Indiawaale or Meherbaan, the better song? Vote!

While Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry was loved in Chennai Express, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Now, two of Bollywood’s most popular on-screen couple return in the same month!

The song promos of the two films were also released at the same time. And guess what? Both songs have been composed by Vishal – Shekhar.

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale and Meherbaan

Indiawaale, sung by KK and Shankar Mahadevan, is a semi-patriotic celebration of dance and dazzling costumes, while Meherbaan is a soft romantic number sung by Ash King, Shilpa Rao and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Both songs have been shot with high productions values and both are gaining popularity on Youtube. While Indiawaale has around 313,000 views in 23 hours (combined views on Red Chillies and T-Series channels) since its release, Meherbaan already has 226,000 views in 12 hours.

Watch the two songs and take your pick!

Your favourite song amongst the two?

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  • Both bang bang and happy new year will b great film and I will b watching both of them first day first show.
    Luv u srk luv u hrithik

    Youngistaan ki jai

  • I don’t understand the need to compare everything about every film and every actor. This kind of poll increases fan animosity for the actor who is not their favorite. Let them enjoy both songs.

  • likes on youtube Meherbaan is leading, obviously its liked much more than Indiawaale,

    But I like both because the other song is about India.

  • And i don’t know one thing,what is this GRAND everyone is associating with HNY…

    Films like Dhoom 3,Kick,Bang bang look much grander than HNY…

    Meherbaan is’nt the usual romantic track,it is quite different and refreshing!!!
    And from the video Meherbaan looks much more scenic and GRAND…
    Also SRK is looking a bit dull in indiawaale song…

  • Indiawaale is much better song.. And look at the votes- Indiawaale= 71%, Meherbaan= 29% .. Meherbaan is Crap song.. And Bang bang will do max. 150 Cr that too because of Katrina..

  • My top 5 fav stars
    1 hrithik
    2 ranbir
    3 aamir
    4 srk
    5 arjun

    Honestly speaking,I luv all 5 of them equally and there is hardly anything to differntiate betwwleen them but I hv a special place for hrithik,ranbir and arjun in my heart bcz I really love them in their off screen personality

  • Meherbaan is way better song than Indiawaale in terms of audio and in terms of video also Meherbaan is worth watching while Indiawaale looks like Fancy dress competition is going on between its 6

  • Hmmmm..the songs are completely of opposite genres….but still indiawale leads because of good and catchy lyrics which are missing in meherbaan…meherbaan is a regular romance number which will fade away in the long run but indiawale is here to stay…lambi race ka ghoda

  • Meherbaan song has sizzling chemistry between Hrithik and Katrina while Indiawaale song has some unique chemistry between Srk and Boman,sonu,vivaan,

  • LOL MEHERBAAN released 12 hours later than that INDIAWALE song ,yet it is leading on YOUTUBE.

    MEHERBAAN – VIEWS – 292281
    DISLIKES- 377

    INDIAWale- VIEWS-206,563

    At the end the day MEHERBAAN will become the most viewed & Liked song, where as INDIAWale will end up as the most disliked song…HA ha..

  • @indicine is it true that bajrangi bhaijaan will be distributed by yashraj films and they are interchanging the release date of bajrangi bhaijaan and fan

  • Why to ask ,IT’S INDIAWAALE WITH OUT ANY fans are giving excuses kf souful,steady blah blah.just see the votes.let hr fans to overtake the vote if they could and it could if genuinely meherban is better than THE INDIAWAALE.
    INDIAWAALE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> meherban.

  • no need of comparison at all..
    u can’t simply compare a soft romantic track with a dance anthem or energetic song..
    if comparison is to be made then it must be between teri galiyan nd meharban as both are of same genre and between indiawale and jumme ki rat etc type dance numbers…
    sorry indicine but this time i don’t like your attempt..
    kya fayda hoga..
    ek bar fir se fans ek dusre ke sath ladenge..
    both songs are good in their own way..
    please try to keep things as simple as possible…
    btw good luck both srk and hr fans…

  • BANG BANG will destroy HAPPY NEW YEAR at the box office. Hrithik alone can help bang bang cross 250 cr mark and than you have katrina, who can add 150cr more. On the other hand u have only Deepika as the saving grace for HAPPY New Year.

  • Both songs are good in their own style.
    But indiawale is new composition.and maherban as usual (like main kya kroon from barfi)
    So i voted to india wale .

  • guys i recommend you to listen the full audio version of meherbaan… im sure everyone will love it! makers have not included the high point of the song in the promo…

  • @ Babaji watch indiawaale in 1080p then you will know that how grand HNY is n meherbaan type songs regularly come like banjara,samjhava etc melodious,sufi, romantic

  • haters are so jelous some times that they started to support some nonsense that they didnt actually believe in
    meheban is an ordinary song which u cant remember after the movie release

  • I think the number from hny by arijit singh will be great….hoping so…..just waiting for it
    Even radhe radhe looked awesome in the trailer…..

  • Srk,aamir and hrithik are legends of modern day Bollywood while ranbir is fast climbing uo the ladder of legendary status.

    Salman,akshay and ajay are obviously superstars but unfortunately hvnt done too many very good and pathbreaking films to b termed legend.but obviously bollywood is incomplete without them

  • @Indicine nice way to get more traffic huh.. There is simply no comparison between these two songs. While Meherbaan is classy , CrappyWale is too cheap as if its a fancy dress competition lol. Be honest , you know which song is gonna be a big hit. Hell its not even 12 hours since Meherbaan released yet it is showing its power. MEHERBAAN is pure gold where as CrappyWaale is utter crap….

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