Dhoom Dhaam Full Song Video – Action Jackson

A romantic song from Action Jackson, titled “Dhoom Dhaam” is composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Interestingly, the song has been picturised on Ajay Devgn and second-lead Yami Gautam. It starts with a wedding scene, followed by what looks like a honeymoon song where Ajay is seen romancing Yami.

While the premise of the film hasn’t yet been officially, Action Jackson is said to be a remake of Mahesh Babu’s Telugu blockbuster ‘Dookudu’ – a film that also featured Sonu Sood. ‘Dookudu’ was also an unofficial remake (heavily inspired version) of a German classic titled ‘Good Bye Lenin’.

Song Video: Dhoom Dhaam
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Palak Muchhal



  • I hv watched bengali version of dookudu.it is decent but wont work with pan india audience unless lot of changes has been made from d original

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  • Wow!!! Fabulous song….Whether you are waiting for Action Jackson or not, I am gonna watch it for sure!! Ajay Devgn is the best followed by Aamir Khan when it comes into getting into the skins of the characters.

  • @Arjun Kapoor, stop spamming Action Jackson Page with your nonsense comments about your flop Youngistan. Go to a flop youngistan page!! Chameleon waste khujli kapoor!!You have become a new robotic Sakhi of Indicine.

  • @chame leone but all those films which u hv listed will b superhits to blockbuster.btw,bro plz watch kill dil tmrw.it will b a solid film.

  • Action jackson songs r poor.
    Ranbir kapur is an damnn opportunist who creates link-ups with his co-actresses around his movie release period to create cheap news.
    Bakwaas films of all time-
    1) 2 states (ruined by chameleon ,saved by chetan)
    2)fanny (plain boring film , a yawn fest)

  • When u remake a telgu product with poor actor n fat actress with some poorly edited trailer n cheap dialogues , u get himmatwaala2 aka tevar.

  • When u remake a telgu product with poor
    actor n fat actress with some poorly edited
    trailer n cheap dialogues , u get
    himmatwaala2 aka tevar. Its a fact and only foolos will pay to watch such a sub-standard film. God save bollywood.

  • @indicine its not a remake of any film so stay away calling it remake ok bang bang was a ditto copy of day and knight ok i know u dnt like ajay devgn so stay from ajay films

  • @Indicine, How can Action Jackson be a remake of Mahesh Babu’s Dokudoo???? There is one one actress: Samantha in Dokudoo. Here two! There is one male lead character: Mahesh Babu. Here seems Ajay in double roles!
    I have watched Dokudoo 4 times. The plot of the first half was set in Turkey and the plot of the second half was set up using “Salman Khan & his reality show Bigg Boss.”

  • Yami love u sweety plz accpt my kiss
    @anand wat abot our king he can also do that lol
    salman is gud but film makers r not using him properly

  • @element aka sir emraan aka chameleone ungli will b a huge disaster at the bo like most emmy films.even kjo,randeep and kangana can’t save the film

    ps I hv nothing against emmy but this cmnt is strictly for chame leone who always bashes youngistaan

  • @Anand… Hey don’t waste your time castigating indicine…. Is it today u know they must come out wit filthy excuses qen it comes to AJAY SIR??? Come on save your breath…song is maast!! Ajay rocks..and nice comment wen u said ajay and aamir do get into d skin of d characters that’s well known even by haters!!!

  • indicine, so u have problem with Ajay Devgn,,,,just don’t post any thing abt him. First Action Jackson is not a remake…Not a Remake,,, don’t post it again.
    Congrats to AJ team to cross 10M views…movie hit hai. ajay and Yami making perfect pair.

  • @Indicine, why are you every time dragging ajay and ajay movie? Please i request, indicine don’t hate ajay. Have you solid information of AJ movie remake of Dookudu?

  • wTF??? so ajay is tall!!! wow I thot he hand Ali zafar r of same height but just saw keeda too and saw sonakshi had been wearing heels!! sorry ajay fans I now see he is quite tall!!
    @ajay rocks yes I put aj@y name every site cos I don’t know if to hate him or like him!! any problem?? but real talk man ajay just have something in him and that’s y I am so inquisitive.
    @anand and @Sani really as a neutral commenter if am u guys am going to mock @arjun kapoor by saying d same guy that hates ajay can’t even wait for ajay news to come up so that he comments 1st. meaning he really is an ajay fan or jealous of him that he must comment first. if that’s d case he is showing d whole world that ajay is really so important in his life positive or negative…hahaha Arjuna grow up people and @indicine have even warned u!!!

  • @real 4…I don’t have time for that but tanx for noticing!!
    pls another excuse apart from mahesh babu and Samantha??? @indicine wot happened wit my previous comments I was just giving kudos to @mahesh for a well said comment and d injustice u keep on feeding on to d BIG BOY AJAY DEVGN!!! SUPER DUPER HIT!!!

  • It cann’t be dukudoo. Dukudoo had 1 lead actress and the actor was working for his father. AJ has 3 actresses and the plot looks also different from the promos.
    @zojib khan: There is no need of bringing HRo in all comments. If indicine posts something wrong about Ajay,then comment on them. Your comments show your jealousy about Hrithik.

  • @Indicine, who said that AJ is remake?? Is it a rumour or what???
    All I know is Both Phravudeva and the producer denied that its a remake.

  • wow! ajay d is a tall guy!! I thot srk was taller than him. just saw keeda sonakshi was wearing high heels!
    @ajay rocks. I put ajay name everywhere cos I don’t use to like him hop no problem wit that??!! but there is something in him I must confess.
    @mahesh stop critizing indicine! its their wish so allow them pls
    @indicine u earlier warned arjun kapoor to stop commenting irrelevant issues on different sites it dosent speak of how educated he is for real guys! o mean simple English?? he claims not to like ajay even me but why so desperate to b d first to comment on ajay page?? stat power of ajay may b affecting him!!
    @Sani D u really think its gonna b a super hit?

  • @Anand I think it’s a remake of RamCharan starrer Naayak.. this is the impression I got from the trailer!!!

  • Trailer crosse 1cr views mark on utube.now AJ is all set big opening at bo.1st day prediction 27-34 cr.wekkend 74-80 cr.life time 165-190 cr.

  • @Sid-original, r you sure bro??
    @real4, you can like who ever you want. Its free world bro.
    @indicine, why did you approve @arjun kapoor’s comment?? His comments were off the topic.

  • @ajay rockz that warning was for sani d not me.go and read indicines cmnt.hats off to u ppl to deliberately misinterpret a cmnt

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