Shahrukh Khan has lost it – Salman’s Bodyguard

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera who had a 2 second long role in Bodyguard, has harsh words to say on Shahrukh Khan. Quite frankly, irrespective of what kind of a person he is in real-life, SRK has achieved far too much, to deserve such words. That too from someone who is only known because he is Salman’s bodyguard.

Here is what Shera had to say on SRK

  • When asked would he accept movie offers from other Khan’s Shera who will appear in Dabangg 2 says “What Khan? I don’t know who are these Khans. My Maalik is the only Khan I know. Mujhe kuch nahi pata kaun Khan kya kar raha hai. I am only concerned about Bhai, whom I venerate.”
  • Recently, when asked about Kareena working with other Khan’s, SRK had said Kareena works with ‘Chotey Chotey’ Khan’s (small khans). Responding to that statement by SRK, Shera said “Yeh insaan kaun hai (who is this guy?). I think Shah Rukh has lost it. This is not him but a complex that’s speaking aloud. SRK ko dunia jaanti hogi, but main usey nahi jaanta. He should be ashamed of himself. Person’s stature can’t be assessed from his success level and what’s equally important is how humble you are. I always felt once the trappings of stardom has started to give you kick, you are on verge of going down.


  • I think Salman fans and salman camp have lost it, they are scared of and DOn 2 so much that they are trying to negate his image. Sorry Lallu Fans will gross 400 crores worldwide and don 2 will gross 440 crores worldwide and your Lallu will become the Bodyguard of the DON!

  • look mean salman doesnt dare to say a word against srk he enticed his bloodyguard to talk badly against srk
    salman and your stupid bodyguard go to hell losers

  • Shera is right. Srk should have never used the words chore khan for Sheras Malik and he has 100% right to defend his Malik. What’s wrong in what Shera has said I am not even as famous as Shera is and I say who the Fu*k is this Srk calling salman chore khan, Srk has definitely list it.

  • To Nomi by Chote Chote Khan Shahrukh meant Imran Khan due to his young age and she is shooting with him for ek main aur ek tu

  • Shahrukh Khan

    Ra.One will smash all records koyee shera berra nehi roksakta. Salman influenced shera to say this as Salman is a criminal, wo,en beater and animal killer. WHo publicises he does charity. Shahrukh once said i dont want to talk about my charity, i think one shouldnt publicise it, charity comes from the heart….

  • @indicine This website always blame srk…it was praisin ra one becoz everyone saying gud abt ra one .otherwise he always try to make srk movie all srk fan dont worry…king is always king…go and take srk’s kid interview then u get to know …

  • there is no doubt srk will rock…why r comparing salman movie with srk..salman hav no standard doing same type south remake action movie…he has no class.see amir khan,srk and hrithik they r making classes movie for bollywood audience.salman should work south film industry..salman is destroying bollywood story..I m from south but i luv bollywood very much…we dont want 100 crore business we want gud movie.

  • srk’s movie ddlg made 120 crore above in that time which is luv story….I remembered that day ticket price starts from 20 rupees.Nowa days ticket price above 100 rupee…so that means 100 crore business of salman is nothing great.its only promotional atyachar.

  • Evrybody,stop nd open ur eyes..isn’t shera rgt?how can sumone wit a good spirit b calling himself king all about callin other khans chote…the guy is absurd…so annoying,as they businessmen are full wit evil…sharukh only cares about the fame nd money…he said “charity comes 4rm d mind”…Wen has someone said he did help me or us…he is jst a bloated idiot…no one has ever reported dat he help me or he did dis o…nobody nd he says charity comes 4rm d mind…even juhli chawla said it dat srk doesn’t care…he cares only wen d person is in deep trouble wen he should hav done something earlier…srk is not worthy of any king nd d public knws dis,he is media made king nd d real king even sum media calls salman d real king…indicine u knw dis..i dnt knw y d sudden shift to stories nd srk..nd to say u av being always wrong in ur prediction…watch out 4 ek tha tiger..he wil bite all boxoffice records nd bury dem to d ground..public Real king…salman khan….he doesn’t nid to wait 4 a year nd half so dat he’s film can b hit…

  • Salman is the sher of all khans and bad boy of all khans and Aamir is the super khan but Shahrukh is the dog of all khans.i like RA.ONE movie because kareena and arjun rampal act in. RA.ONE biggest hit with 170crore in india and 350crore worldwide

  • Its not great to remake a hit movie…its great to work a new and unique script..salman u always say amir is best frnd to underestimate srk….If u r bestfrnd try to learn from some gud thing from amir insted of remaking south movie…amir khan is super star we all know…we all proud becoz of 3 idiot..we can proudly say its in bollywoods own movie…but ur movies r all stupid remake…also srk and hrithik they always tries to make best film to bollywood…shame on u salman.

  • Wiz.Poka is a real looser..he has lost it bhi anti Ra.One bolta tha..sab khatam hogya jabse Indicine ne …kehdiya..Ra.One will beat 3I

    Jahaan tak rahi Shera ki baat..Salman aur Shera ek saath sote hain..Shera apne maalik ko physically khush rakhta hai..tabhi uske gun gaata hai..aur tabhi salman unmarried hai kyunki uske paas Shera hai..

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