Indiawaale or Meherbaan, the better song? Vote!

While Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry was loved in Chennai Express, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Now, two of Bollywood’s most popular on-screen couple return in the same month!

The song promos of the two films were also released at the same time. And guess what? Both songs have been composed by Vishal – Shekhar.

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale, sung by KK and Shankar Mahadevan, is a semi-patriotic celebration of dance and dazzling costumes, while Meherbaan is a soft romantic number sung by Ash King, Shilpa Rao and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Both songs have been shot with high productions values and both are gaining popularity on Youtube. While Indiawaale has around 313,000 views in 23 hours (combined views on Red Chillies and T-Series channels) since its release, Meherbaan already has 226,000 views in 12 hours.

Watch the two songs and take your pick!

Your favourite song amongst the two?

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  • @King11 It’s “Yaarbaaz” and “Jaansaaz” not Chalbaz and Jaalsaaz use ears to listen the song please..u just made a fool of yourself here…

  • indiawaale is blockbuster song
    haters just shut up
    indiawaale is released on all platforms except whatsapp so counting just youtube views is foolish
    dumb haters
    poll shows the result clearly
    hny is blockbuster

  • In 23 hrs Meherbaan have 570,000 views….that’s says all…..(indiawale 333,000)
    Meherbaan rocks.Best romantic song of the year.

  • meherbaan crosd 6 lakhs in 24hrs nd indiwale at just 4.5lakhs (red chlies+tseries) aftr 36 hrs…so d result is clear nw

  • Yes, I will anytime choose Meherbaan over bogus IndiaWaale!! So will Jaadoo over the king of the paglawood cinema!! Who knows if I have a Jatka of Jaadoo, I can go to Russia without a Visa!!

    Keeping the jokes aside, Meherbaan looks better to me than IndiaWaale.
    While Mehebaan looks similar to Khuda Jaane of Bache Na Ai….because it was directed by Sid Anand, bogus IndiaWaale is a mixture of Dewangee Dewangee Hai and Main Agar Kahoon of OSO because it was too directed by the Tees Maar Khan!

    @BK Thullu, The word ‘GRAND’ associating with HNY is the director of the film. She’s after all the grandest director of Bollywood. Just because they used the term GRAND during the launch of the trailer, everyone from Paglapur started associating the term with the Washing Machine. Anything should look GRAND, not just be said!!
    But @Vikram gave you a solution, you will know how grand is HNY when you the watch the videos on the resolution 1080p on youtube. So, nothing can be GRAND if it is not watched in that resolution.

    @Ricky, they are just YouTube Views. That’s why IndiaWaale lags behind Meherbaan!! Go and see on FB, Twitter, Instagram, What’s App, WeChat, Quad Chat, Emails, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Plate TV, Bowl TV etc…On all those media, IndiaWaale is leading…

    @Budda Dynamic, Meherbaan vs Bogus IndiaWaale Ki Beech Mein Yeh Kick Kidar Agaya? Kisi Ko Kick Padi Kya?
    Well, KICK is the past. Let’s what you say becomes true or not!!

  • ofcaurs meherbaan is superb song…greek god nd cay chemestry is mindblowing…
    indiawale is a crap song..the them copy of halkat jawani song…nd abhishek .sonu nd srk dance nt suit fr them…crap song..

  • on there official page on facebook i suppose they have just provided the link of indiawale on youtube….so this time indiawale released exclusively on youtube …..dont know if they releasd it on tata sky or dish tv as well (answer indicine if you are aware)….if that hapened..views are bound to be a little less…otherwise no excuse ..but still looking at the present scenerio….. mehrban is leading on youtube and gaining more popularity…….i think this is because craze of bang bang(hollywood style action movie) is more among youngsters which are regular on youtube….also the sensual chemistry between kat and hr helped the song to gain more views than the song itself wich is just avrage…..the unplugged version of sawan aya he from creature is much more soulful and romantic than your mehrbaan……….and some idiots caling it song of the year…LOL………

  • indiawale is copied old tune song.all might think its new but its old copy cat song from srk movies itself.meherbaan song is new and nice than this indiawale tupas song

  • BTW Indiawaale is best song of the year till now..This will be replaced by RaadheRaadhe and Manvaa Laage sung by Arijit Singh from HNY..

  • at least now we are going to see a fultoo masala bollywood movie with lots of dance and excellent music(icing on the cake) which is not a crappy remake of a telugu/tamil movie…..and even if hny turns out to be bad… just can not be as bad as kick and dhoom 3 for sure………looking at the trailer and songs……….family audiences will come out in huge numbers…….and if the movie turns out to be as good and entertainig as mhn and oso (which my gut feeling says it will)……300 cr may just turn out to be a small amount……

  • i just want to clarify one thing now..
    every one is talking about youtube likes dislikes number of views etc….
    now i have a point to share with you guys…
    as per latest numbers,,salman leads with most number of likes on official fb page..he has likes over almost 2 cr if i am not wrong…
    hrithik has over 1.2 cr
    srk has over 1.1 cr
    big b has over 1.5 cr
    akshay has more than 1.3 cr….
    look at actresses…
    deepika clearly leads with fb likes of over 2 cr…
    now if fb likes are a neutral parameter to decide each nd everything than deepika’s star power is equal to salman and more than all srk hrithik aamir akshay etc..
    will you believe that??/
    if that is the case than findinf fany will get opening of more than 15 cr and will hit 100 cr flat…
    because just think if not 100% but only 50% fans among fb likers of deepika will watch the film..
    now in that case if a person buys a ticket of 100 rs which is normal rate comparing average of all single screens and premium multiplexes than finding fany must hit 100 cr even if half of deepika’s fan will watch it in theatre…
    can any one give a promise that this film will hit 100 cr???
    now take one another example…
    akshay has more than 1.3 cr fb likes on his official page…
    but his every 2 out of 3 films remains in 70 cr range..
    than what is the advantage of these much likes??/
    if fb likes are to believed than akki’s each movies should easily cross 85 cr at least be it any release date…and leave the final 85 cr mark,,every akki movies should get opening of at least 15 cr on day 1 which is not the case…
    so can we say that all likes are fake on his page??
    or we can say that even akki fans are not enthusiastic to watch his films in theatres…
    now take example of salman…
    he has over 2 cr likes which is highest among all…
    than according too that logic his all movies should do over 200 cr with 100 rs normal ticket price..
    jai ho did 111cr in india..
    can we say that only half of salman fans watched it in theatre???
    can we say that salman fans rejected the movie themselves??
    can you still believe these like numbers?????/
    now talk about youtube viewers and like dislikes…
    jai ho trailer had 44 lakh plus combined views on youtube and it did 111 cr in india…
    ek tha tiger had 61 lakh plus views on did 198+ in india..
    kick had 1.74 cr views on youtube and it did 230+cr in india..
    now if youtube viewers are to be believed than can any one say that why there is so much difference between all 3 movies number of viewers??
    all are salman movies and thats why the number of viewers must be almost same with 5-10% changes..
    but look at difference between jai ho and kick viewers…almost more than 3 times…
    now talk about business reflection..
    if youtube viewers are to be believed than acc to number of viewers kick must do more than 3 time the business of jai ho..that didn’t happen…so can we say that even salman fans rejected jai ho on both you tube and boxoffice???
    agneepath trailer had 59 lakh plus did 120+ in india..
    krrish 3 had more than 2.2 cr…it did 240 in india..
    can we say that hrithik fans didn’t see the trailer of agneepath and also rejected agneepath as collections were almost half… had 27 lakh plus did 114 cr..
    don2 had 46 lakh plus did 107 cr..
    jab tak hai jaan had 84 lakh + trailer did 121 cr in india..
    chennai express had 74 lakh + trailer did 227 cr in india..
    happy new year trailer is just about to touch 40 lakh views..
    can any srk fan or even srk hater say that as happy new year trailer views are less than jthj,,hny will do less than 120 cr in india…
    i dont see any chances of that as as per my view hny will cross at least 150 cr at any cost even if bad reviews are there…
    chennai express is no where near to any big movie in number of trailer views but it is still 2nd highest in worldwide grossers list…
    guys these number of views likes dislikes all can’t affect any big star…
    these things can make difference of not more than 5%….
    all things come on REVIEWS & WORD OF MOUTH..
    contents is the only king after first 3 days that can save you…
    so keep faith in your favorite stars,,watch their films in theaters,,enjoy their success and have respect for other stars as well…
    i also request indicine to publish an article about this..

  • Meherbaan all the way……Bang Bang rockz….. My 2nd favorite jodi and ZNMD is just a teaser,how hot they look together..
    Rock and roll…..

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