Hrithik Roshan’s New Mountain Dew Commercial

Whether it is movies or television commercials for the brands he endorses, everything that Hrithik Roshan does is larger than life. After a inspiring†commercial his HRX Brand exclusively sold on, Hrithik features in a new commercial for Mountain Dew.

Watch and tell us what you think.



  • I donít like Hrithik. Bang Bang was Most Bakwaas Movie Ever.
    Thank God! No Hrithikís Movie will release in 2015.

  • True coz nothing was riskier than manipulating Jaadoo 3s figures n coz of that he has a naam to be proud of- Manipulation King…

  • Hritik shows himself as if he is very fearless by doing all these dew ads,bang bang dare but while acting he starts shivering with fear.

  • @navin uncle::: your salluman did what he endorses “Aaj kuch Toofaani karte hain” by killing a blackbuck and people..n obviously he gained a lot of fame doing

  • Hide n Seek vs Tiger Biscuit
    Liberty vs Paragon Hawai
    Cinthol vs Wheel Detergent
    John Players/J.Hampstead vs Mayur Suitings
    Karizma vs Suzuki Hayate jise koi nahi chalate

    but…..but…. #BhaiRoxx

  • First Andy Armstrong and now Rob Kohen. Director of hollywood biggies. So what, our Bhai has also done a hollywood movie named Marigold whose record is yet to be beaten. #BhaiRoxx

  • What the **** was tht?Nothing new same as previous one.He has habit of repeating things its biggest example is jaddu 3.

  • LoL, Bhai fans are burnig,because Hrithik replaced Salman as the Ambassador of Dew. Too much fun. Burnol time Bhai fans.

  • Huhh! So much stupid comments by Haters! they are showing their class by those comments!
    Anyway, I love this ad. Hrithik is fab as always!

  • @dynamic aka “FATHER OF CHAMELEONISM”: better u don’t talk about shivering as I have seen even SRK shivering in many films eg K3g(the scene where BigB cries) .

  • @V.Santaram(V for Valueless): BangBang was the worst film of Hrithik in last 11-12 years! Okay, I admit it was a below average film. But it’s surprising to see a Salmanfans calling it Bakwass as most of the salman’s recent films(ready,bodyguard,d2,jai ho,kick,veer etc) come in the same catagory!

  • Last time Hrithik made a defeat class video and this time he made a winning
    type video. I hope Hrithik is learning some lesson to improve his career
    after disaster of his heavy budget movie Bang Bang which had major defeat
    at Indian box office. Finally if Hrithik can cut his ugly curl hair then he
    could easily save his career from further defeat to winning…!!!?

  • Thank You @ Indicine For posting this Advertisement . I loved the way you said Everything he does is Larger than Life . I just love the dedication of Hrithik . He is a true professional . Be it Movies, Stunts, Dance, Physique, Advertisements and even inspiring people he gives it more than 100 % . I just loved the line – Naam Bante Hain Risk Se . A few days back he gave us Defeat Defeat which is absolutely spectacular and inspirational . Now he says Darr ke Aage Jeet Hai . The association of Hrithik with Mountain Dew is just amazing . Because Hrithik is fearless and is a Huge Risk Taker . I also loved the AD which was aired 2 to 3 years back when Hrithik jumps from a huge height when his friends bully him even though he is scared of heights . I just want Rob Cohen to make a movie with Hrithik . Rob Cohen is a huge fan of Hrithik and a very dear friend of Rakesh Roshan . I hope Rob comes with such a Fabulous script that even Hrithik cannot refuse him . HR Rules . God Bless you Hrithik and take care always . Lots of Love From Saksham Duggal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Navin paralytic buddha, you should go back to you ICU room as your mental state seems to be out of order. please go back to your bed and watch south remakes of lallu on your tab and try learning bhojpuri and taporigiri of your bhai for your next birth.

    @V Shantaram, i am sure Hrithik and his millions of fans don’t give a flying hell if you don’t like him. if your fav actor is someone like salman, then its clear your standards are of tiger biscuits not hide & seek milano!

  • Mr. Navin Uncle was hiding under his rainbow blanket till 2010 because before that he couldn’t hear the news of constant flops from his beloved 2 rupees non actor bhaijaan.

  • @Navin Uncle, He was not going in wrong track, they were going in the right track. the other cars were returning back coz of the storm but then again how can i expect logic from a bhaitard like you. your brain is designed for cheap south remakes and dumb logics only.

  • I loved this ad and i loved one thing while i was watching the making of this ad where Hrithik said “Decisions and choices are actually what defines you”.

  • Mountain dew is my favourite soft drink after Pepsi.while thums up is little harder with not so much good taste ,so I hardly ever drink that.btw hr is really suits to this mountain dew ad.all the best for his mahenjodaro.

  • @Hammad Khan: BangBang wasn’t a distaster! It was a BO HIT at domestic market and Blockbuster at overseas market. Marigold,Yuvraj, Main aur Mrs. Khanna, YLHJK were disasters.

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