Race 2 vs Jai Ho: Republic Day release comparison

Republic Day released have fared reasonably well at the box office in the last 3 years or so. Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath broke opening day records and went on to collect around Rs 120 crore at the domestic box office. Last year, Race 2 starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, did well too collecting Rs 101.52 crore.

This year it was the biggest superstar in the industry, Salman Khan, who released his much-awaited film Jai Ho. Considering the fact that the film had such a wide release and was Salman’s first release in more than a year, Jai Ho has under-performed at the ticket window.

Jai Ho vs Race 2

Jai Ho vs Race 2

The film is likely to finish with lifetime collections of around 110-115 crore.

  • Cost: Race 2 – 84 crore, Jai Ho – 90 crore+
  • Release: Race 2 – 3200 screens, Jai Ho – 3900 screens
  • Distributors share: Race 2 – 54.8 crore, Jai Ho – 60 (expected)
  • Average ticket price: Higher for Race 2 as it fared better at multiplexes.
  • Multiplexes vs Single-Screens: Race 2 – 76% vs 24%, Jai Ho – 59% vs 41%

Footfalls (number of people who watched the film) for Race 2 was much lower than Jai Ho, but the overall difference in collections won’t be much. Jai Ho has fared very poorly at multiplexes, as for most films featuring big superstars the multiplex vs single-screens ratio is 65:35. Even a film like Boss which did poor business at plexes, the ratio was 61:39.

Race 2 vs Jai Ho

Race 2 Jai Ho
Saturday19.5 (holiday)16.45
First Week73.587.59
2nd Friday3.423.32
2nd Saturday5.154.4
2nd Sunday6.255.88
2nd Monday2.752.1
2nd Tuesday2.25-
2nd Wednesday1.8-
2nd Thursday1.4-
2nd Week Total23.02-
Remaining Weeks5-
Lifetime collections101.52 crore103.29 crore (11 days)


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    Tomorrow we will see you in lungi attire but still the folk of paglapur will not grant you entry and once again you will wander middle earth seeking refuge in one camp anybodys camp……! :-P

  • Bhai Lover Forget the Past and Face the present and think about future. Back 2 Back Blockbusters are past now. talk about which is happening now.

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    Idk about others .. I’m Zeeshan Sayed.
    no idea about Zee Srk & Syed .. they are different people.

  • navin .. guess you’re too fazed by Jai Ho shocker .. or are you a tingu fan ??
    Ohh wait !! may be you’re just jealous of SRK !!
    #DhobiNavin :) tingu fan.

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  • if hny get 200+ this yr then also it will be criticised by salu fans.so jai ho ko criticize karna banta hai na boss.

  • @Anand and @True Fan,why your bhojpuri lallu bhai couldnít give a single hit with a lead role any film before south remake?actually you people talked about a lot about SRKís film,so here are the BO worldwide collections of Ra One,DON2,bg,ready which will shut down your mouth completely.

    Ra.One 241 cr*

    Don 2 231 cr*

    Bodyguard 229 cr

    Ready 185 cr

    your bhaiís record of bbs were ended.so by seeing above one can easlily distinguish the KING of BO.after heavy promotion of jai ho,additional promotion by aamir,released with 4500 screen ticket price same as CE in single screen,still canít beat 3year before Ra One and last yearís ram leela record.kick will collect at least 150-165cr in domestic donít even dream to break CEís record.mark my words salman can never touch 200cr club.because his stardom is much lower than hr now.so obviously for this now only cry by watching your bhaiís 4year collection validity that got expired.one can easliy get bb by keeping lower budget of film just like aashique-2,otherwise hr is bigger star than our bhojpuri bhai.now they can only depend upon talash-2/p.k for higher grosser.pity on sallu fans,where were you hiding before 2010.your crying just started.

  • 1 of the biggest reason of jai ho’s underperformance is director sohail khan.
    movie’s content was good but very bad directoin ..

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