Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Don 2 vs Ra One: Box Office Collections

Anushka, SRK - Jab Tak Hai JaanAs Jab Tak Hai Jaan continues it’s good run at the domestic box office, we compare it to Shahrukh Khan’s last two releases – Ra One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

At this stage, 6 days after the release of all 3 films, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Ra One (Hindi version) are almost equal at 85-86 crore nett. Don 2 is a distant third. While Ra One was carrying negative reports and had huge crashes in the second and third week, JTHJ is likely to hold up better. Even though, the response to SRK’s last release has been mixed and business at key centres was affected due to various reasons (competition from SOS, cinemas remained shut on Sat/Sun in Maharashtra).

The records of 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger are out of reach now. The best JTHJ could do, from here on, is surpass the lifetime collections of Bodyguard and Dabangg – 3rd and 4th highest grossers respectively. And for that, it has to put up big numbers from today (Monday).

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Don 2 vs Ra One
Day JTHJ Don 2 (Hindi) Ra One (Hindi)
Day 1 15.23 crore* 14.61 crore 14.63 crores*
Day 2 19.54 crore 15.12 crore 22.80 crore
Day 3 14.45 crore 17.98 crore* 15.50 crore
Weekend 49.22 crore 47.71 crore 52.93 crore
Day 4 11.17 crore 8.12 crore 13.48 crore
Day 5 10.38 crore 6.78 crore 13.40 crore*
Day 6 9.96 crore* 5.15 crore 6.01 crore
Day 7 5.36 crore 4.78 crore 5.45 crore
First Week 86.09 crore 72.54 crore 91.27 crore
Extended Week 4.66 crore 6.20 crore (2 days)
Second Weekend 18.68 crore 9.65 crore
Second Week 27.2 crore 15.29 crore
Third Week 5.12 crore 1.43 crore
Total (Lifetime) 82.89 crores 106.22 crores † †† 114.78 crores † † †

* National Holiday or Sunday



  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan & SOS 6 Day Weekend Collections

    Posted on November 19, 2012 | Comments Off

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardaar, both these movies have enjoyed a fantastic weekend at the box office. Although, both film performed a little under expectations.

    If the total money put up at this Diwali is considered then the figure is really huge. Jab Tak Hai Jaanís Sunday Collections Came 10% higher than Saturday at 11.20 crore net. The Weekend Collections for JTHJ are 77 crore net.

    Son of Sardaar showed a slightly better jump with 15% improvement. THe Collections of Son of Sardaar on Sunday were 9.25 crore net. This make the 6 day total around 60.25 crore net. This is also a decent total. If son of Sardaar would have got some good Single Screens, then this figure would have definitely been much better.

    Both these movies were affected in Mumbai, due to the slosure of theaters. But, they may see good collections on Monday in that case.

  • with due respect to shahrukh, i am great fan of him, but even yashraj’s doesnt make any difference to the collection,,, salman starrer has far better collection than this so surely salman is undisputed box office king and he is number one in bollywood now

  • sos is giving tough competition & is even leading in most areas in north and in mass centres, so a crap like jthj wil only run in plexes, so it will not collect more than rowdy rathore in india. So jthj at the most 125 crores net and it doesnt deserve anything more than that as it is ra.1 of all the romantic movies.

  • @dear indicine, jthj collection-
    Saturday- 11.5 crore
    and, sunday- 11 crore.
    Strange! I think u have done it as misstake. It shold be 14-15 crore not 11 crore. Becouse in sunday it showed a jump and if it jumped then how its collection will come love in sunday than saturday? Plz. Give u correct information.

  • Good stuff. I knew JTHJ won’t reach ETT and 3 I but Dabang possible. though I am sure overseas is another story. @Indicine could we get the overseas figures. Comparative to the biggies in overseas.

    I watched JTHJ yesterday and I guess I expected too much from the last Yash Chopra movie. ETT still is the best movie this year for me.

  • It can’t surpass any figure beyond 120 crore…another loss for SRK…while salman, aamir, akshay, Hrithik continue to rule and make new records in terms of box office collections….SRK has been struggling with his last 3 movies….No more the baadshah….Even Ajay devgan’s mevies earn equal to his movies…Hrithik, Salman and Ranbir are the real baadshah’s of bollywood now

  • Wow very gd news for bollywood that both JTHJ and SOS doing well. JTHJ collects 75 crore in six days and SOS collects 59 crore in six days. Just see (boxofficeindia) note:- ek tha tiger collected 100 crore in 5 days.

  • @ Amit, Really Good News for Bollywood. Actually lots of money and lives are at stake, so really a good. But being fan of Salman, I feel happy for Salman as he is now undisputed king of bollywood.

  • amit@ JTHJ collect upto 85cr not 75cr.got it?nd ETT was the solo release but jthj is release along with SOS.if we add JTHJ nd SOS thn its 6days collection will b around 145cr,i mean far bettr thn ETT.

  • I guess no-one had expected JTHJ to surpass the record of 3 Idiots or ETT, considering the factors that stood against it, and JTHJ didn’t enjoy the priviledge that the other biggies did.. But despite of that, its performing well.. Can’t complain in terms of quality, since JTHJ is a very nice film, loved it in fact. :)

  • @to all and indicine. dear people with due respect to each and every one.
    @INDICINE. dear team rather than being biased u can become the moderator. my sincere request.
    but me as SRK FAN have full confidence in script of JTHJ. it ll start putting huge numbers from today

  • @radha plz see boxofficeindia the most trusted site and u also know that Ra.one and Don 2 was solo release and have collected 115 and 106 crore respectively for lifetime bussiness that ek tha tiger crossed in 7 days itself.

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan Badget 50crore.

    Boxoffice collections SuperHIT or Blockbuster.

    100+crore SuperHIT.

    130+crore Blockbuster.

  • Jab tak hai jaan ovesseas has awsum collection in six day weekend $7.5 million even more than ek tha tiger lifetime overseas collection

  • JTHJ’s immediate target should be to surpass the nett of Rowdy Rathore. And that should test the strength of SRK’s star power….I think Dabangg, Bodygurad, ETT & 3I is impractical to touch taking into consideration the genre of the film & the latest wi-fi negativity surrounding any SRK starrer…

  • Hamza khan.. Joke of the year no one expected jthj breakin life time of 3 idiot and ett. . Bulshit. . .and u saying jthj is performing wel. . If dis was the figures u were expecting for weekend.. There is also limit in telling lie.. Pls dnt cross it

  • Radha . . . Radha on a illogical floor . . Its 82.89cr acc to official. . And 77cr from boi. . Okay. . And u sayin both film collected 145cr which is far ahead from 100cr ett. . Let me tel u ett 6 days collection was 120.68cr just 25cr less than both film . . And major difference was ett 3300 screens and jthj and sos was 4700 screens wch is almost 45% higher screens than ett. . So if take 45% of 120.68cr then it should be 175cr . . So ett had collected more than both films . . . So stop barkin dear . .

  • @sohail.. Tell your box office top holders to release film with competitive like ajay-rohit with dabang 2 or aamir’s Talash or Akshay’s khiladi 786 and see the result then come back to SRK likers..

    Still more n more to come out with JTHJ. Wait n Watch . I hope people leave Talash and watch JTHJ.

    @Indicine: Please come up with comparison with similar articles actors in overseas top collections of 7 days.

  • srk ruled the world last 20 years by his film, other actor ruled only india last 4-5 years

    example: jthj 130 crores worldwide only 06 days

  • @fact. u don’t talk bullshit. just wait and watch dude. the match is Still on. and don’t predict any thing till the last bowl IS BOWLED . that’s another 10days. take a CHILL pill. so u better stop barking DEAR .

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