Indiawaale or Meherbaan, the better song? Vote!

While Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry was loved in Chennai Express, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Now, two of Bollywood’s most popular on-screen couple return in the same month!

The song promos of the two films were also released at the same time. And guess what? Both songs have been composed by Vishal – Shekhar.

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale, sung by KK and Shankar Mahadevan, is a semi-patriotic celebration of dance and dazzling costumes, while Meherbaan is a soft romantic number sung by Ash King, Shilpa Rao and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Both songs have been shot with high productions values and both are gaining popularity on Youtube. While Indiawaale has around 313,000 views in 23 hours (combined views on Red Chillies and T-Series channels) since its release, Meherbaan already has 226,000 views in 12 hours.

Watch the two songs and take your pick!

Your favourite song amongst the two?

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  • Meherbaan…… way better than INDIWALE……….Indiwale leads only coz… has SRK FANS, Abhishek’s fan(if any), Deepika’s Fan all voting together. Meherbaan is much much better song and is voted by people who really likes good music.

  • Yaa meherbaan is the best song ever made.
    Ask king will get grammy award for it.
    Even jaadu loved it,i played its tune on my piano computer to send it to jaadu,he luved it,he is coming soon.
    Great song.

  • Merbaan is a really good song…but I hope they would have worked a little more on the lyrics part….in between off topic…but both aayo na and bismil from haider are gems…real gems…loved the songs choreography lyrics and visuals….hope the movie does well and do not get crushed by bang bang …the trailer is promosing…confused on which movie to watch first this october….

  • It seems that here one person from different browser login to indicine site & voting to their favourite SRK crap indiawalle… So obviously voting will be increased… We here only want total views on youtube & nothing else…
    Picture is clear #meherban is ruling everywhere !!!

  • #meherbaan is the kind of melody which people will remeember even after 5-7 years easily……while #indiawale is the kind of song which is for more of a promotion (less shelf life) .
    Both songs are good…..(no one wants to make bad song)
    But for the sake of sport … vote is #meherbaan.

  • Hey SRK fans just look at the speed at which Meherbaan getting more views, Likes ;where as Indiawale is only getting dislikes..LOL. Even Aamir, Salman fans liking it except loser SRK fans who know that MEHERBAAN is 10000000000000 times better than IndiaWale,but too shy to admit. Don’t be shy. Go vote for MEHERBAAN. If you have not listened to the MEHERBAAN full song, go listen. Then u will think twice before watching CraPPy Year.

  • @Romance New_yr LOL listen dear handicap…ur poor kid shahid had lost all the hopes. He is getting scared to be rejected completely by the audience. BANG BANG will shatter u n ur poor shahid’s hopes mercilessly come OCT 2nd…HA ha.. Go watch haaider as many time u want as u’ll have no problem getting tickets ..bcoz the theatre will be empty. And the same fate awaits for CraPPy New Year…lol

  • Glad to see that though indicine had published a one-to-one comparison/voting, SRK and HR fans didn’t bash other ( except few cases). They just silently kept their points. I literally loved this maturity of SRK/HR fans.
    Now coming to the songs, its totally irrelevant to compare a dance number with a soft romantic song. For me, both the songs are superb in their own genre.
    But if I have to mark both the songs separately, then I’ll give 4/5 for Meharbaan and 3.5/5 for India wale, though both the songs are fantastic in their own genre.

    P.S. : First time I saw a “Poorly rated comment” on indicine.
    @Sachin11 : please reveal dude, what had you posted that your comment has created a history? Want to know :-)

  • Why compare the two? They’re both completely different songs. It would make more sense to compare a romantic song from HNY to Meherbaan, another romantic, song.

    Anyways, objectively speaking HNY’s songs should be the bigger chartbusters.

  • i dont know what people r smoking here when they compare meherbaan to tum hi ho. lol

    in my opinion

    tum hi ho – video 4, audio 7.5

    meherbaan – video 7(only for katrina’s bikini act) audio 1

    indiawale – video 4, audio 4

  • meherwan song is so bad .expressionless kat and bulky HR ..only good thing is the locations..

    Indiawaale video is not that great ..but awesome lyrics and good song …

  • dil tu hi bata of krrish3 was way better than meharbaan….. meharbaan is only an avg song at best…. but indiawaale is a chartbuster….. its going to rock for atleast 6 months….

  • an pk.u know when ddlj released srk was not a big star.n even after ddlj his all movies were flopped badly.dil to pagal hai was his next big hit after ddjj.and after kuch kuch hota hai also all his movies were was aditya Chopra who saved him giving role in mohabbatein.if u people have any doubts u can check wiki.but dnt b a blind fan.n also remember karan is d director of student of the year which was a hit without srk.n coming to india wale song no doubt its a grand song bt not a patriotic song.they r calling India wale chalbaaz n u people feel happy when some one call u dat.say honestly.its really disgusting lyrics.

  • Unfair to compare as Youtube Views gives you better answer

    at present #meherbaan views 424,769 likes 5,602 dislikes 487

    at present #indiawaale views 250,640 likes 7310 dislikes 1153 Tseries
    at present #indiawaale views 155,549 likes 5153 dislikes 324 Redchillies

    Both are winners but Bang Bang Leading

  • @Indicine indiawale released on Facebook or not?
    Please reply because if it released on Facebook then its affect on YouTube views

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