Hrithik vs Salman: Comparison between Agneepath and Jai Ho

Ageepath broke the record for the highest opening day collections when the film releases in theatres on Republic Day. The film went on to collect Rs 121 crore at the India box office, which is the highest collections for a January release.

Jai Ho collected around 87 cr in its first week, which is lower than the first week business of Agneepath. The Hrithik Roshan starrer also held up pretty well in Week 2. So it remains to be seen if Jai Ho can eventually go past the total collections of Agneepath – at this stage, it doesn’t look like it will.

Salman vs Hrithik

Salman Khan vs Hrithik Roshan at the Republic Day weekend

Back in 2012, Agneepath released on just 2600 screens compared to Jai Ho’s mammoth screen-count of 3900. While the Salman Khan film has under-performed at multiplexes, Agneepath did well.

Detailed comparison between the two films below.

  • Cost: Agneepath – 65 crore, Jai Ho – 90 crore+
  • Release: Agneepath – 2600 screens, Jai Ho – 3900 screens
  • Distributors share: Agneepath- 67.8 crore, Jai Ho – 60 (expected)
  • Average ticket price: About the same.
  • Multiplexes vs Single-Screens: Agneepath – 66% vs 34%, Jai Ho – 59% vs 41%
  • Runtime: Agneepath – 168 minutes, Jai Ho – 145 minutes.
  • Verdict: Agneepath – Super Hit, Jai Ho – will be updated
  • Advantages for Agneepath: Hrithik, Priyanka, popularity of Chikni Chameli, 4-day weekend, Dharma Productions.
  • Advantage for Jai Ho: Salman, widest release for any film.
AgneepathJai Ho
Day 122.85 (holiday)17.38
Day 212.3516.45
Day 313.2526.1 (holiday)
Day 417.9 (holiday)9.46
Day 57.87.52
Day 66.55.73
Day 75.44.95
First Week90.15 crore87.59 crore
Day 83.93.32
Day 95.14.4
Day 106.255.88
Day 112.32.14
Day 122.12.03
Day 131.81.54
Day 141.51.35
2nd Week Total22.95 crore20.66 crore
Remaining Weeks8.24.24
Lifetime collections121.3 crore112.49 crore


  • Again, I have to say both movie under performed as Agneepath carried huge pre-release hype. It was a Remake of a cult classic, great star cast and super hit music. I expected Agneepath to earn 150cr. But Quality of Agneepath was far Ahead.

  • Both cannot be compared since one had high production value..
    It is funny when one says when there is no Khans or hrithik, Akshay will be ruling. SRK who is the most consistent and work with big banners,leading heroines and high production values.
    Akshay works with low banners,no leading heroines,low production value and release his movies on non holidays and work in most awful movies like tmk and k786
    Highest grossers from 2006 SRK vs Akshay 2006 Don-51 crore, Phir Hera Pheri- 41.75 crore, 2007 OSO — 79.42 crore , Welcome- 70.75 crore. 2008 RNBJ- 86.78 crore, SIK-68.48 crore. 2009 Billu- 23.64 crore, De Dana Dhan-48.30 crore. 2010 MNIK-72.74 crore, Housefull- 72.07 crore. 2011 Raone- 120 crore, Thank You-46 crore. 2012 JTHJ- 101 crore,Rowdy Rathore-132 crore
    When you add these factors and these reveals something

  • @indicine Where was the Diwali comparison articles outlining BO numbers of the diwali releases of 2011, 2012 and 2013…?

    That would have been a far more interesting read for the lungiwala folk of Paglapur…!

    Oh even better the article on Christmas releases of 2011, 2012 and 2013…! Sarkar would just make it to the top 3 spot by default but he’d way way way behind the other 2 Greater Khans…!

  • Is it strange agneeptah made at budget of 65crores collect 120crs is super hit
    where jthj made at budget of 50crs but it’s still hit

  • Both films were REMAKES…

    Just a shame ppl of India will still find the Originals better than the latter…!

    No offence to both Hrithik / Salman but thats the harsh reality where ppls sentimental attachment is more with the original. Fir instance like Don 78 or Devdas 55 are regarded as classics /untouchable in relation to the crappy remakes of Sarkar Rukh Khan…!

  • Agneepath was a of the best performances by HR in 2012. Jai ho is a regular masala with a message.
    best looks-HR
    best dance-HR
    best body-HR
    multiple talent-HR
    best acting(versatility)-HR
    best acting(intensity)-HR/SRK
    best quality-HR/amir
    best action-AKKI
    topic closed!

  • Never realised but Agneepath never crossed Readys total…? Surely not- that cant be right Indicine as it collected 128 crores…!

  • please Agneepath is far Bettr then Jai Ho I love salman. But dude needs to stop Makin South Remakes. HE let down megastar chiranjeevi Film stalin . Wch was BB in Telugu . The Reason Y Agneepath didnt earn much was the raw violence N ppl needed to get thr Brains to watch the film. It was Intense with no funny movments.n Evn the Runnin time was at the higher Scale . Anyways lets C wr Jai Ho goes

  • Is #JaiHo A Flop? Its Weekend Collection was more than the collections of any other Amir or SRK film but for CE & Dhoom 3.

    Jai Ho- 1) [Bad Timing of Release after X’Mas and New Year] An out and out non-festive and non-holiday release, 2) Widest Release, 3) Ticket Price 30%-40% lower than CE and Dhoom 3, 4) Some Section of People are Boycotting it. 5) Low-ranking casts but for Salman and film-makers

    CE and Dhoom3- 1) [Good Timing of Releses] Festive Releases, 2) Released in lesser screens, 3) Ticket Price: 40% Higher, 4) No one boycotted them, 5) High-Ranking Casts and Film-Makers.
    Out of the above five-facts, only no. 2 is in favor of Jai Ho, while other four are against. And no.1, no.3, no.4. no.5 are in favor of CE and Dhoom 3, while only no.2 is against them.

    Agneepath: I want to add two advantages for Agneepath: Sanjay Dutt in deadly villanous role and being the first out and out masala film for Hrithik in many years. Whearas, Salman has been doing Masala movies for three years (Except for ETT).

    These are not excuses but facts.

    In short, JaiHoSpreadingHumanity

    I want to end with a few amazing words that Taran Adarsh Retweeted:

    “Haazaro Aib Dhundhte Hain Hum Dusro Mein Is Tarah, Aapne Kirdaar Mein Hum Log Farishte Ho Jaise”

    And Life is about ups and downs! All the best, Salman Khan, the enigma the people love!

  • @Aeyya and u haven’t compared in 2013 of srk and Akshay I will tell that CE 228 >>>>> s26+outmiid+boss+ k786 etc

  • @Aeyya and u haven’t compared in 2013 of srk and Akshay I will tell that CE 228 >>>>> s26+outmiid+boss+ k786 etc now how about this.

  • Agneepath had many positive factors and attractions, while Jai Ho has only Salman Khan and its noble message. Besides, some people are boycotting Jai Ho!!
    Hope Jai Ho emerges as at least a Hit.

  • The biggest reason for low collections of jai ho muslims have boycotted salman khan when he started licking modi…and there r huge set of audience who only visit theaters based on records like first day record, fastest 100crores etc and thet stayed away too…so its a alarming call that Salman should apology publicly for supporting modi. Otgerwise salman will see the same fate for kick also. I n my gang of 120people started spreading negativity from day 1 in all websites…..

  • This shows Agneepath is the clear winner . Agneepath released on 26th jan 2012 in 2600 screens collected 21.76 CR on day one . On the other hand Jai ho released on 24th jan 2014 in more than 4000 screens collected 17.83 CR on day one . Salman came after 5 back to back blockbusters and Hrithik came after 2 flops and 1 superhit . In fact it was Agneepath or more precisely Hrithik that made 26th jan a holiday release . Before Agneepath many movies were released on or before 26th jan like RDB , Guru , Salaam -e-ishq etc . out of which RDB was a hit and so was Guru but Agneepath raised the bar and became a superhit . After Agneepath many producers/exhibitors/actors were looking for 26th jan as a release date like Race 2 in 2013 and Jai ho in 2014 . In terms of comparison Agneepath was better in every aspect from Performances , content , direction , music and action so it deserved every bit . In fact Agneepath had lots of violence and was a intense movie with drama and was more lengthy than Jai ho . So in every manner Agneepath wins . Jai ho is a scene to scene remake of Stalin while Agneepath had inly the basic plot same from old Agneepath but screenplay was original with new characters so keep that in mind also .Agneepath rocks . Waiting for Bang Bang and Shuddhi .

  • @alok nath

    based on sallu supposed superstardom, I expected jai ho to do atleast 250 cr

    n I dnt thnk quality matters to sallu movies..atleas thats why his fanboys used to say before jai ho

  • Hrithik and Sonam’s OPPO ad is a Blockbuster garnering over 1,47,000 views in the few hrs its been on YouTube !!

  • @ aloknath truly said.I also think agneepath reach 150cr benchmark .it is a great film with good repetitive value with great star cast and pre hype buzz.but it can’t due to many factors :
    Violent action
    Long time
    Another dharma film which was also good
    Month January
    People compared it with old agneepath massively (read haters as I think new one is far better and entertaining and one of the best act of HRO )

  • @aeeyy srk had a small special role in billu, it wasn’t fully his movie. Do consider all the flops of akshay, he does have some successful movies but his most hyped movies failed quite badly.
    Also deepika and anushka were not even a star before they worked with SRK, they were new. Also big banner don’t really matter when it comes to the success of a movie, people don’t go to see movies because they are from big banner they go to see them because of the stars and the quality of the movie. Production values also has little affect on the success, unless it a movie like krrish 3.

  • Box Office India (February 1, 2014)
    There’s a nasty rumour making the rounds that Karan Malhotra might junk Shuddhi featuring Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead. For those inclined to believe this tongue-wagging, don’t. We’re told that, in all probability, Shuddhi is expected to go on the floors in the second half of 2014 and will release in mid-2015. Also, we have been told that since there was some delay starting Shuddhi, Malhotra has already started working on his next film, which he will direct once he’s done with Shuddhi.
    Apparently, Malhotra’s third film will be an adaptation of Amish Tripathi’s The Immortals Of Meluha. No prizes for guessing that this film will also feature Hrithik Roshan in the main lead.

  • “Even a Dog didn’t watch Guzarish” this is the exact line said by Salman. Now Hrithik should say that even the supporters of Modi didn’t watch Jai Ho. LOL!! he should have thought of this day when his film is going to be under-performer!

  • HOLIDAY movie directed by A.R.MURUGUDOSS will be biggest hit in 2014. HOLIDAY remake of tamil blockbuster THUPPAKI will change akki carrer. note a.r.murugudoss gajani movie was 1st 100 crore nett collected movie in india now HOLIDAY will collect 1st 300 crore nett movie in india

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