho Na Pyar Hai).

    Ash was annoying and artificial in Dhoom 2 but in Jodhaa Abar she looks fab and I think she looks better in traditional roles.

    Well done to the Director Ashutosh – I did not even realise the film was over 3hours long and I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have the patience for even American movies (unless they’re exceptionally good of course)

    More films like Jodha Akbar need to be made but with the same quality of production, acting, editing…only thing is I really really didn’t like the music- only Jash-E-Bahara is quite nice otherwise music is boring. Im definately buying this one on DVD…

  • superb..fantastic..fabulous…excellent..adorable..wat else..all praises go for jodha akbar…best movie made in bollywood till now..

  • Mr Khalid mohammad…… How can you insult a movie that potrays indian history in such a magnificient way, that is so fulfilling and captivating and that is getting huge praises from masses all over india.

    KM, you are one of those people who would give 5 stars to the movies such as “kis kis ki kismat” or “buddha mar gaya”
    because you only like those movies which has double meanings and cheap comendy in every scene.
    You do not have any appreciation for a great movie which potrays indian history so beautifully which u can watch with ur whole family.
    Seriously…do you have anything personally against Ashutosh or hritik or Ash. Or you have been paid hefty money by directors of cheap comedies to white such ripping reviews.

    HT , you better give it a thought to retire this reviewer of yours or he will throw you out of business.

  • I normally don’t watch Hindi movies. I tried watching some but most of the time I get bored with the cheesiness, corniness and unprofessionalism and have to turn it off within 1/2 hour or so.

    This movie though in my opinion is hands down the best Hindi film (or any film) I’ve ever watched. Wow! Certainly, Bollywood has come a long way. This movie without a doubt rivals any other films around the world; even the big budget ones. It’s a must watch for anyone. There wasn’t a single boring moment for me.

    The realism, grandeur, and professionalism in every aspect are some of the things that mainly got me with this movie. I saw this movie with a group of American friends who were all speechless afterwards. The only negative comment I heard from one woman was that she “could not handle the war scenes too well”. Nonetheless, it wasn’t grotesquely violent which it could have been.

    I hope everyone in the world sees this film and meditate on the value of tolerance and consideration toward one another it portrays and apply it to their own lives (as I’m going to try to do myself). That would certainly change the world we live in today with so much hatred.

  • Jodha Akbar was a classic love story. One of the most beautifully made movie in the world of Cinema ( Bollywood/ Holly wood or any other wood included).
    Hats off to the director and cinematographer. But personally I think Hrithik is just SUPERB.
    I thought he was fantastic in Dhoom 2 but in this movie he proves EXCELLENCE has a new name- HRITHIK.
    Aishwarya has always been my personal favourite. In this movie also she has acted wonderful, though I feel in some scenes mainly due to her lenses ( it looked like that, as her ever so green beautiful eyes just didnot look green) made her look a little pale. But for acting she definetly gets a A ++ .
    A must see for everyone.

  • Lovely movie I am gonna watch itone more time. I was so engrossed in the movie that i didnot realise when the movie got over…mind blowing performance by Hritikh Roshans……
    I would like to see Ashotosh Rakesh n Yash chopra to make a movie in collaboration with Hrtikh n asg in lead and a hollywood villian…wow that will rock the world…
    Ashotosh u r th e best Director and I want u to make one more epic now with babar and Hritikh as lead hero and ash his little girl ….

    wow is the world that goes for this movie……hurray maaja aaya

    tpeople were against the name of the movie..Ashotosh u can rename the movie===JORDDAAAAR AKBAR…… i enjoyed the movie so much

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