Petition filed against Rajinikanth’s Lingaa for ‘Stolen storyline’

The Madras High Court on Wednesday admitted a petition alleging that the producer and director of Lingaa starring Rajinikanth had stolen the storyline of another Tamil film and sought a stay on the movie’s release.

The petitioner, K R Ravi Rathinam, alleged that the producer and director had stolen the story of Mullai Vanam 999, being produced by him. He sought a direction to the authorities to constitute a committee to conduct an inquiry and “find the true authorship and ownership of the single storyline” found in both the films.

Admitting the petition, Justice M Venugopal of the court’s Madurai Bench ordered issue of notice to officials, including Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The petitioner submitted that that the pooja for his film Mullai Vanam 999 was held on February 24. He alleged that the producer and director of Lingaa had clandestinely stolen the storyline of his film from Youtube as he had made a posting on it.

He said he had invested 47 years of labour in the film industry.

His film Mullai Vanam 999 was scheduled for release on Tamil new year day while Lingaa for Pongal festival next year and this would make his “future dark forever”, the petition said. He sought a stay the release of the film.

Lingaa First Look - Rajinikanth

Lingaa First Look – Rajinikanth



  • Oh No! Very sad incident! Our king frequently visits Rajnikanth in the south. So, our king might have given Rajni sir the idea to steal storyline and characters from others’ films. Hence, not to work hard on story and content. In Bollywood, no one sues our king but Rajni sir’s film has got in trouble because of our king’s idea.
    Our king might also given him the idea of recycling his old dialogues like he did in CE & HNY.
    But we are our king’s style spreading everywhere!

  • oh yes !!! now we want our king to file a case against players , cash , ocean’s 11 as they had similar storyline to our king’s movie happy new year in diwali.. and they have affected it..we have nowhere to go.. now we are running away in our lungis..
    “Lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance”

    note : this one is for the irritating srk fans like gotya..
    otherwise no offence…

  • @Bunny, looks at the absurdity in your language! It shows the class of your fan base. No wonder!
    You idiot, there is a difference between official remake & rip-off or plagiarism.
    Remakes are Devdas, Don, Billu, Ghajini, Bang Bang, Agneepath, Wanted, Ready, Kick etc…
    Rip offs are Chennai Express (cocktail of Okkadu (which arjun kapoor is remaking), Alex pandian, mungaru male) and HNY (rip off of Ocean 11, Players & Cash). Chor is none other than your king.

    @Indicine, how can u usages like GAY? That too for many times????

  • @Indicine, Thanks a lot.Actually, The direct offensive slangs should not be allowed no matter it is against whom.

  • I thought the article read:- “Petition filed against Rakesh Roshan by Marvel Comics…”

    Eitherway no big issue- ideas floating around can be used as inspiration or plagiarism or adaptations- whatever the case theres a way around such complex issues so field day in courts for the lawyers to earn mega bucks… Looking forward to the movie

  • Illiterate fans have no concept about official remakes and plagiarism…. If they want to know more about official remakes then speak with Salman Khan or if they want to learn about plagiarisation then speak with king, farah and rakesh ji….

  • @Navin…. if you want 100% perfect example of plagiarism go watch Salman’s Partner.. worst case of plagiarism the industry has ever seen…. Most sallu films are south remakes anyway :) :)

  • @Navin Uncle: Could’nt agree more with @suniel..Partner was a blatant rip off of Will Smith’s Hitch..and even the hollywood production house wanted to sue them for this plagiarism..
    Just type Partner and Hitch on google,you will get to know everything!!

  • 100% plagiarism
    Pyar kiya to darna kya (DDLJ)
    Dulhan hum le jayenge (DDLJ, hero no. 1)
    Hum Dil de chuke sanam (wo saath din)
    Tere naam (setu)
    Raja Hindustani ( jab jab phool khile, pyar Jhukta nahi)
    Dhoom3 (akela)
    3 idiots (munna Bhai mbbs)

    Best among lot is
    Mela. (Sholay)
    Faisal khan (amitabh bachchan)
    Amir khan (dharmendra)
    Lady Thakur twinkle (Sanjeev kumar)
    Ashish vidyarthi ( amjad khan)

  • @indicine… But this not d 1st time!! Remember
    Srk had to cough out 1crore rupees to settle yash pathniak before RAONE was released?
    Mardaani vs children of war??
    Jodi breakers had to settle French movie heart breakers up to 50crores?
    San Jay leela bansali had to settle some large amounts before d release of guzaarish???
    Even now dawwat ishq co wrier jyoti kapoor has a case with kunal kohli present release phir se???
    These things happens no big deal and so far no film had stopped!! So yeah it’s publicity stunts with elements of truth in them!! At the long run money will b d KEY MEDIATOR!!

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu, yes, could not agree with you more!! Partner was a blatant rip off of Will Smith’s Hitch just like KMG was blatant rip off of Extra Terrestrial and K3 was of 7Aum Arivu, Azaan (Sachiin Starring), Professor Xavier of X-Men and Dark Knight Rises…
    Just type in the google!!
    Babaji ka thullu roxxxxxxxx!!

  • Funny or silly that an old man with diminshing wisdom agrees with suniel when the illiterate suniel fails to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with remakes if rights have been acquired…. Salman Khan buys rights- our King n Jaadoo boy dont buy remakes rights… Sadly the uneducated out there will carry on living in denial n continue to speak ignorantly about the facts…

  • No one can compete with our bhai in terms of plagiarism or copy paste.yes,he is a master copy machine.he gave already advance to south directors before writing the story.means he is stealing stories in front of every eyes with out any hesitation.some of his dumb bhojpuri fans compared this non actor with BIGB.while all of a single status of BIGB doesn’t matches with lallu.while all of them fall short in front of achievement of KING OF BOLLYWOOD SRK.

  • @SSS DCBwaale

    Do you even read the nonsense you are about to post or are you just testing the patience of every single reader here with your garbage…?

    Seriously the only fans foolish enough to make any comparison with Big B are you paglapurians- oh wait Im sorry- you dont make comparisons between sarook n Big B but blasphemously claim that Lungi Don is better than Original Don Big B…. Speak about yourself coz Salman Khan respexXx Amit Ji and we too his fans acknowledge quite rightly that noone will ever come close to the God Like Status Big B once commanded in India- living legend rules hearts n minds unlike Self Proclaiming Global Sarkar who buys media airtime promoting his egoistic agenda….!

  • @anandi the remake .. are you such a fool or you pretend to be one ? K3 inspired by The Dark Knight Rises .. have you even watched TDKR ? I doubt .. infact I’m sure you haven’t .. nothing in TDKR is relatable with K3 .. NO similarity at all .. & you’re talking about Prof. Xavier in X-Men ? who resembles Prof. Xavier in K3 ? NO one ! Prof Xavier has mind controlling & tele kinetic powers, while Kaal has certain powers which might be compared to Magneto for an instance, thats it !!
    this shows that people like you who know nothing just Bark around .. its not that I absolutelt love K3 .. but stupid people like you who spread wrong info. should know where they stand.
    @navina aunty .. the less you speak .. is better for you & your bhen gang .. no one except for the bhen gang calls SRK movies a ‘copy ‘unofficial remake’ Blah Blah Blah !!
    bhojpuri opinions won’t change universal facts .. & we all know how inspired Midget Faketionist’s Doom 3 was .. infact it was a Total Rip-Off of The Prestige & Now You See Me (given that bhen fans have heard of these hollywood movies). ‘Ganja’ where Midget Faketionist goes bald & crazy losing memory after every 15 mins. was also inspired by ‘Memento’ .. again you might not have heard of this epic movie .. Google it 1 fine day.
    I won’t point out to Bhen’s movies .. cause we shouldn’t talk about utter craps.
    in the past 7 years (Yes, cause before that SRK had absolutely NO competition at all)
    your bhen & Midget despite being at the peak of their careers have struggled when they tried something off beat & failed miserably [read : Jai Ho, Talaash, Dhobi Ghat (average) , Main aur Mrs. Khanna, God Tussi Great Ho, London Dreams, Veer, Heroes, Marigold (flops or below average or disaster)]
    while SRK despite being termed as being in the worst phase of his career has carved out only Hit films or better.
    Stardom ? Ehh ?!
    in between these 7 hears .. SRK has won innumerable awards in India & internationally .. Honours etc. etc. the list is too huge
    & lets not forget SRK is the 2nd richest actor in the world, something no other Indian actor can dream of, without a doubt the most recognised Indian actor round the globe.
    while people like Leonardo DiCaprio have wished to work with SRK, James Cameroon has asked SRK for his autograph (Google these facts) , Bhen & Midget would never have such fortunes even by accident.
    Legends Dilip Saab, Amitji have all hailed SRK as the best, SRK was the one who featured with Dilip Saab & Big B on the Filmfare Cover for the 100 years of Indian cinema edition.
    google “the most popular actor on earth” .. & tell us the answer .. Yeah the one who has 3.7 billion fans & still counting ……..
    —- @indicine .. please do post this comment ——-

  • What sir Rajini… even you have imbibed the habit from out Bhai of copy south films and remaking them??? You have gone a ste ahead this time… as our bhai only copies the film releases in south.. Hahahaha.

  • The article is about Rajni sir’s movie yet the discussion is on SRK.many idiots who cannot take that SRK is the boss do try to do this & this is the real power of SRK that he may be troubling our haters club even in their dreams!

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