Indiawaale or Meherbaan, the better song? Vote!

While Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry was loved in Chennai Express, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Now, two of Bollywood’s most popular on-screen couple return in the same month!

The song promos of the two films were also released at the same time. And guess what? Both songs have been composed by Vishal – Shekhar.

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale, sung by KK and Shankar Mahadevan, is a semi-patriotic celebration of dance and dazzling costumes, while Meherbaan is a soft romantic number sung by Ash King, Shilpa Rao and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Both songs have been shot with high productions values and both are gaining popularity on Youtube. While Indiawaale has around 313,000 views in 23 hours (combined views on Red Chillies and T-Series channels) since its release, Meherbaan already has 226,000 views in 12 hours.

Watch the two songs and take your pick!

Your favourite song amongst the two?

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  • meharbaan released 12 hours later than indiawaale has already gathered 3 times more hits than indiawale on youtube.

    meherbaan- above 914,000 hits
    indiawale -approx 343,000 hits

    Also like to dislike ratio of

    meherbaan- above 10
    indiawale – approx 6

    So number says which one is better?

  • See how much you praise mehrbaan….song of the year,song of the decade, song of the century, song of the millaneum, best song ever in the history of india…but even u will forget the song after one year…believe me…

  • Indian wale song will only be liked by SRK fans. It will be memorable only for them!! otherwise I don’t find any reason to a cheap song like that. A country is always full of cheap people, only a few handful people are of good standard. So no matter how much vote it goes to a song like India wale, it will always remain as cheap as it is!

  • Despite the fact that meherbaan released 12 hours after india wale, it has got 3 times more hits than india wale on youtube

    meherbaan- above 1,000,000 hits
    india waale- aprox 350,000 hits

    Also like to dislike ratio of

    meherbaan – above 10
    india waale – aprox 6

    so the numbers saya which is better?

  • In majority, if one is not srk fan then he becomes srk hater because all knows u can love him or hate him but u cannot ignore him

  • “Dushman Ke Chakke Chudade, Ye Indiawaale”
    “Life Ki Naughty Kahaani, Ye Halkat Jawani”
    Aila!! Same To Same!

  • fiirstly when I hear song indiawaale in trailer it sounds chart buster but now wtf its flopstur….m srk fan but not now hny will break record even kick broke record…
    but will se both competing at ghanta award ….I m not ging to watch hny I knew it….I didn’t like oso….even there is overacting in mhn it works due to its script…bollywpod films now sucks

  • srk going to destroy his carrier …salman doing 2 movie per year and srk wil have only fan in 2015…..salman is going to hold top spot for next 3 years….supporting modi has increased his following a lot…

  • third video frm bangbang nd all 3 gone viral on youtube dis shows d craze for bangbang…..nd d best part all d 3 videos have more than 90% likes

  • compr …….INDIAWALE VS TU MERI …..

  • Look at all the jealous people around. kindly appreciate the good things atleast.
    Meherbaan and Indiawaale are completely diametrically opposite genres. The former is a Melody and the latter is a peppy and dance number. And, both are good in its own ways.

    Both the songs, i felt disappointed on their first listen, but if you keep on hearing, both the songs grow equally on your ears. So, no point arguing, which one’s best! @Indicine, fails this time on comparison!!

    Indiawaale is definitely the Deewanagi of 2014. And, Meherbaan should easily come under Top 10 songs this year! So, guys keep supporting, don’t argue pointlessly.

    #HAPPYNEWYEAR and #BANGBANG should be the biggest October grossers ever!! Just counting… Cheers

  • Youtube already said it…..meherbaan is inching towards 2million views.While Indiawaale hasnt even 0.5million view.
    R.I.P srkians.Just wait for Oct 2.Now Haider has also shifted its releasing.Now its turn BANG BANG to break all records in Bollywood History

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