Is Salman Khan the undisputed No 1?

His last failure was way back in January 2010. Since then, Salman Khan has relentlessly delivered back-to-back blockbusters.

  • Dabangg – 140 crores
  • Ready – 121 crores (non-festive release)
  • Bodyguard – 145 crores
  • Total – 406 crores (average of 135 crores per film)

Those are staggering numbers, but what those figures don’t tell you is that, Salman Khan has been lucky enough to get the ‘perfect release’ for each of his films including the upcoming Ek Tha Tiger, which releases during an extended weekend of 6 days (including the holiday for EID on Monday)

To add to the ‘perfect release’, there is no denying the fact that Salman Khan has played it safe. In a recent interview, Khan, talking about his position as the numero uno star in the country, said “It’s a very dangerous position to be in. I don’t know what to do in my next film. If the script is full on action, I think, again an action film. If it is romance, I wonder if it will do well right after an action film.”

With action-masala films all the rage at the box-office, Salman has persisted with that genre and that’s unlikely to change in the future too – apart from Sooraj Barjatya’s next which is likely to release in 2014.

His films are faring better than the rest, but to say Salman is way ahead of the rest , would be wrong. Infact, his contemporaries, aren’t too far behind.

  • Aamir Khan – 3 Idiots surpassed the 200 crore mark, when no other film (apart from his own Ghajini of course) had even touched 100 crores. The 202 crore figure still stands tall. Like Salman said recently “It’s a shame that no film has managed to beat 3 Idiots in 3 years”. The blind faith that the audience have in ‘brand Aamir’ plays a major role too. With Dhoom 3, every standing record will be broken and probably the 250 – 300 crore mark too.
  • Hrithik Roshan – The dark and gory Agneepath broke the Bodyguard record and managed 120 crore+ even though it didn’t hold much appeal towards the family audience. As for those crediting Katrina Kaif’s item number for the success of Agneepath, wait for Krrish 3!
  • Shahrukh Khan – A rejected film like Ra One, which dropped even before the end of it’s first weekend, did business of 120 crores+ (including hindi version). Don 2, with limited appeal towards single-screen audience, did close to 115 crores. Give SRK a well-made film, with universal appeal and the 3 Idiots record will be in danger. And we aren’t even talking about overseas business here.
  • Akshay Kumar – Rowdy Rathore did 131 crores – 10 more than Ready, which had a similar release and 10 short of Bodyguard, without an extended weekend release. Akshay isn’t too far behind, is he?

The point of the article is not to say, Salman isn’t the top star in the industry today. He is. Just that, the other names mentioned above are all equally capable of delivering a ‘festive blockbuster’ with a perfectly timed release.



  • @indicine- what festive season are you talking about!!! 3 idiots released on a festive season… infact it released on winter vacations… what about this… i am not pulling down any movie or any other star… ready did not release on any festive season… and what about srk who releases his films on diwali and durga puja vacations… and please dont compare salman with hrithik n akshay… its a big insult… rowdy rathore benifited due to aamir khan as he did not release talaash n ETT was postponed due to it as aamir requested salman to do so… and it is wrong to call it a perfect release as it is ramzaan but still it will beat opening record… had it not been ramzaan it would have crossed 35 crore opening day… what do you say about it indicine…

  • did dabangg, ready and bodyguard have universal appeal… no it did not… but still they are on top of the charts

  • srk needs a well made film… aamir needs an awesome script… but salman needs none of them and still his films are blockbuster… give salman a well made film and see what happens

  • @aakash i aslo beleive this
    srk and aamir always works with well established directors big banner films they need good content to make a movie but for salman’s movie its only his presence make the movie block buster

  • Here is the record of Shah Rukh Khan movies in the last 6 years-
    1. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- Hit In India,All Time Blockbuster in Overseas,first film to cross $10 million
    2. Don- Hit In India,Blockbuster in Overseas
    3. Chak De India- Blockbuster in India,Hit in Overseas
    4. Om Shanti Om- Blockbuster In India,All Time Blockbuster in Overseas
    5. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Blockbuster in India,Blockbuster in Overseas
    6. My Name is Khan- Hit in India,All Time Blockbuster in Overseas,first film to cross $20 million
    7. Ra.One- Hit in India,Super Hit in Overseas
    8. Don 2- Hit in India,Blockbuster in Overseas,3rd highest of All time,$ 12 million
    Success Ratio in India- 100%
    Success Ratio in Overseas- 100%
    Ra.One 240 crores Worldwide,2nd highest of All Time
    Don 2 231 crores Worldwide,3rd highest of All Time
    Can anyone deny the Box Office figures and verdicts?

  • it is impossible for any salman film to come close 200 cr because his film weekend collection is 130 cr and rest of day collection 20 cr…haha….200 cr can be achieved only a film like 3 actor srk sallu amir hrithik aksay come closer to that…@somebody the actor you mention if get any masala movie it would be more disaster than they do in maximum of their film…ek tha tiger will get 145 cr …….

  • Salman is one person just can’t ignore. You might or might not be a Salman Khan fan, you cannot deny admitting that he is far popular than his contemporaries who too have carved their niche as far as fan following is concerned. He is the enigma, he is the hysteria, and he is the madness!

  • u all talk abt 3 idiots making 200cr…did it make bcos of amir khan?? was mulit starrer movie plus the movie was well also i can watch the movie..why?? bcos movie was good..not for aamir..the equal credit goes to dorector for making such a brilliant film..why any movie din cross 3 idiot?? bcos no movie till now had such a good content..and was released at christmas..all the biggies have released at holday period only..ra 1 o agneepath…even agneepath was multi starrer movie..salmans none movie are multi starrer…

  • plus salman in past have got so much of negative fame..bcos of his cases an al…still he is in this industry is remarkable…no star can overcome o hold that stardom in that bad phase…he is the only star i know whom people hate inspite of he gives blockbuster…other stars no1 bashes them if they give flop..salman is only star with so much of negative fame stil making records…cmon..accept it

  • why u all talk abt flop movies of salman? srk hritik din give flop movies? from the beginning of career salman never worked with big directors..whereas all these stars work only with yashraj o karan johar etc…salman is a star jo apne dum pe bana hai…

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