Shahrukh Khan has lost it – Salman’s Bodyguard

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera who had a 2 second long role in Bodyguard, has harsh words to say on Shahrukh Khan. Quite frankly, irrespective of what kind of a person he is in real-life, SRK has achieved far too much, to deserve such words. That too from someone who is only known because he is Salman’s bodyguard.

Here is what Shera had to say on SRK

  • When asked would he accept movie offers from other Khan’s Shera who will appear in Dabangg 2 says “What Khan? I don’t know who are these Khans. My Maalik is the only Khan I know. Mujhe kuch nahi pata kaun Khan kya kar raha hai. I am only concerned about Bhai, whom I venerate.”
  • Recently, when asked about Kareena working with other Khan’s, SRK had said Kareena works with ‘Chotey Chotey’ Khan’s (small khans). Responding to that statement by SRK, Shera said “Yeh insaan kaun hai (who is this guy?). I think Shah Rukh has lost it. This is not him but a complex that’s speaking aloud. SRK ko dunia jaanti hogi, but main usey nahi jaanta. He should be ashamed of himself. Person’s stature can’t be assessed from his success level and what’s equally important is how humble you are. I always felt once the trappings of stardom has started to give you kick, you are on verge of going down.


  • ..Aashkaran,better watch ur mouth,u dis pretender…we all knw u wen u first came to indicine trying to support all khans den suddenly u change to srk…i don’t nid to argue wit u pig…wait till releases nd u wil say i’m right…haklu khan…srk

  • Abe salo Shahrukh ke chamcho, Shaharuk ki picture toh bina heroine ke bana hi nahi sakti, aur sala woh shakti, acchi movie ki baat kar raha hai, sale South ki toh ek bhi picture Dhang ki nahi hoti hai. Salal 80% fighting aur 20% torcher. Sale south ke zandoo balm.

    Salman is bigger than bollywood and Script. we don’t care about his movies and their business. We only want to see him in the theater.

    Ok sale SRk. RAjinikant, Amitabh ke baad koi bacha hoga toh bhar le sale movie me.

  • @ SAnjay SArjal:

    U said u want only to see salman.. But my frend once he takes off his wig u wil all cry seeing him..See Rajnikanth.. only in his films he use wig..out side the set he is normal human being without any wig.. will salman come out with bald head… any way u all fans tell thanks to GULF GATE Hair fixing centre…….

  • oye shera k bache…tu pehle apne lallu ko advise kar k achi movies baneye na k dosro ko copy kare aur jld shadi kerle warna zindagi bher tuje uska dogi ban ker rhna perega…srk ko tere comments se koi ferq nai prega…samja sale

  • Wiz.Poka..the love for SRK way way ahead..than respect I have for rest of I still am admant that I like all the Khans..but all the khans are not even equal to SRK if we sum them up..

    SRK all the way..

    and..dude..any change of thoughts about seems like yesterday when u all..mallu sallu fans were saying Ra.One all have run away..

  • salman is the real king khan of bollywood and he prove this with his 3 all time blockbuster movies dabangg, ready, bodyguard salman bhai rockks

  • abe o shakti kapoor kaya class class ki bat kar raha he,tera class janta se upar he tu v ek am public he aur public thik karta he konsa film achha he aur konsa nehi.blody looser ab srk gay ka film chal nehi raha to bichme class kaha se a gaya.aur class decide karone bala tum kon hote ho be a real man,such to ye he salman lagatar 3 atbb diya he aur sharukhka koibi film 100cr tak nehi paucha,ajay ne v 2 blockbustar diya he.singham(100cr) auq g3-107cr.ab ra one ko dekhlo itna dhak dhol pitke realease kar raha he sala khud to hit kara nehi sakta isliya film se jada rajnikant(cameo),akon(chamakcholo),amitabh(voice diya he),ki gan ga raha he jese OSO me kiya tha

  • I am from South Africa and I know who Shahrukh Khan is! Who is this Shera?

    Here we know only 4 people… Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan. Only movies of these 4 actors release here.. :)

  • abe shakti DDLG ka box ofice colection 67cr aur HAHK ka 69 cr jo 7sal tak top earner tha uske bad gadar ne record bolywood ke bareme kuch kanta he ki nehi?sirf srk ka fan to bol dete he anab sanab statement

  • Salman Fans are dying to call Salman King Khan despite 3 blockbusters no one still calls him King Khan lol….keep dreaming retards Salman cant act he is not king and has not best actor awards.

    Even an Ofbeat movie like MNIK did 192 crores worldwide more that Ready LOL and only a little lest then Bodyguard and Dabangg.

    Imagine a full on commercial entertainer BY SRK…Salman would become obselete, and shera would become his future wife

  • Why d arguement sharukh king salman king aamir king ajay king all are king in their respectable side.the real king of bolywod is amitabh baachan he has proved his worth wen he was young and stil proving himself wen he is old can all this stand the test of time in the next ten yrs.i dnt think so.

  • who is this Shera & y are salman’s ass lickers visiting this page! SRK is God of Indian Cinema. He comes only after Amitabh Bachhan. SRK Rules

  • @aryan..who said this stupid reports…ddlg is still running in marathi theater.go search wiki and all time box office report…ham apke hai kaun also grossed above 100 crore.fact is after hahk he was failed to creat magic.hahk is hit becoz of madhuri .his hit film grosses below 50 crores…but maximum srk movie grossed above 70 crore …many movie above 90 crore

  • @ SAnjay SArjal:wat do u know abt south movie…south is best for masses…india is mass bessed country..thats why salman khan’s remake movie is working…now i think if we dont give u remake right then salman will die…now salman is doing remake of kick and dookudo.but we like bollywood as it appeal to youth…our film is suitable for family…and ur stars r trying to take credit….stupid salman why r u working in bollywood,come to south we will give new action script..why r u there to blame bollywood audience….any way srk,rajnikanth,amir khan….they r biggest star of indian cinema of different gener..

  • our mahesh babu is far better than salman….but srk is best…salman is worst actor …he hav criminal record and many affaire….so how salman is gud person…srk,rajnikanth,surya and amir khan they r best

  • salman khan is the best best best in this world love you bhai waiting for ek the tiger you only the tiger daring and dashing love you bhai you rockssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • @SAnjay SArjal:u think south movie is bad movie..salle,,chuse…tu janta kya sirf ek state ka box office bollywood pe bhari padta hai..see robot,dasavataram….it grosses above 200 crore…this year south film wons maximum national award…so dont our south movie…bolly movie is best with their audience and south movie is best their audience.If u want to see good south movie just watch varanam ayiram,ye maya chesva,bomarallu…

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