Jab Tak Hai Jaan 5 Day Box Office Collections

The 5th day collections of Jab Tak Hai Jaan is around 11.5 crore nett, although Yashraj Films hasn’t released the ‘actuals’. The 5 day collections for the Shahrukh Khan starrer is around 72 crore nett at the domestic box office.

While business picked up across the country by around 10-15%, the passing away of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray meant theatres across Maharashtra were shut down after 6:30PM.

SRK with Katrina Kaif - Jab Tak Hai Jaan

SRK with Katrina Kaif – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was doing well in the city of Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra, but ended up losing atleast 1-2 crores on Saturday. Further, it stands to lose atleast 5-6 crores today, as cinemas remained shut on Sunday.

The film has lost atleast 15-20 crores of business in the first 5 days due to competition from Son Of Sardar, lesser shows at multiplexes due to it’s longish runtime and now the unfortunate death of Bal Thackeray.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan 5 Day Collections

  • Tuesday (Day 1) – 15.23 crores
  • Wednesday (Day 2) – 19.54 crores
  • Thursday (Day 3) – 14.45 crores
  • Friday (Day 4) – 11.17 crores
  • Saturday (Day 5) – 11.5 crores (approx)
  • 5 Day Total – 71.89 crores

Can the film minimise the losses incurred in the first weekend during the weekends? Follow Indicine for all the updates.



  • SRK fans : SRK movies r classics n other actors’
    movies r cheap masala flicks?? So what was OSO n
    Main Hoon Naa ? Why didnt they break records in
    overseas yaar? A fish seller becomes a major that
    too a bomb defuser just coz he wants play with his
    death, what great intelligence, right… ??

  • No critics talk about logic when salman films release.. But they start finding logic in srk films… Srk bashing has become a national pastime.. just becoz he is so successful. SAD.

  • indicine g8 job i appreciate u,
    i think this film would cross 130 crores as talaash is also releasing on 30th of this month.

  • Critics r double standard , they praise Hollywood fiction films but when it comes to srk they tend to look for logic. Same thing they were doing with ra.1.

  • Film did not live upto expectations..shahrukh is History now.better he should retire or do roles of fatherz and uncles. .Absolute shit.
    I was a die hard fan of srk till Don 2.but i think i am tired of defending his cheap films.

  • now srk fans will get a new excuse of demise of bal thackeray for low collections of “jthj” after terrorist attacks excuse for “rnbdj” n diwali excuse for “ra 1” n christmas excuse for “don 2”.

  • Watched JTHJ today. Didn’t like it at all.I really won’t recommend it to anybody. After ages only I didn’t like a SRK movie. Like indicine said it’s slow paced & quite boring. It’s an old fashioned luv story which doesn’t suit modern youth. They have tried very hard to correlate the story with modern era, but it hasn’t worked out. Not realistic. Just an imaginary story. It’s more like a fairy tale for me.

    Katrina Kaif’s acting was horrible. May be that’s one reason I couldn’t tolerate that movie. She doesn’t suit that sort of serious characters at all. She doesn’t get her expressions right. Perhaps if they had casted a heroine with both good looks and talents the impact would have been better.

    Usually Yash Chopra’s movies are supposed to make you cry. But this movie didn’t touch my heart even a little bit. SRK was good, specially as major Samar Anand, so was Anushka. But this was not definitely SRK’s best. If not for SRK this movie is a sure shot flop-average.

    Only part I liked about this movie was SRK & Anushka’s scenes. Probably because her acting was good;quite natural. In fact for a moment I felt that it would be better if Samar settles with Akira instead of Meera. :-O Katrina’s acting was that much intolerable for me.

    I feel SRK has given his nod to this movie just because he can’t say no to Yash Chopra.

    After the movie I left the theatre with lot of unanswered questions. After 10 long years SRK & his friend has grown old, but Katrina maintains her good young look. How come? Why do Katrina lie to Samar that they have been married for 5 years, after Samar loses his memory? I Didn’t like the stripping scene of Katrina. It was really unnecessary & it ruined the song. Kissing scenes are very unnatural. SRK seems to be uncomfortanle on screen with kissing. More than all that why doesn’t Meera agree to marry Samar from the beginning? Just because she’s scared of god? Such a modern girl who was brought up in London believes in god that much? That was too much. Meera’s mother’s love story was an unnecessary part.

    If someone likes realistic modern movies, this is not the right choice. So basically it’s old wine in a new bottle.

  • 5 days 72 cr against every odds is excellent and now SOS is falling down badly and latest sunday trends shows “jthj” is picking up in places like U.P,punjab,rajesthan and CP Berer as well as this movie is going for longer run with repeat audience so no issues so far…my estimate is sunday 14-15 cr(as mumbai closed) so 6 days total 86 cr now frm next week mon-friday minimum 25-30 cr Total 11 days 120-125 cr then comes 2nd weekend 20 cr (no other relese ) takes it to 145-150 cr again mon-friday 10-15 cr takes the total to 160-170 cr in minimum collections and then 3rd weekend 8-10 cr (talaash releses) takes the total in 3 weeks to minimum and in worst case to 175 cr now it depends how long it will sustain further and if it does then 190-200 cr is achievable and worldwide will be 250 cr + as overseas its doing excellent!

  • @indicine…..what’s the prediction for sunday collections of sos and jthj, also is it true that theatres in mumbai will remain closed tomorrow also…i.e monday?

  • SAD news guys –
    All the cinemas of mumbai curcit will be closed monday too …,
    realy shocking …
    But dont forget one magical Sentence my friends –


    And here the true BAZIGOR is Our KING KHAN …. JTHJ is running like HELL , the movie showed 40% jump today , if mumbai curcit was open , the could collect 18+ crore today just like 2nd day ,… but still without the mumbai collection , the sunday collection is looking huge .. it may be around 14-15 crore as per early estimate ….

  • Even these collections are huge for such a “MOVIE”!!! I didnot watch jthj but some of my friends who BRAVED to watch it, told me just how lucky i was! Thank god, not only did i save my ticket’s money, i also avoided the mental torture,head ache, irritation and boredom from srk and his movie J+T+H+J (just plain boring+torturing+horrendous+junk).

  • Anupama . . Really good review. . But for Srk fans this boring un realistic movie is an classic cult movie . . . Ha ha ha. .

  • Ett in 5 days 100cr . . . Jthj only 71.86cr. . . Almost 30cr lesser than ett. . Dis is the power of Srk . . Ha ha ha . . Oh sorry dis collection not from Srk power its from yash ji sympathy and his direction . . Otherwise it not able to cross 50cr also. . He he he . . Thank god jthj saved by yash ji. . .

  • For a romantic story this is huge!!!!!
    I guess it will cross 100cr tomorrow or by Tuesday…
    I must say that this is beautiful movie ever made..

  • I think the domestic nett of JTHJ must close between 120 to 130cr. If it crosses the record of Rowdy Rathore, I think it will be a great achievement for SRK. But beating Pandeyji, Bodyguard & TIger is far fetched. 3 Idiots is totally untouchable as of now. Of late there is so much negativity & criticism surronding the release of an SRK starrer. Suddenly, the who’s who from the industry & media as well are going odds on an SRK release. WIth so much of opposition, if JTHJ manages to scrape through the Rowdy Record, it will be a great achievement. The negativity brewed during the publicity blitz undertaken by SRK for his dream project Ra.One which I think is one of the finest products from Bollywood & for which SRK did not get his due. Moreover, the problem with JTHJ is Ms Kaif’s under performance. She could sleep through her role in ETT, but that cannot pass off as far as JTHJ is concerned. I think she is best suited for Tiger rather than the King…AMen !!!

  • As i was previously done advance bookin on sun for jthj in mumbai . . . But theatre owners had refund the amount Bcoz of close . . M happy now . .

    1- romantic film, & SRK is best at romantic films so movie should have collected more.
    2- Yash chopra’s last film
    3- AR Rehman & GULZAR these are very big names attached to any film
    4- diwali release most favourable time for SRK.
    keeping the above points in mind 1 can easily say that JTHJ underperformed

  • Anupama , I dont agree with your review as i consider it as your own point of view ,you mainly mensoned that JTHJ seems unrealistic to you,then what about 3 idiots ,yes,the film brought some true issue there and many rancho can be found in INDIA but whatever rancho,raju, farhan, priya did in the film was simply unrealistic specialy mona’s Delivary. but still, the film was extra ordinary. you cant deny this.
    You also mensoned that, the storyline of JTHJ seems to u like old to u , firstly it is late yasji’s movie, we cant aspect over modern romantic shape in his film , and what is modern love type movie according to you, the film which contains huge sex scenes ,misunderstandin among hero and heroine, break up then reunion. recent mobern romantic films like ,break ke bad,MBKD,Swaria,WYR,LAK,all of them were so so even many of them failed, besides a real saga never needs to be over modern,it is something to feel
    You can only say u didnt like it ,it was boring to u
    I’ll say its ur own personal view …

  • Yash chopra made a romantic movie with his full of heart………but i think he forgot that his movie can be seen in wrong way……….bcoz there r many people in india who r doing research about bomb squads …….Does it really matters in a romantic movie where the movie is not abt bomb squads …No one can make romantic movie like yash chopra nd no one will suits for the character samar anand other than sharukh…………..How one can enjoy the movie when they came to watch the movie just to critisize…..how can a salman r aamir khan fan can say that movie is superb…………..they can’t even enjoy a good movie ……….some say it was boring??????……………but i don’t know what they want in romantic movie…………i think they should add poo poo item number between srk and katrina……Indian fans never change………..

  • @ Shiridh: Yes pal, it is my opinion bout the movie. I know lot of people liked it & I accept that. Hav I mentioned that I like movies with huge sex scenes. No. It”s not like that. Actually there’s a sex scene in JTJJ as well right? And I didn’t like it at all. This movie doesn’t need that sort of scenes. It doesn’t suit the genre of this movie. Actually it ruined such a beautiful song. That’s why I said they had tried to relate the story with modern era, but has failed. Even if it wasn’t realistic I would ve loved the movie had they presented it nicely. 3 idiots was not realistic, but the makers had presented it very well. Anyways can’t compare that with JTHJ cos they r of 2 different genres. And if u wanna know what I mean by modern realistic movies, I meant something like Wake up Sid, Cocktail etc. Just because Yash Chopra directed it n just because SRK is n it, I won’t like movies. I look at the movie as a whole. Even I like SRK and Yash Chopra. Not only that, Katrina is also 1 of my favourites. May be I expected a lot from such a talented crew.

  • I loved the movie and dont think it can be comparable with any other movie this year.. Dont like masala enyertainers at all. Liked jab tak hai jaan and one more thing alot of people are complaining about the less clarifications given about alotnof things in movie. It was already a 3 hour movie and u guys are criticising about that. Pity!!!
    Anyways I am damn sure if DDLJ had released today, some people would have criticised that as well and thats totally fine. To Me shahrukh, Amir are making only big stars who are making are acting in good cinema.
    Everyone has their opinions and to miss anupama please post your review about SOS.

  • @anupama. that’s Ur perception. every body has got their own. when u said about Wy katrina lied about her getting married for 5 years. coz the doctor had said her not to hurt him in any way so.
    I really don’t understand Wy do all people are hell bent on finding logic in SRK MOVIES. THIS A MOVIE FOLK AND A LOVE MOVIE.
    @fact. if theatres are closed in maharashtra than that’s not an excuse. that’s a fact. wait and watch. still there r lot more days to go for TALAASH. so life time of JTHJ WILL BE HUGE. JUST WAIT AND WATCH BRO RATHER THAN CRIB

  • The trend is good for a boring crap like this. It should end up making 150 + in the long run provided Aamir Khan leaves any screens for JTHJ and SOS. If the screen count would have been similar SOS would have easily overtaken JTHJ as it is posting very close numbers every day. What ever is the collection i thing Dabangg 2 will cross that in a week or maybe weekend!

  • @shuridh
    Plz dnt compare 3 idiots wid jthj
    3i is a cult classic n u r talking abt delivery scene? Btw for ur kind info. dat scene was not unrealistic.i m an mbbs student n i kno dat n i u have any doubt then watch raju hirani’s interview on you tube in which he said that he consulted with many gynecologists before putting that scene into the movie.

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