Indiawaale or Meherbaan, the better song? Vote!

While Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry was loved in Chennai Express, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Now, two of Bollywood’s most popular on-screen couple return in the same month!

The song promos of the two films were also released at the same time. And guess what? Both songs have been composed by Vishal – Shekhar.

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale, sung by KK and Shankar Mahadevan, is a semi-patriotic celebration of dance and dazzling costumes, while Meherbaan is a soft romantic number sung by Ash King, Shilpa Rao and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Both songs have been shot with high productions values and both are gaining popularity on Youtube. While Indiawaale has around 313,000 views in 23 hours (combined views on Red Chillies and T-Series channels) since its release, Meherbaan already has 226,000 views in 12 hours.

Watch the two songs and take your pick!

Your favourite song amongst the two?

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  • 1st of all it’s not fare to compare meherban with THE INDIAWAALE. WAIT FOR HNY’S ROMANTIC SONGS,IT will wash out all songs.still HNY lead the pole here,after all who cares HNY will THE HIGHEST GROSSER OF THE YEAR.

  • @Optimus Don’t think too much moron as it seems u don’t have any brain..LOL. Do u even know who HRITHIK & KATRINA are and how big of a fan following they have got? BANG BANG will literally destroy ur shitty Haaider and smash it to the dustbin. Ha Ha Ha…. Haaider will be the biggest disaster for kids shahid n Shraddha . After which they will think 100000 times before clashing with HrithiKat. BANG BANG will be HOUSE-FULL where as Haaider will remain empty. Ha Ha poor shahid fan girl..

  • I am not a HR hater but accept the fact that songs like Meherbaan survive only during the buzz of their respective movies…
    But Indiawaale will be as someone quoted earlier in one of the comments “Lambi Race Ka Ghoda”…we all know Khuda Jaane is a very nice song but how many of us actually listen it now…

    And ppl like Sachin11,Anand,Navin etc will never praise anything that includes SRK, and nobody gives a damn wat these guys has to say…
    And atleast Indiawaale don’t have any skirt pulling and lafanga dance moves….

  • Smoking HOTTTT !! Hrithik and Katrina look smouudering hot and beautiful in this beautiful gong from BANG BANG ,I am absolutely in love with both of them !!! BEST WISHES

  • @indicine would you like to do us a simple favour? Please visit each n every leading music sites n see which song is ruling the charts.
    Here is the common ranks on almost every music site/channels
    2) TU MERI
    Now tell me which one is better. Do I even need to mention BANG BANG’s dominance over CraPPyNew Year on YOUTUBE. BANG BANG is the highest viewed/Liked teaser where as CraPPy New Year is the most disliked one.
    MEHERBAAN VIEW-844,129 Likes-7486 , Dislikes-707

    CraPPyWale VIEW- 334,707 Likes-8079, Dislikes-1321

  • @zack : Srk-waale doesnt pull skirt but pull out their own pants like their idol did it in Maya Memsaab !!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!! :-P

  • No1 Is Listening Indiwale Now .. Looks At The View Of Meherbaan And Indiwale .. A Clear Difference Of 5 Lakh Omg :P

  • Okay, indiawaale will be a national anthem. Agreed for that! But we are judging the quality of video and audio, n’t the type of the song.
    Audiowise,both are good. Videowise,Indiawaale looks pale. .vivaan shah is almost wasted in the song. Sonu Sood is expressionless at the time of entry!
    Meherbaan is soft,simple and sweet. Video has many good elements like HR-KAT chemistry,Outstanding locations,hro’s physique. So Meherbaan is easily better,specially in video. But i feel HNY will have good songs also. .

  • @ricky…hey bro dnt take it that way…both sahid and sraddha r gd actors…Bollywd is an industry where gd actors r given credit.i think it will get a gd opening.If Bang Bang could get a solo rls,it could have done broken any record.As it wont Haider will eat up some 4/5crore on the 1st day..i said in that sense…
    & for ur kind information i aint a sahid fan girl….

  • My Fav songs of the year so far:(no preference order)

    ishq bulaava
    Allah waariyan
    dil ka mizaaj
    maahi ve
    main hoon(by sanam puri)

    as for meherbaan,it’s a good one. But the composition in the 3rd stanza sounds complicated which wasn’t necessary.

  • according to all those persons who dnt like srk hates srk.n u r his dumbest fan tied wid sss n romance expiry n weak rum.

  • Every poll from indicine are won by the i never expect meherbaan to win this poll even if he is undoubtedly the better of the two by far.moreover these two songs are uncomparable but am happy meherbaan gives srk a tough fight

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