Ra One vs 3 Idiots

Ra One is by far the biggest release of the year and also the most-hyped. If we’d have to pick one film this year that has decent chances of going past the 200-crore benchmark set by 3 Idiots – it has to be Ra One.

Some might argue that Don 2 also has a great chance as its a Christmas release and 3 Idiots too released on the same date. But, being an out-n-out action film it has to be outstandingly good to come close. Also, Don 2 releases on Friday unlike Ra One which will benefit immensely from the extended 5 day weekend.

Recently, many expected Bodyguard to go past 3 Idiots and although the film opened to huge numbers, the word-of-mouth was mixed (negative at places). The result? 110 crores in Week 1 (9 days), but after that the Salman Khan starrer managed less than 35 crores in Week 2, 3 and 4.

What further dented Bodyguard’s collections was the release of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan a week later. Luckily for Ra One, it has 2 open weeks. Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar, the first major release after Ra One releases 16 days later.

Come 26th October, it’ll be interesting to see if Ra One can beat 3 Idiots at the Indian box office. If it does, SRK will once again be hailed as the undisputed King of the Hindi film industry.

What do you think? Can Ra One beat 3 Idiots? Tell us in the comments section below (Please try and be sensible, otherwise your comments will be deleted)



  • 100% ra one beat the record of 3 idiots. Total collection of ra one should be more than all the recent hits of salman khan(wanted+dabang+ready+bodygaurd)

  • @ Indicine team:-Indicine team alwways use to prove that Salman’s and Amir’s and Akshay kumar’s movies are best but it is very funny to see that they are now backing SRK’s Ra.One……ha..ha..ha..ha…….

  • how much does Ra One need to make in India to reach these statuses (In india)?

    1. Hit
    2. Super hit
    3. Blockbuster
    4. All Time Blockbuster

  • yar definatly but i will depand upon the up come long trilar then i decided wether it hit or flop but i like srk acting

  • I agree Indicine..
    Ra.One will easily break 3I records..3i was on 1785 prints Ra.One is on 3200 Domestic prints..adding hype, 3D, Price hiking etc etc..It has all the chances to go past 250Cr ..give it is Good..
    If it turns out to Outstanding I might be not suprised to see that 275Cr mark getting blown..

    DON2 is an international film of Mission Impossible Standards..I think it would be 150+Cr type film..and would be a worldwide Earner..

    For Ra.One I am betting Worldwide 400Cr atleast

    After 1000prints in CHina..nothing is impossible for Ra.One

  • remember 3 idiots is amir khan movie and amir khan is ace of bollywood to sharukh jaise pata nahi kitne king subah shaam salam thokte hai……aur aisa na ho kanhi R A ONE ki zamant zapt ho jaye….

  • Definately..Indicine plz answer Raj’s question ..
    If we consider Ra.One as 175Cr project then what it needs to earn to be


  • Indicine plz..ppl have started abusing and replying thru fake duplicate names..plz keep a tight eye on them..and delete their comments..

  • We still do not know the exact costs of Ra One. First it was believed to be 150 crores, then 175.. now some are saying SRK has spent 50 crores on marketing alone and the costs are in excess of 200 crores.

    A lot of money has already been recovered from Music, satellite rights etc. So we believe, if the film does about 135 – 140 crores of business it’ll be termed a HIT, 165 – 170 Super-hit and anything over 200 crores a Blockbuster..

  • Also, its more about SRK here.. If Ra One does anything less than 140 crores, it won’t be considered good enough since the budget is so high and SRK has gone all out in promoting it. If it does about 175 crores, his critics will shut up. And if it does 200 crores or more, he’s be back to the top, above Aamir/Salman..

  • @indicine,wat are u even saying as a site dat i utmost respect,u disappoint on dis crap u said above…even if it does 200cr in india which is impossible,sharukh can neva b above amir or salman…ra.one has being promoted lyk hell…so 4 it doing 200cr dat makes srk no 1,den it’s a big joke dat can neva happen…wat re u even saying indicine…u hav disappointed me on dis one…But if ra.one and don 2 scores he may b no 1 bt not 4 long….nd i’m sure if ra.one even does well it wil b below 200cr..it wil b lyk 165-175…mark my words

  • ra one definietly beat 3 idiots if we consider worldwide collections of both movies. but if ra one has to beat 3 idiots at has to break week 2 and week 3 records set by 3 idiots. i am not going on number games even if it beat 3idiots one thing i can assure it well not even half as good as 3idiots. crisp story line gr8 screenplay thats what 3 idiots all about. its not all about braking records its about quality of movie. if dabang break 3 idiots weekend recrds it doesn’t mean that it is superior than 3 idiots.

  • wooohhooo…I am so happy..that at 200Cr it would be BB..It seems so much possible..
    Indicine said..if Ra.One is good 220+Cr is just easy..

    I certainly believe every analyst has said that 110Cr 5 day wknd is on the cards..

    @Indicine..last quest for ATBB status how much money does Ra.One needs to earn..??

    Coz I certainly feel 200Cr is an easy task for ra.one if its good..

  • Wiz.Poka..taras aarha hai tum par..kitni behs kri tumharre saath..ab dekhlo kon jeetrha hai..Dont doubt Indicine and other analyst’s skill of prediction..every one is talking the same thing that life time would be near 220-250Cr..

    It huge..3I was on 1785 prints and made 202Cr..Ra.One is on 3200Domestic prints..imagine what it can do..with more hype..and more prints

  • i m sure that 5 days long weekend will help Ra one to fetch 120 cr, in next week it can easily collect 80 cr and in other next week 50 cr. this situation will come if the film seems average. on the other hand if the film comes as outstanding or very good nobody can hinder it to fetch 500 crs.

  • @ Indicine…y do you keep adding sat and music rights +140crs to call it hit, then we should have this figure 147+sat+music rights of bodyguard=atbb. Y most adds sat+ music rights only for Ra1 to make it hit or superhit and then y not add sat+music rights for dabangg and bodyguard and call the super atbb and atbb respectively.

  • Ra.one will shut all srk haters & critics mouth, I m damn sure it will cross 339 crores boundary which is made by 3 idiots worldwide..
    If grossing 200+ crores can make it a blockbuster, than srk fans shoudn’t be worried cuz i know it will fetch 400+ crores worldwide and will be a All Time Blockbuster…
    The Countdown has begun just wait and watch…

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