Happy New Year Worldwide Collections: Overseas and India

Happy New Year has collected Rs 358 crore worldwide, making it the second highest grosser of 2014 – right in between the Rs 377 crore worldwide collections of Salman Khan’s Kick and Rs 320 crore gross of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang.

As far as the worldwide total of the film is concerned, the Shahrukh Khan starrer will remain at the second position, as the film is nearing the end of its run.

In India, Happy New Year has collected Rs 201 crore, while the contribution from the overseas markets has crossed the 91 crore mark.

Happy New Year will fall just short of the 100 crore mark overseas, something that only four films have done so far – Dhoom 3, 3 Idiots, My Name Is Khan and Chennai Express. It could join the 100 crore overseas club when it releases in more countries.

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide: Official image from Red Chillies released on 13th November

Happy New Year India Collections (Weekly breakdown)

  • 1st week – 157.57 crore
  • 2nd week – 35.87 crore
  • 3rd week (6 days) – 7.5 crore (approx)
  • Total collections – 200.94 crore (266.3 crore gross including entertainment taxes)

Happy New Year Overseas Collections (approx figures, Source: Rentrak)

  • United States of America and Canada – Rs 22.5 crore
  • United Kingdom – Rs 12.15 crore
  • United Arab Emirates – 36.5 crore
  • Pakistan – 13 crore
  • Australia – 3.83 crore
  • New Zealand – 1.4 crore
  • Others – 2 crore
  • Overseas Total – 91.38 crore (approx)

Happy New Year Worldwide Collections Total

  • India gross – 266.3 crore
  • Overseas gross – 91.38 crore
  • Worldwide Total – 357.68 crore


  • Such a good movie. Enjoyed with my friends!! Hny was not a telegu remake with a overshadowed actor . It did not have senseless action scenes n crass dialogues like the one recent himmatwaala2 trailer! !

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR Is Highest Grossing Film In Germany Ever By Some Distance, Beats DHOOM 3 And MNIK Record In Week One Itself
    Shahrukh Khan always establishes new milesotne in overseas market with his new releases and this time ”Happy New Year” is no different. Film is now 5th highest grosser in overseas ever and highest grosser for 2014. Film has done phenomenal business in UK, a market which is stagnant for Bollywood films for quite some time.
    But it has done something unthinkable in Germany, a market where Bollywood has no presence whatsoever. To put things in right perspective, MNIK did 500,000 $ lifetime business 4 years back and that still a record. ”Dhoom 3” did highest weekend of 98,000 $ beating 94,000 $ of MNIK. But here is SRK”s new release ”Happy New Year”.
    HNY did 94,000 $ on opening day and 325,000 $ over weekend which is simply mind blowing. Film was among top 7 in Germany box office chart in week one and as per the last reports, film had crossed 510,000 $ barrier in 2nd week. Film has become highest grosser ever that too with some margin.
    This is a huge achievement as films like this opens new market for Bollywood films which stars of later generations can reap.

  • @Indicine 200.94 nett with gross will be around 290cr pls correct it. Nd wid oversease its around 90 .so total will be around 380.pls ans.

  • Oh no.We thought our kings movie hny will beat salmans Kick collections worldwide coz our king is known as global king

  • Our Bhaijan Can do any Genre And can Make that Film BB
    OK you don’t believe me?
    See different genre films of Bhaijan
    Dabangg- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    Ready- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    Bodyguard- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    ETT- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    Dabangg2- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    Jai Ho- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    Kick- Bhaijan is hero and he is going to beat all gundas

    See the variety of Roles our bhai Did

    And Don’t worry u SRK fans He will Break 3 idiots soon

  • It’s not good collection for hny with 6000 screens worldwide and huge promotion (slum tour).
    Next year 2015, salman khan will give first 300cr to hindi film industry with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. And next 300cr film will be his PRDP.
    Salman will be first 300cr actor and first 300cr back to back actor and worldwide too.
    2015 is rocking year for Salman and hindi film industry.

  • Our kings movie hny collected very less in overseas so we want our king to do slam tour again and re release hny in 2 nd phase

  • Film collected 157.57 cr nett in week one and that was 3rd highest week one. Film is now left with 2200 screens approximate and it needs almost 45-50 cr nett week two in order to have any chance of reaching close to 215-220 cr nett mark. Film collected 35.87 cr nett in 2nd week which was good as film was aided by couple of holidays in 2nd week.
    Film dropped considerably on 3rd Friday but it was expected considering reduced screen count and competition from new releases at box office. Film collected 1.04 cr nett on 3rd Friday. Film jumped on 3rd Saturday and collected 1.80 cr nett followed by further jump on Sunday. Film collected 2.33 cr nett on Sunday and thus 3rd weekend total is 5.17 cr nett.
    Film dropped by 27% from 3rd Friday and collected 90 lakhs nett on 3rd Monday. Film added 85 lakhs nett on Tuesday and thus film crossed 200 cr nett finally in 19 days. Film further added 80 lakhs nett on Wednesday. Film will add 3 cr nett maximum form here and thus film is set to finish with 203 cr nett which will be 4th highest grosser ever in India.
    Film collected huge 85 cr in overseas in 19 days and it should reach 90 cr mark by end of run which means highest grosser in overseas for 2014 and 5th highest ever. No matter what, SRK”s consistency in overseas remains intact! Film will have worldwide gross of 380-385 cr which is marginally ahead of ”Kick”.

  • Indicine.. As per Other top sites HNY has a total india gross of 289 crores.. And according to all reports it has already surpassed Kick’s worldwide collections.. Can u please explain the difference? As all the sites are showing the same 200 crore net.. But why there is a difference in total gross?

  • 1st day : 44.97 Cr
    2nd week : 35.87 Cr

    Means first day collections are way ahead than the entire second week collections of HNY. And this is not the only example. Most biggies like CE, K3, D3 and kick are following the same trend more or less. Where are we heading towards??
    I think with tremendous growth of multiplexes and the number of movies releasing every Friday made it almost impossible for a movie to show the growth gradually.
    Though 3 idiots is a perfect example in recent times, but the magic which movies like HAHK, DDLJ , Gadar had created by running over months, I don’t think that even 10% of that is achievable now by current generation movies.

  • Such a good movie. Enjoyed with my friends!! Hny was not a telegu remake with a overshadowed actor . It did not have senseless action scenes n crass dialogues like the one recent himmatwaala2 trailer!

  • Itz domestic collectns that matters the most a movie like 2012 is a big hit in india but it is considrd as a failure in hollywd
    mnik topz overseas but it vl not b even in top 30 in india so it is proven that overseas collctn is all abot there favrble content

  • impressive collections..
    to go past 350 plus twice in a row itself is a big achievement as no one has done it before also srk crossed 200+ in india twice in a row..
    so really it is party time for all srk fans..
    now waiting for pk..
    will be good to see where pk can go as expectations are high from a raju hirani nd aamir collaboration..
    good luck..

  • i dont understand this ..this film really took the flak and no mistaking this

    it was beaten abd and blue and almost everyone in our group did not see the film on theatre

    . i can swear on that .and wherever i went people said how they are not going to see it as they have heard its bad..

    i dont believe these figures..

    there are no success stories in the newspapers…infact the leading dailies never carried the reports of it being a remote hit even

    we can have a poll on this ..but i dont believe these figures are correct..

    there is absolutely no air of festivity regarding this film ..the amount you are ststaing is huge ..it should make some news..but there isnt any

    therefore i feel and isisit that these figures are fake and truly this film has not even done 200 crore combined india and worldwide..

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