Hrithik Roshan’s New Mountain Dew Commercial

Whether it is movies or television commercials for the brands he endorses, everything that Hrithik Roshan does is larger than life. After a inspiring commercial his HRX Brand exclusively sold on, Hrithik features in a new commercial for Mountain Dew.

Watch and tell us what you think.



  • Love the ad…there should have been a good music attached to it…

    About other comments: Bang Bang was better than HNY,Kick & Jai Ho. Hrithik was just mindblowing in it…better stay away from him..

  • there are many hrithik fans who always talking about standard and quality of salman but their comments show how classy and standard they are. real pakaau classy commenters.

  • @nipun,ylhjk is a disaster?you verdicted that’s why?kindly remind always ,@indicine declared KING SRK didn’t has any disasters.while amir and salman each has 3 disasters.if ylhjk is disaster so as gizarish is also a disaster. BTW I don’t know why you all are after ylhjk which is 10year delay release that also the voice of KING KHAN was dubbed by some other that perspect,it couldn’t be declared even a complete KING KHAN film which never promoted in the in the level of guzarish,marigold,aatank hi aatank.even as diehard SRKIANS, WE couldn’t know when this film even released at that think before anything garbage you type.

  • @abanfarooqui and @dynamic better than our kings overacting in Nerolac ad..

    @nipun bang bang better than kick?? Really?? Agreed bang2 had better stints, but luck was more entertaining..

  • @Sid: when did I say which was better between Kick and BangBang. I only said that BB was a below average film and so were Bhai’s many recent films .

  • @sid-original,no if you want to see overacting ,then watch out perfaketionist in pk.what an awesome overacting,lol.BTW KING KHAN’S overacting is far better than perfaketionist’s lifetime’s best act.

  • @sss khan.. You please watch KANK and the so called patriotic HNY..

    Also HNY Day 1: 44crs.. After that fussu bomb.. :P

  • Even his commercials have larger than life feel attached to it. It wasn’t better than his previous Dew or recent HRx commercial though.

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