I am still King Khan, even my bad films do well – SRK

Some excerpts from an article in Business Standard..

What’s at stake for Shahrukh Khan with Ra One

  • Big money (Rs 200 crore) and SRK’s reputation as the King of Bollywood. He hasn’t had a single release in the last year and a half. During this period, Salman Khan has given three films that have done domestic collections in excess of Rs 100 crore: Bodyguard (Rs 147 crore), Dabangg (Rs 140 crore) and Ready (Rs 120 crore). In contrast, none of SRK’s films has touched the magic figure of Rs 100 crore in domestic ticket sales. While Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) did Rs 87 crore, Om Shanti Om (2007) sold Rs 79 crore and My Name is Khan (2010) did Rs 72 crore. Aamir Khan’s last two films, 3 Idiots (2009) and Ghajini (2008) too did over Rs 100 crore — Rs 204 crore and Rs 114 crore, respectively.
  • Ra.One is being produced by Eros International. On top of the Rs 150 crore spent on production, it has spent another Rs 50 crore on marketing. That brings the total investment to Rs 200 crore. The satellite rights were sold to Star TV for Rs 35 crore almost a year back. T Series has bought the music rights for another Rs 15 crore. More could come from sale to the digital media and pay-per-view television. “Almost 70 to 80 per cent of the cost will be recovered from pre-licensed content before the film hits the theatres,” says Eros CFO Kamal Jain. The rest of the money needs to come through ticket sales.
  • SRK expects Ra.One to do 25 to 30 per cent better in collections than his last release, My Name is Khan, which had collected Rs 72 crore in India and Rs 86 crore abroad. While cinema tickets are moderately taxed overseas, in India the incidence is as high as 60 per cent. SRK’s calculations may help Eros break even, though trade analysts say the film needs to collect around Rs 250 crore in India and abroad. “For SRK, a lot is at stake both personally and professionally,” says film distributor Suniel Wadhwa. SRK acknowledges that his personal fortune is at stake. “When I started out, I told my family that the movie would cost me much more than a Bollywood film and I may even lose money on it. They backed me,” says he. “While we have gone over-budget, in fact nearly five times over the original amount, I know it’s not an unrecoverable amount.”

Have the other Khan’s gone past Shahrukh Khan?

  • SRK sarcastically says “Whatever the naysayers may write, I am still King Khan, and you may call me any name. Even my bad films draw collections that some of the so-called good films don’t. If the film does not pull through, then the wedding season is round the corner and I can go and dance in a few weddings to earn back the remainder. A couple of films and endorsements and I will be good.



  • SONAM LOVE YOU. Salman is baadshah khan Aamir is super khan but shahrukh is dog khan. RA.ONE is flop. EK THA TIGER is (ATBB). DHOOM 3 is (ATBB)

  • @indicine team
    Ra 1 budget is 200 crore
    And if it collects 175 crore in india how can you call it superhit. If this is the rule, so many films which are given average status would be caulde blockbuster. A films status is judged by whole ticket price only. Reply indicine.

  • Welcome Saboor and Vinay idiots..I can judge how jealous u are..Haha..Look Indicine ne kehdiya..RaOne 220+Cr business..

    Jao Bodyguard ke gaane suno…aur cheap dance karo

  • thnx ashkaran.and people should not worry about ra.one it has been cleared by indicine and many trade pandits that in worst case it will be average.but if content is good then it will break all records of box office

  • srk is not ego..infact he is too humble..srk ne sab ke munh band karne ke lye clearify ker diya ke wo ab bhi king he jise koi lallu manju nai hata skta samja kia..

  • Suno srk ka gandu fan sab. Salman khan eklota actor hai jiske naam se film blockauster ho jati hai.srk ka 3 remake movie don.dewdash.r.one jo ki super flop the. And salman khan ke 3 wanted.ready.bodyguard. All movie all time blockbucter. But dabangg was not remake this movie is bollywood blockbuster no2. To bollywood ka baap kuan huwa only salman khan.

  • Blah Blah Blah..Vinod..salman..ki flop ginwaunga toh..has has ke marjaayega..
    Jitni uski hits hain uske 3 se multiply kr utni Sallu ki flops hain

  • Srk is the king of bollywood nd there is no doubt about it. I feel sorry for all srk haters bt reality is reality. You can love or hate srk bt u can’t ignore srk.

    He has gone outside the box and has made films that has carried BOLLYWOOD beyond the mafia type and slapstick comedy movies that others make.The other guys make good movies, but most are cheap copies of HOLLYWOOD films.
    Successful or not , RA. one will carry BOLLYWOOD a notch higher on the international scene, as MY NAME IS KHAN did.

    I predict 250 cores minimum.

  • srk is not the king but a biiiiiiigggggggggggg biiiiiigggggggg losssserrrrrrr ….and u r ….over confident losser in dis world…..b…..d

  • @indicine team
    Ra 1 budget is 200 crore
    And if it collects 175 crore in india how can you
    call it superhit. If this is the rule, so many films
    which are given average status would had been called
    blockbuster. A films status is judged by whole ticket price only. Reply indicine.

  • Yay..BoxofficeIndia said
    Q. Can Ra.One Do a 20 crore day one?
    A. With the mega release it has the potential but first day is Diwali Puja and business is hit by 25%. The second day should be the biggest day in history. If first day is anywhere near 20 crore then the film is likely to smash all weekend and first week records by a disatnce.

    Do u know what it means..that 2nd day of Ra.One will be more than 1st day of Bodyguard which was 20.62Cr..

    Now 2Day total imagine to be 45+Cr
    1st day 25Cr 2nd day 22Cr I think so

  • i from kenya evrey where i go people says ra one movie ra one will be biggest hit movie in india ever chamak challo best song 2011 in the world not only india ra one total final 500 carore

  • I said this thing a month ago..First day of RA1 can never be more than 20 crs..a straight forward reason..people will be busy on the day of diwali. Bodyguard was released a day after eid and the first day record will stay with the Bodyguard. Second day might and just might touch 20 crs and the week will end with around 80 crs and life lite around 120 crs. This movie is not masses and without them you can not break records. Its going to be a flop despite 120crs life time collection.

  • Hey @Fake Aashkaran..Go Drink Complan Dude..

    BOI didnt say it wont touch..20Cr..infact everyone is saying(incl Indicine and other analysts) that it would be 25Cr for sure..
    and BOI said that 2nd day would be surely greater than BG ka first day that is 20.62 Cr..
    Imagine Dude 2 day 45+Cr for Ra.One..
    You are gonna die rascal..

    Just Keep on Barking like other Mallu Sallu Fans..

  • Just saw bit of the movie at a trial through a close friend…hhahaha..the movie is full of world famous SRK hamming. Nobody can do hamming better than SRK. ahahahaha..life time business 98 crores.. Flop. Also in the trailer going on the TV where SRK’s son says Mom watch your mouth after Kareena uses abusive words..is full of hamming…and that just the trailer..Movie has worse comedy and hamming than Rascals.

  • srk’s over confidence wil destroy him…when he stared so called ra1 salman had not even signed dabangg…salman gave 2nd 3rd and 4th highest grosser where as srgay hasnt even release the film…he even has doubt in himself that he added rajnikant and ab in the cast…complete looser.. talent ke king aamir hai, entertainment ka king salman…aur sirf naam kaa king is srk hai..

  • Even his bad films do well? His bad films only manage to do well. While Salman’s so-called bad films shatter box office records!! Salman must be Supremo Emperor then, if SRK is ”king” for his bad films doing well!

    MNIK collected 86 crore abroad? So all that stuff about 100 crore overseas was another media-made bubble? I think SRK’s team didn’t go through the article before letting it go into print! Or is truth about collections finally out? LOL!

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