Jodha Akbar Review

Review Jodha Akbar

It’s been a long wait for the epic drama and the wait has been worth it.

Brief story – Jodha Akbar is a journey of true love of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (Hrithik Roshan), the great Mughal emperor with Jodha Bai (Aishwarya Rai), a Rajput princess and daughter of the King Bharmal of Amer. Akbar’s biggest challenge isn’t only about winning battles but also winning the heart of Jodha.

Now the Review, let me start off with the helmsman – the man behind this magnificent drama. Director Ashutosh Gowariker’s direction is flawless, every single sequence has been executed brilliantly. The effort that has gone into the making of this epic love story is evident on the screen – etched on every frame of the movie. It’s simply incredible. The movie deserves nothing less than a ‘A++’ in every aspect.

  • The scene where Akbar tames an elephant, has been performed and executed to perfection.
  • The sword-fighting scene between Jodha and Akbar is a masterstroke by the director. It’s romance on screen at its ultimate best. The dialogues in the particular scene too are brilliant.
  • When Jodha and Akbar meet for the first time, their chemistry, Hrithik’s body language, the execution – Perfect!
  • Hrithik’s dance at the end of Khwaja Mere song as if he was immersed into the song, his expression and those eyes… I was awestruck
  • Akbar practicing sword fighting baring his torso as Jodha watches him hiding behind a wall… Hrithik’s physique is perfectly captured, an absolute treat for the female audience.
  • The romance between the couple is subtle and beautiful, something that is hard to find in modern day movies. The chemistry between Ash – Hrithik is sizzling.
  • Azeem-o-shan-shenshah – choreography, music, use of colors, execution out of the world. Never ever would you have witnessed something like this before!
  • The final fight – brilliantly done and Hrithik performs the action sequence with a lot of class.

Cinematography is of international standards. Kiran Deohan’s proficiency is evident from scene one. He just sweeps you off your feet by capturing the huge sena to the intimate romance with deftness. Music by A.R. Rehman is perfect classic material. Khwaja Mere Khwaja is divinely pure; Jashn-e-bahara is a beautiful romantic song. Every song is a classic, superbly choreographed and picturized. The editing for a couple of scenes could have been tighter but never mind, you don’t get bored for a single moment.

The movie belongs undoubtedly to Hrithik Roshan. He is Akbar, not for a moment do you feel its Hrithik Roshan the superstar on screen. His body language, expressions, action, dialogue delivery just about everything is perfect. Here is an young actor, who is light years ahead of the competition, with the right kind of roles Hrithik is gonna rule Bollywood in the future. Shenshah-e-Roshan, indeed!

Aishwarya Rai is great too; this is one of her finest performances. She looks every bit a beautiful Rajput princess. Sonu Sood and Ila Arun are good and so is the rest of the supporting cast.

So overall, Jodha Akbar is a classic masterpiece that shall be remembered for a long long time. Don’t worry about the length, you hardly feel its 3 hours 20 minutes long. Remember, you got to be a bit patient while watching Jodha Akbar, relax and enjoy as the epic drama unfolds with all its glory. Don’t miss it, worth the price of your ticket and more!

Rating: ★★★★½ 4 and a half stars.



  • This movie is perfect with a capital P. At first i was a bit sceptical about the whole mughal era and politics and not to mention all the negative vibes the movie received during its making but i was surprised and happy that the movie was lovely. Being a fan of HR, Ash, Ashu and Rehman, this movie was a dream come true. I think it is time for the people from the indian film fratenity to get on their senses and learn how to make and also accept movies like this.Way to go Jodha Akbar……………………..

  • I think the movie was not more than average,Jodha-Akbar is good attempt but failed to highlight main job and work of Akbar under his leadership,it was the formation of religion din-eilahi by Akbar which was the perfect amalgamation of hindu and islam.Akbar was the great political thinker and warrior but in movie his emotional quotient is highlighted more than his political wisdom and courage.
    But overall a good performance by Hrithik and yes elephant seen was simply mind blowing.
    I think only next to amir khan’s Gulam seen.

  • gr8 movie………..ash is as usual lovely……….and though I felt that the story was one-sided (plight of rajputs under akbar was not potrayed) but it delivered wat it promised. A nice love story.

  • awesome movie………………
    one word for tejas – ur a LOSER …
    JA was an awesum movie class performances by hrithik ….
    u like srk hmm? bullshit go n c his asoka movie wat a crap movie……
    JA is a masterstroke by ashu…
    hats off

  • I agree with most of you all. This movie has mastered it all. The subtle acting by both the male and female leading actors and the supporting cast is marvelous. I thought I was watching a Hollywood movie and not the usual Bollywood movie with over acting, dowdy colours and loud music. This movie is so real. Just forget the hindu-muslim-rajput disagreements, controversies, indian nationalism and what not for a while and just go and enjoy the movie for what it is. A splendid movie.

  • I think most of historical movie boring, not interesting n bakwas so i dont like any historical movie,,,,,,,,,,
    i treat ‘JA’ also this type of movie,,,,,,,,,,,but! my thinking is changed ////I was wrong…. when I watched the movie……………it’s a nice historical movie. I want to give all the credit to ashu, hriti, ash n one voice that’s Mr. Big B………………………….

  • jodha akbar is simply superb….hrithik has done fantastic job n truly deserves best actor award…ash n other actors hv also done a very good job…hats off 2 mr.govarikar ,nitin desai,a r rehman n javed akhtar..its awsum….

  • it is a fantastic movie…… it worth 5 stars…..

    hrithik is perfect in his role. Ash is as beutiful as ever…….

    ashutosh gowarikar’s direction is superb…

    overall, i like this movie very very much……

  • Dying to see the movie. Obviously, it has been accepted as a superb,a classic and a masterpiece. Not so many wonderful remarks would have been possible on basis of manipuilation, hero worship or personal interests. I am so glad that such praises have come to Hrithik. He has always impressed me as a an actor who gives his heart and soul to the role he plays, all the time. More significantly, he has impressed me as a sincere and genuine person who finds a meaningful purpose of human existence in honestly endeavouring to be a good human being, in trying to lead a truthful, a good and, hence, a beautiful life. My best wishes are always with him.

    I also would like to congratulate Ashutosh and Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and all the others who are associated with the movie in one way or the other for the role they have played in making such a well recieved movie which has obviously brought the joy of watching a wonderful movie to so many people.

    I am from a state where Hindi films are banned but have always been a fan of Hindi films. Unfortunately have to wait for a CD version of it, pirated or otherwise.

  • I agree that Movie was really Jordar. Bahut badhiya picture hai…. bahi, sab dekho. Main toh bola it na acaha movie toh hum kabhi nahi deka. woh saab raja jaisa baath kiya. Aur itna sundar style.
    Isko tax free kar doh! school main deekhao…takhi children ko bata lage ke history kitne sundar hotee hai……

    kids …ko history padheney main Anand aayega. Woh leader ko dikhao jo voilent ho gayee hai…kyonki i spicture main innocence hai pyar hai…dard hai…dawa hai…insaaf hai…. saab advocates ko judges ko police ko gonnda log ko dikhao…ki kaisa ek itna bada raja kitna insaaf pasand tha………itna pada likha na hookar bhi kitna kaam kiya..isliya woh akbar the great banaa…..hum 2 weeks sai pic dekha abhi tak deemak par baith gaya hai ovie………gaev hai ke hum hindustan ki aulad hai

  • If Jodha-Akbar is made just for entertainment value, it’s ok. But I don’t think it’s made for entertainment value. Asuthosh wanted to show his directorial capability and tried to convince the audience about the love story between Jodha and Akbar? But educated audience must know the history and must be laughing the way Akbar’s kingdom is shown in the movie against the romantic background?

    Many times, the role of Jodha was forcibly inserted to justify the title ‘Jodha Akbar. One such occasion I would like to cite when Akbar got wounded with an arrow. Jodha would be taking care of him. What about his other wives and Baandies (concubines)?

    The focus of the movie evolves more around Jodha-Akbar to justify the title of the movie with very little is shown about his mother, midwife, and other counselors.

    One thing I have observed is that nothing is shown about Akabr’s Muslim wives? No interaction of Jodha with Akbar’s wives? The reason for not showing Akbar’s previous wives can be well understood and it rather shows the dexterity of script writer and director. Well done Asutosh for presenting the historic facts in a bad light! You wanted business, and you would succeed too as the collection at box office is whopping week by week.

    Film impacts our lives and gives a message. What kind of message we’ll give to our posterity with this distorted factual periodic movie? Should not our generation visualize Akbar as Hirtik and Jodha as Aishwarya in the same way as we visualize Akbar as Prithivi Raj Kapoor and Salim as Dilip Kumar? Would not the generation ahead to us believe what they see in the movie than believing in the real history of Akbar in Mughal period?

    I don’t object on any good historic films. Richard Attenborough has also made a film on Gandhi; this was convincing and has won various awards too. It was purely a historic movie and I really appreciate this movie. But when it comes to Indian directors in making such a movie, most of them have failed so far. Almost all of them do think from commercial perspective whether a film they make will do business or not. If not, then who will produce if next time he dares making such a movie?

    In gist, if a periodic film is made with distorted facts to do business, time is not far away when our posterity would believe such a film as real and would discard what’s written in the history book. Future really looks bloom, alas!

  • Excellent movie and must watch that movie content is powerful and expresses alot to us. and about hritik is outstanding and great actor and proved his hardwork and consistency in the film

  • questions to:
    !. tejas-dude, fine that u r a srk fan, but why be so STUPIDLY agitated??
    2. abhineet-dude, do ‘you’ yourself know anything bout cinema??
    3. munaj-listen, before being concerned about the future, be concerned about your history, you should know the fact that jodha is one of akbar’s earliest wives, if not THE earliest, how many of his wives were shown in MUGHAL-E-AZAM anyways??

  • Rahul, thanks for voicing my opinion also to the three people, tejas, abhi and munaj.
    Even I like SRK, but that doesnot mean you demean someone else just because u r a fan of SRK.
    About the other two, please remember that finally it is the acting and entertainmant value of a film that counts. Which according to me, Jodha Akbar scores full marks in.

  • i hope jodhaa akbar sets a record i heard it has already earnt rs38.53 crore in just 4 days, when the current record holder om shanti om earnt rs42 crore for the entire week, i hope people get too go and see it. its a brilliant movie:)

  • Hey RAHUL,

    am curious to know what you yourself thought of the film…
    could you spell that out here too… thanks…

  • There is only one word I can say…. PERFECT. I WOULD RATE IT 9.5 / 10. PLEASE watch this movie at the theatre, it’s really grandiose. Even the SRK fans, if someone has done a great work you should really appreciate it. Infact INDIANS should be proud of such a movie. Don’t try to find faults in the script or the story. Go to watch the grandeur of the film and entertain yourselves. There is no muslim or hindu here; its an Indian movie. I am a Mauritian but I know many SRK fans are boycotting the movie. INDIANS SHOULD FEEL PROUD OF THEIR CINEMA or they will just have to watch the same ‘old wine new bottle’ everytime and other crap movies. JODHA AKBAR IS A MASTERPIECE. HRITIK DESERVES HIS BEST ACTOR NOW ITSELF AND THIS MERITS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR because I am sure that indian cinema will not produce such a great movie again atleast in 2008. So don’t miss it. It’s not for tv, it has been made for theatres.

  • Jodhaa Akbar is -Perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection and much more perfection!!!:)

  • This is my first review on the net about anything (lazy bug)….
    Beautiful movie…..periodic in color is something hard to imagine….but this movie is too good a visual treat.

    1. Hrithik was just awsome on the screen, fantastic ….hard to find words
    2. Sword fights, Elephant encounter, Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah song were a treat to watch
    3. Khwaja mere khwaja …..beautifully shot ……watching is much better compared to listening the song. Sublime capturing of the mood of the situation.
    4. the scene …..Akbar walking in to the dancing troop(Khwaja mere khwaja) and doing a swirl……ethereal is the only word which comes to my mind…..had goose bumps……..never felt like that in a movie for a long time. I thought may b I was a bit involved and so felt that way but seeing all your comments…now i change my opinion….all credit to Hrithik and Ashutosh…easily the best scene of this movie and should be able to make into top 10 best scenes of Hindi cinema…hmm…may be commercial Hindi cinema :-)
    5. Felt the story was slow and dragging at times.
    6. I think picking up the Jodha, Akbar love as the story line didn’t do justice to Aushtosh skills .Very few details are captured in the history about this alliance and so the story had to be stretched a bit to fit in other situations of Akbar’s time. A story about Akbar’s achivements with the love story thrown in would have made a wonderful story line and would have made this movie a legend.
    7. One last thing ….I didn’t go to this movie to refresh my history fundas….to all those who lament about history being distorted…..I think movies are not the best place to learn our history lessons, there are many wonderful books in the market which give an (as much as possible) accurate account of life and times of the Akbar the great……Medieval Indian History (NCERT) would be a great place to start for those academically inclined ;-)

  • What a…..Hrithik rocks….superb movie…! must watch it….he deserves 2 get a best actor award…n dis kinda f a movies shud cum frequently…luv 2 watch..dem….ash was simply beautiful…frndzz who ever yet 2 watch..juss go n c dat 1st…realyy..dam gud movie…!!!

  • Surprised how ppl never pointed out the scene that I thought was the best..

    The meeting of akbar and jodha where akbar was fuming at the temerity of jodha..
    He looked every bit an emperor in that one scene.

    Also elephant scnene is auragzeb and not akbar. asutosh babu cheated

    Another plus is akbar milling around the common folks.. THis is a legend and asutosh did well to
    replicate this.

    This is one of the top 10 of all time. For my money, i’d cancel this years oscars and give the award
    to JA instead. Well done indeed asutosh babu. you are the real hero of this flick.

  • Cliche all the way through. Wondering why Jalalludin didn’t allow his son Salim to marry his love of life Anarkali when he was so open to the world.
    All in all, a good copy of Troy in the stunt scenes, Ashutosh should have tried something unusual like he always does. Quite disappointing this time. Two stars from me at the most!

  • jodhaakabr is an excellent movie. idont like srk movie because he is stupid and alway seen in identical movie . hritik and ash is much more better than srk or any khan

  • Very well said, Munaz Anjum. I thought the cinematography and everything that needs to transform you back into that era wad portrayed so well! But since I’m such a patron of reality and some truth in the movies, I just could not get over the fact that he had other wives too! Two before and several after Jodha. It is speculated that he had almost 300 wives! Then how does this justify his “true” love for Jodha? He was a great emperor and tolerant of many religions, especially reinforced the friendship of hindus and muslims…but it is also true, according to the history books, that Jodhabai was converted to Islam (which is so contradictory to the stand that Jodha has in the movie of never should she be forced into a conversion.) But when I step away and look at the movie as a whole, besides several historical flaws in the film, Ashutosh had a great message to give: Love, which is especially needed in today’s world!

  • First of all people who are cinic fail to understand the essence of the movie.. the movie is about only jodha and akbarr Ashotosh will only concentrate on them..had the movie had the name Akbar and his muslim wives and jodha..then I am sure Ashotosh difinately would have shown all the wives crying weeping yelling n praying along with jodha….when Akbar was hi t with an arrow.

    Ashot osh didnot show other muslims wives crying coz tht time camera was foccused on jodha praying.

    I hope anjum gets her reply…

    anjum you make a movie on akbar with many wives may be that movie will be a super hit, coz it will show loads of romance…. n u take revenge on ashotoash by not showing jodha in that arrow scene.

    on serious note….movie was just on Akbar and jodha .
    Many people are cribbing that lenght og the movie was a problem and at the same time they cry fowl that ashotosh didnot show much about war n did not show much about sujal singh and then his many wives….arrrey he ruled for many decaded if ashotosh would focus on everyone , then it might take 14 hrs .

    try to understand why ashotosh didnot show n foucs on every character..
    ANd it was a movie not documentry on it had to have some entertainment….so that people enjoy Jodha Akbar.

    you guys need to come put of the narrow thinking and see the wide concept hidden behind it.
    Long live Akbar and both did excellent job and ashotosh

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