Race 2 vs Jai Ho: Republic Day release comparison

Republic Day released have fared reasonably well at the box office in the last 3 years or so. Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath broke opening day records and went on to collect around Rs 120 crore at the domestic box office. Last year, Race 2 starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, did well too collecting Rs 101.52 crore.

This year it was the biggest superstar in the industry, Salman Khan, who released his much-awaited film Jai Ho. Considering the fact that the film had such a wide release and was Salman’s first release in more than a year, Jai Ho has under-performed at the ticket window.

Jai Ho vs Race 2

Jai Ho vs Race 2

The film is likely to finish with lifetime collections of around 110-115 crore.

  • Cost: Race 2 – 84 crore, Jai Ho – 90 crore+
  • Release: Race 2 – 3200 screens, Jai Ho – 3900 screens
  • Distributors share: Race 2 – 54.8 crore, Jai Ho – 60 (expected)
  • Average ticket price: Higher for Race 2 as it fared better at multiplexes.
  • Multiplexes vs Single-Screens: Race 2 – 76% vs 24%, Jai Ho – 59% vs 41%

Footfalls (number of people who watched the film) for Race 2 was much lower than Jai Ho, but the overall difference in collections won’t be much. Jai Ho has fared very poorly at multiplexes, as for most films featuring big superstars the multiplex vs single-screens ratio is 65:35. Even a film like Boss which did poor business at plexes, the ratio was 61:39.

Race 2 vs Jai Ho

Race 2 Jai Ho
Saturday19.5 (holiday)16.45
First Week73.587.59
2nd Friday3.423.32
2nd Saturday5.154.4
2nd Sunday6.255.88
2nd Monday2.752.1
2nd Tuesday2.25-
2nd Wednesday1.8-
2nd Thursday1.4-
2nd Week Total23.02-
Remaining Weeks5-
Lifetime collections101.52 crore103.29 crore (11 days)


  • Back to Back 6th 100 crore + grosser of Salman
    Top 5 superstars as per January 2014:

  • I think both movie under performed as Race 2 carried huge pre-release hype. It was a sequel to super successful movie, great star cast and super hit music. I expected Race2 to earn 135cr. Coming back to Jai ho had nothing going for it (Except for Salman Khan) Poor music, ordinary looking Actress, Poor Production value, Irritating Supporting cast (Except for Tabu) and this list could go on and on. Jai Ho will not detriment Salman’s super stardom one bit but it’s a wake up call for South Remakes and Masala entertainers.

  • I think HNY will not cross even 125 crore, as director Farah is known for making crap films like TMK, OSO etc. It will be ‘hit’ at best

  • @ True Fan, 100 crore isn’t enough now for a commercial film, 200cr is needed. Jai Ho will pull salman down as it will barely cross 100cr in 2014 n wont be a hit. Your rankings are joke.

  • The fact that race 2 wid saif/john did 101 crores shows you republic day release period is a good time to release films. Ultimately content matters in the end.

  • Akki is the biggest superstar.
    If Sp26 , OMG were Eid release then they would do 250 crore each.
    Boss and K786 if released on Eid then they would do 175 crore each.

  • Even jai ho will not break the record of Barfi in India overseas and worldwide with 5000 screens . The biggest superstar ha ha ha..

  • Agneepath released on 2700 screens only.also it was the bad phase of Hr’s career(as before agneepath,znmd was a superhit and kites,guzaarish flopped). Still it’s managed to do 120 crores .but jai ho was released in around 4000 screens and it was after salman’s golden career.but still it’s struggling to do 110 crs.
    No offence to salman,but khans are huge only by names.

  • Jai ho released in around 4500 screens domestic market, how can u say that it is released in only 3900 screens, 500 more screens than K3……

  • 2014 perdictions.
    Happy New Year : 290 crores nett. India
    Bang Bang : 240 crores nett. India *special mentions cause Knight & Day is one of my fav. movies .. so I’m very eager for Hrithik to come with this movie*
    Peekay : 160 crores nett. India *mark my words .. this movie is been over rated .. its fate will be same as Talaash*
    Kick : max. 140 crores nett. India
    Akki & Ajay MAY drop in with a 100 cr. movie each.
    Surprise 100 crore movie of the year would be Varun Dhawan’s “Main Tera Hero” Arjun & Ranveer’s “Gunday”.
    even Sidharth’s Hasee Toh Phasee would be a huge hit but may not touch 100 cr. mark cause of its RomanceDrama genre.

  • even. jai ho will not break the total worldwide collection of don 2 with over 5000 screens .shameless for salman and his fan.
    srk roxxxxxxx

  • Nice article indicine that shows Jai ho has underperformed big time . Now actors should realise that people are fed up of masala genre they want something new . From now on whichever masala movie releases it will underperform except it has fabulous content . Salman fans always said that only Salman can carry masala genre and he will succeed what is this ? So everyone whether you are a Salman fan or not people are rejecting masala movies and it is high time actors stop over using this masala+south remake formula . Upcoming masala movies – Holiday , Action Jackson , Kick , Singham 2 and Gabbar if it releases in 2014 . Among all these movies i am confident about Singham 2 because it is a sequel and Singham had content . So masala movies with content can do good business . But movies like Wanted , Ready , Bodyguard , Rowdy Rathore , Dabangg 2 , Son of sardaar , Jai ho will not be made . Akshay ,Ajay and Salman constantly do masala movies so the collections of Jai ho will be a like a warning . Srk , Aamir ,Hrithik ,Ranbir do not appear in masala movies . If you have content you can break records whether masala or any other if not you cannot . Thank You .

  • @Krrish
    LOL how many films of SRK beat Ready before CE?
    Just bcoz one heavily promoted movie CE crosses 200 crore that doesnt mean SRK is bigger than Salman.
    Wait for Kick which will be heavily proomoted and crush CE collections to ash.

  • Don’t compare jai ho with race-2. At least race2 was not a reduction copy of other south film. even though it was crap :p

  • As the film has flopped, we have started comparing it with swadesh & mnik. tomorrow we will say bhai is more intelligent than Einstien.

  • It is funny when one says when there is no Khans or hithrik,Akshay will be ruling.SRK who is the most consistent and work with big banners,leading heroines and high production values.
    Akshay works with low banners,no leading heroines,low production value and release his movies on non holidays
    Highest grossers from 2006 SRK vs Akshay 2006 Don-51 crore, Phir Hera Pheri- 41.75 crore, 2007 OSO — 79.42 crore , Welcome- 70.75 crore. 2008 RNBJ- 86.78 crore, SIK-68.48 crore. 2009 Billu- 23.64 crore, De Dana Dhan-48.30 crore. 2010 MNIK-72.74 crore, Housefull- 72.07 crore. 2011 Raone- 120 crore, Thank You-46 crore. 2012 JTHJ- 101 crore,Rowdy Rathore-132 crore

  • @nipin alcoholic. Your idiocy knows no bounds…

    Quote: “no offence to Salman but khans are huge only by names”

    Another dig at the khans but hey if Suzanne Khan didnt leave hubby then you wouldnt be so resentful one wonders…!

    I wont even dignify that statement by retorting you or questioning your rationale behind it. Its quite obvious the answer will be hidden in some ‘lunchbox’ which you won at a bingo when you hit the ‘Jackpot’ on a night out on the town when you were in total ‘nasha’ after boring yourself senseless on a schoolnight when you watched ‘lootera’…!

    Get well soon kiddo

  • jai ho will atleast hit and collect 130cr and that is very good considering its big disadvantages except salman.whatever it collected just because of salman where as race was huge brand and was multi starrers with big hit music.so yes salman is true and biggest superstar of this country.

  • When human beings find continuous success, they, naturally, tend to take things lightly. As a human being, Salman Khan is also prone to that weakness. Though, with no doubt, Jai Ho is a great film, it didn’t do business as much as it had been expected from it. There are many reasons for it. It has alerted Salman Khan to take the audiences’ taste seriously, to do something and not to do something. He will surely be precautionary from these days onwards. The fortunate thing is he has got the chance to improve his work without facing a great failure.
    In Salman Khan last few films except for ETT, though story may be different but screenplays, music and actions have become repetitive and predictable. Frankly, I prefer and thoroughly enjoyed the kind of action he did in ETT. Besides, the action he did in Tum Ko Na Bhool Payengi was simply superb without the help of international action directors. He should stick to realistic action like the actions in those films rather doing south types. I think even single screen audiences are ready to accept the Sleek-looking-action like in ETT, Don 2, Dhoom 3, or Krrishh.
    His next film is KICK on Eid! It is being directed by Sajid Nadiawala. Since it is first film as a director, he is making the movie on lavish scale with huge budget, with international stunt directors, high production values. Besides Salman Khan, it has some great castings like Nawazuddin, Randeep Hooda, Jaquelin, Mithun. And the screenplay of the original KICK was re-written and improvised by Chetan Bhagat only keeping the theme of the original movie (i.e. which also happens to be in Dhoom 3 formate Cop Vs Theif or Robber. But the good thing here is the lead actor steals from the rich to serve a noble cause and for orphans). Ravi Teja’s Kick was also thoroughly entertaining so much so that I have already watched it five times. I am sure it will click with the audience big time. Hence, expect the unexpected surprise from KICK.
    Next, Salman has a line-up of movies with Sooraj Barjatya, Anees Bazmee, Kabir Khan, Shimit Amin and Prabhu Deva as well. Besides, KJo is also desperate to do a movie with him in a project to be directed by Rohit Shetty. Salman should take that up as well. Hence, Salman will keep ruling!!
    And don’t forget to go and watch Jai Ho with family this weekend. It’s a great movie though not the perfect one.
    All the best, Salman Khan!

    @Paglapurians, See how many BB that the Thakur of Paglapur had given before Bikaari Express. MNIK- ATBB, Ra.One-ATBB, Don 2- ATBB, JTJH- ATBB etc. He is the biggest star on the earth, who has 3.5 billion followers (half of of total world’s population). Now you happy?

  • Is #JaiHo A Flop? Its Weekend Collection was more than the collections of any other Amir or SRK film but for CE & Dhoom 3.

    Jai Ho- 1) [Bad Timing of Release after X’Mas and New Year] An out and out non-festive and non-holiday release, 2) Released in more Screens, 3) Ticket Price 30%-40% lower than CE and Dhoom 3, 4) Some Section of People are Boycotting it. 5) Low-ranking casts but for Salman and film-makers

    CE and Dhoom3- 1) [Good Timing of Releses] Festive Releases, 2) Released in lesser screens, 3) Ticket Price: 40% Higher, 4) No one boycotted them, 5) High-Ranking Casts and Film-Makers.
    Out of the above five-facts, only no. 2 is in favor of Jai Ho, while other four are against. And no.1, no.3, no.4. no.5 are in favor of CE and Dhoom 3, while only no.2 is against them.

    Race 2 has great starcasts, super hit music, successful director-duo, huge hype due to being a sequel of a successful movie. But Jai Ho only has Salman Khan.

    These are not excuses but facts.
    In short, JaiHoSpreadingHumanity

    I want to end with a few amazing words that Taran Adarsh Retweeted:

    “Haazaro Aib Dhundhte Hain Hum Dusro Mein Is Tarah, Aapne Kirdaar Mein Hum Log Farishte Ho Jaise”

    And Life is about ups and downs! All the best, Salman Khan, the enigma the people love!

  • @nipun what about hrithik he always needs papa roshan to give blockbuster except dhoom 2 hr never gave a big blockbuster without his father.so hrithik is a big name only.

  • The biggest reason for low collections of jai ho muslims have boycotted salman khan when he started licking modi…and there r huge set of audience who only visit theaters based on records like first day record, fastest 100crores etc and thet stayed away too…so its a alarming call that Salman should apology publicly for supporting modi. Otgerwise salman will see the same fate for kick also. I n my gang of 120people started spreading negativity from day 1 in all websites…..

  • @zeeshan sayed + @zeeshan srk + @syed

    Any more takers…? Lol

    It seems to me that you possess more IDs than my friend the very confused @beingthakurfan has in terms of lungis….!

    Shameful antics and you bemoan the notion of Youtube labelling Paglapur the Capital City of Youtube and hail Sarkar as the Youtube King…!

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