I have loved working with SRK, his contribution is invaluable: Saif Ali Khan

Actor-producer Saif Ali says that he always “loved working” with Shahrukh Khan and he has a lot of respect for the superstar.

Recently, Saif Ali Khan was quoted as saying “To collaborate with SRK would mean playing a small role in a big film of his. I would rather play a main role in an illuminati film. Usually, it would mean that. I don’t think I would get a role like Kal Ho Na Ho. That was almost my movie and so that won’t happen. Actors want to play main role and want to be spoilt. And it took me lot of work to come out of playing second lead, so I don’t want to go back to it.:

But Saif says that he doesn’t have any harsh feeling for Shahrukh and has in fact loved working with him over the years.

“This is bullshit! I have loved working with SRK whenever I have.. Filmfare awards hosting, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, temptations tours, Seagrams ad! He is an amazing guy. He was also one of the few people at my wedding from the industry. I look up to him and he had influenced a lot of my thoughts on set..”

“What I meant was I don’t see myself doing a film with him unless I have a really interesting role.. and most of the films he does revolve around him and rightly so!” Khan said in a statement sent to the media.

Saif also went on to add that SRK’s contribution to Indian Cinema is invaluable.

“I’m upset with the reports about SRK. I have a lot of respect for him.. I have worked with him and I know what his contribution is… invaluable!” he added.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan



  • Oh No! Saif Is Praising SRK
    Now we will not watch Saif movies Again
    We will Only Watch Arya Babbar’s Movie Coz Our Bhaijan Is idol for him
    love u bhai

  • No contribution for cinema except making romantic movies after romantic movies in insecurity. And dancing at weddings for money. Most overrated actor Srk.

  • Oh Yes SRK’s Contribution is nothing
    but Our bhaijan’s Contributed so much to film industry He gave talented actress to industry like Bhoomika Chawala, Sneha ullal, Sana khan, Daisy Shah

  • Oh yes.Saif praised our king so now we request all 4 billion fans to watch happy ending in theaters and dont skip this movie like happy new year

  • SRK
    1) 8 Filmfare awards
    2) most consistent actor throughout 2 decades
    3) padma award winner
    4) award for charity from unesco
    5) image of family man
    6) most popular indian actor worldwide
    7) second richest actor in world
    8) he is honest. ..he always says I work for money, everyone do but noone accepts
    9) he did charity received award but no show of
    10) last one he is self made super star with no godfather with lot of hard work. ..

  • @sani d —

    Edited: Please do not post unrelated comment. Reply in the same topic if you have to. That particular comment from @SaniD has been deleted. Thanks. Indicine.

  • everyone changing their words about srk –
    1st jayaji and now saif… lol
    just want so say banduk se nikali hui goli and jubaan se nikli hui boli kabhi vapas nahi li jati….

  • Oh No! SRK fans Skipped Happy New and it collected 200 cr
    We Bhaijan Fans Used To skip All his movies before Dabbang

  • look at the power of manipulation producer fig 200 cr but gross 285 cr 42% tax. worldwide – 370 cr
    but same thing not with trade fig 180 cr but gross 240 cr 31% tax. worldwide – 325 cr.
    difference between both fig r 45 cr. can’t believe it.
    manipulation rocks.

  • Total Worth of the top stars:-
    1. Shah Rukh Khan: $600million
    2. Salman Khan: $200million
    3. Aamir Khan: $180million….
    King is king
    But respect for all three khans

  • Oh yes! We are happy coz saif still loves our king more, kareena less. We have seen the love scenes between our king & saif in kal ho na ho. Even the old aunty with coffee tray starts shivering after seeing the love scenes.
    We will watch happy ending coz he still loves our king….king roxxx,now coconut mein lassi milake lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance….

  • Aamir & Salman are by far 2 biggest stars & closest competitors yet are best friends… Lessons for ambitious young generation of India !!!!

  • Thanks to SRK fans for leaving this site after HNY. Proof this article is about SRK and just check likes…

  • Srk fans, we are not like you to bash Saif like you
    bashed Akshay for praising Salman & Hrithik. All
    the best to Saif for Happy Ending. I hope it will
    turn out better (content wise) than Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!

  • saif taking lessons from srk about how to create difference of 25cr between trade and producers fig. He is praising for srks contribution on hny to collects 200cr while according to trade it will be end up bellow ek tha tiger.. Lol.

  • some people still talking about sallu bad period from 2006 to 2008. ok agree sallu gives 1 bb out of 10 that time. suddenly what happens in 2009 he gives back to back blockbuster. very good period starts from 2009 to (don’t know) may be it stop around 2020 or few more years..
    is that enough to prove a power of Salman khan.
    atleast I will proudly say sallu rules 10s. 1 decade. just like amitabh bachchan did in 70s. 1 decade..
    love u sallu and aamir…

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  • @hrithik,content?did you know the meaning of that?all the users see sallu fans are talking about contents,class,LOL.you know what sallu fans,WE don’t need any 3rd grade cheapest south remake.leave HNY,RA One is better than all the past sallu films including kick both in terms of contentwise and actingwise.2rs south dubbingactir’s bhojpuri fans are barking now a days lot,happy news for them HNY kicked crappy kick’s collection WORLDWIDE and heading towards 3i.aagaye phir apni aukat mein bhojpureans.hope with in 5year,our lallu will break CE’S 422CR WW COLLECTION.

  • @sss
    go and check imdb india… at the top you will see a movie named ANDAZ APNA APNA with 8.8 rating starring salman and aamir.. that says enough about content…

    don’t spread hate
    spread love..

  • look at haters.
    just coughing out their frustration against srk.
    God bless them.. everybody here continuously
    blabbering hny failed to beat kicks collections.. but no one cares about jail ho which failed to beat 2011 released ra.one n don 2 which realeased this year only lol

  • Saif is a nice actor but still he has not proven his potential with a solo release. In multistarrer movies, he does a quite fair job but we can’t say the same about his solo releases.

    @Shaggy The Legend: Sir, As far as I remember, you had declared it publically on some page of indicine that if HNY will cross 180 cr mark , you will leave this site for forever. So I just wanted to know that your comment was made just for seeking some attentions or getting few likes or something else was there?? Because I can still see you commenting on indicine every now and then though HNY has crossed 200 cr let alone 180 cr :)

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