Jab Tak Hai Jaan 5 Day Box Office Collections

The 5th day collections of Jab Tak Hai Jaan is around 11.5 crore nett, although Yashraj Films hasn’t released the ‘actuals’. The 5 day collections for the Shahrukh Khan starrer is around 72 crore nett at the domestic box office.

While business picked up across the country by around 10-15%, the passing away of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray meant theatres across Maharashtra were shut down after 6:30PM.

SRK with Katrina Kaif - Jab Tak Hai Jaan

SRK with Katrina Kaif – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was doing well in the city of Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra, but ended up losing atleast 1-2 crores on Saturday. Further, it stands to lose atleast 5-6 crores today, as cinemas remained shut on Sunday.

The film has lost atleast 15-20 crores of business in the first 5 days due to competition from Son Of Sardar, lesser shows at multiplexes due to it’s longish runtime and now the unfortunate death of Bal Thackeray.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan 5 Day Collections

  • Tuesday (Day 1) – 15.23 crores
  • Wednesday (Day 2) – 19.54 crores
  • Thursday (Day 3) – 14.45 crores
  • Friday (Day 4) – 11.17 crores
  • Saturday (Day 5) – 11.5 crores (approx)
  • 5 Day Total – 71.89 crores

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  • Anupama.. I totally agree with your review. You have written exactly my views on the film. I just can’t believe why critics have praised it so much.

    Adding to some of the unanswered questions you mentioned. Here are some of mine.

    – First of all the whole promise-on-god thing was too old-fashioned, too silly for today’s generation. I dont know why filmmakers even think of such stories. Agreed Yash Chopra was 80 years old, but Aditya Chopra belongs to the younger generation. He is also the man behind Y-films. Why a film that cannot connect with the younger generation?

    – Samar went back to India, but defusing a bomb is a specialised job. How did he get into the army? From someone who sells fish, how did he become an engineer? Not only does is he a bomb defuser, he is also shown as the head.

    – How is Anushka’s character allowed to go wherever she wants, in high alert zones. What is she doing wearing an iPod and filming in such places? More so, in hot pants. Isn’t it like extremely cold out there?

    – The whole Discovery part was very silly too. It’s difficult to get leaves, and plus I doubt an army officer can even afford to pay his expenses to London.

    – He suddenly meets with an accident, which is again very silly and his loses his memory. But he regains it when a bomb in found on a London train. Again, instead of getting a professional bomb defuser, the security allows an unknown man to defuse it. And what’s more, they stand right next to him. And after defusing, he’s left to go free. Doesn’t happen in the UK.

    – He gets his memory back, goes to India. Suddenly has a change of heart and mind.. and returns.. Then he has to defuse another bomb. LOL.

    Not sure what they were thinking. Overall.. one of the silliest movies I have ever seen.

  • iamvashisht… DONT EVEN COMPARE IT TO DDLJ. That is one of the best movies ever. If movie is good people will always appreciate. Like Chak De India, 3 Idiots, Barfi.

  • @noam……. you guys speak about SRK and his class movies. Now your saying, why we are talking about story? You are the guys who keep saying Salman and Akshay films have no story and it’s mindless action.

    Action movies dont need story.. but its very important for romantic movies. Action is make-believe, even if it’s holiday. Love stories you need to connect with the characters and feel for them. That’s missing in JTHJ. None of the characters touches your heart.

  • @iamvashisht: Have no interest in watching SOS. Looking at the trailers & reviews I’m pretty sure that I won’t like it. Not as much as JTHJ even.

    Forgot t mention 1 more unanswered question. As soon as Akira asked Samar to come to London right next day Samar went. Can an army major take leave that easily? :-D

  • Anupama , yaap i agree ,…the presentation of 3 idiots was way better than JTHJ , but as you told , both film is diffierent genre movie , how can we expect same presentation from both film , 3 idiots was a poisa vasul movie , and JTHJ is something to feel ,the movie will not entertain you if you want entertainment from movie ….. watch DDLJ , is was a ATBB and still running, cause a real saga does not needs to be over modern time to time ,
    I agree JTHJ has some sex scene but in marjinary level .. i strongly reply this film is not for sallu fans . the people who likes cheap, masala, circus type movie . how can they like this movie ….

  • Shuridh and al Srk fans . . Who saying that they dnt like cheap masala action type movie. . . I bet guys same u people will praise chennai express Bcoz its also a same cheap masala movie. . . And u people will give lame excuses to defend dis movie. .i bet. . Wait n watch . .

  • @anupama well said true feeling and this what i exactly felt when i left the theatre. i am not a srk fan but expected alot from both yash ji and srk because together they have given good movies. if one look at the story its quiet similar to veer-zara which was also unrealistic that veer stay in prison all his life and zara goes to his village. i not a big fan of these types stories. I was expecting something like DDLJ story(a guy comes from abroad to find his love again in india). it was way too boring and if katrina is famous this doesnt mean that she suites these types of roles. i dont know what late yash ji must have thought to cast her for this role. overall a very unrealistic and boring love story.

  • srk fans really deserve such a crap,borin,pathetic,silly,nonsensical,dumb headache jthj. it is yash chopra’s worst movie in his career &is without any doubt one of d worst movies ever made in bollywood but not as worst as ra.1. Srk is showing hell to his fans with such bakwas craps and is even losing against ajay n sos lol… So srk fans accept that khiladi akshay kumar is much bigger n popular star than srk in india.
    India biggest stars
    2.khiladi akshay kumar
    6.srk lol….

  • jthj is a superb movie but is slow, for this reason how should we ignore a movie of srk, kaif done very poor act except her everything is watchable.

    so guys watch this movie for srk and yashji, it will be a great tribute to a great person of all times.



    Dear anti-SRK people,
    I know you have a lot of problems regarding Shah Rukh Khan …. I know….
    a lot of you can’t stand him, & according to you, his latest movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a flop.
    According to you, SRK sucked, Katrina was terrible, Anushka is a bore & Yash Choprahas delivered his worst film. Ok…fine…..

    I never said that this was SRK’s best movie, or was Yash Chopra’s.SRK has deliverd some awesum movies & will continue to do so…..
    but to say the storyline was weak!! Sure…. you people clap when a baby is delivered using a vacuum cleaner(3 idiots)… but you can’t accept the fact tht someones strong belief in God stops someone from loving someone!

    you can accept that someone can leap on a plane froma motorcycle(Ek tha tiger)but you can’t see somebody doing many jobs in an expensive place like London to make ends meet!!

    To all those people who think Shah Rukh is romancing women half of his age… Salman Khan & Aamir Khan arnt actually romance
    ng their grandmothers… they r doing the same…… all of them have movies with da same actress dis year!!

    The point of this long status is, whether you like it or not : Jab Tak Hain Jaan rocked!!! It simplyrocked! I’m nt a huge movie criticor anything, but please stop beating empty barrels to make noise, people! SRK’s uniform was wrong, SRK looks old….shut up people!!

    At least you didn’t have problems understanding the story….. .at least its another confusing one (Dhobi Ghat)! & the less i say about Salman, the better!! I’m still waiting for a movie in which Salman has a story! Last one was Partner…& that was in 2007.
    Yours truly,
    A Devoted SRK fan…..

  • Best love story made in the history of bollywood and one of the best performance of all time,
    And for those who are the story is unrealistic they don’t know about love. Love is unrealistic for those who doesn’t have experienced it.

  • Anupama you are talking about sensible movies. Do u think nowadays 100cr movies have anything sensible? Story or scenes and logical action? are they not imaginary and senseless?

    what do u think about Dabangg, Roady Rathore, SOS etc

  • I was quite 100% sure that haters will bring CE to criticise srk ,… if salman makes masala film one after another to make only money , it is ok ,.. but if srk makes one , it is crime ,… first learn to judge honestly heaters ,.. I clearly declare , even if CE makes 150+ crore in boxoffice , it will be one of the worst work of SRK …. we SRK fans love him for romance , which starts from heart and bonds everyone , no for 3rd class action which is now only belongs to salman khan …….

  • Sahir. . . Nw u sayin classic movie 3idiot is illogical ah . . Wht a joke. . Same u people were saying that dnt compare ett or Dabangg to classic 3 idiot. . Ah . . . Great man . . Let me tel u if movie is good then no one can stop that movie to break life time collection okay. . Dnt give lame excuses . . .first learn to accept the fact than defending it by lame excuses . .

  • Being SRK fan since the days of Baazigar, its so disheartening to see his haters crib about him so much….after all, he has won the highest best actor filmfare trophies till date & he will continue to do so..this year of course, he stands a fair chance..only competition would be Barfi & Paan SIngh Tomar…And what about his peers…Aamir & Salman…..No doubt about the capabilities of Aamir as an actor but not the same case with the Tiger….I think everyone will accept this & more so the tiger fans, with a pinch of salt… So records will be broken…but trophies cannot be taken away….!!!

  • Shuridh . . U idiot 1st under stand the comment and then come to conclusion. . M not saying Srk should do masala movie. .but m sayin same Srk fans who always say cheap action movies of other actors they will praise CE . . . Got it . . Srk fans keep on changing thier own words for thier benefit. .got it. .

  • Jthj will cross 150 crores domestic i was expecting that it will cross 200 crores but bad luck because maharashtra is clossed because of the death of bala thakrey but it will have a brilliant overseas collection at least 100 crores good luck srk!

  • Srk fan.. Am a little immature bro.. Maharastra state is close only for 2 days not for 2 month to loose 50cr.. He he he

  • Anupama you ave nailed it . To say kat was bad would be an understatement and srk looked old where he needed to look young and vice versa . Only good thing in the movie was anushkha . Apart from the 5 min before the interval and 20 mins after it did not like the movie at all. Did not like sos as well but still better than jthj

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