Happy New Year Weekend (3 Day) Collections

Happy New Year has collected Rs 108.86 crore in its first weekend at the box office, which is Rs 1.25 crore higher than the first 3 day business of Dhoom 3. The film opened to record-breaking collections on Friday, but ended its weekend with collections of Rs 31.6 crore on Saturday and Rs 32.29 crore on Sunday.

The film was extraordinary in circuits like Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab and West Bengal. Newly introduced entertainment tax of 30% in the Rajasthan circuit meant that the film was below the collections of Dhoom 3. C.I, C.P Berar and Mysore circuit opened very well but dropped on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy New Year is also the joint fastest to the 100 crore mark with Dhoom 3, and Shahrukh Khan’s highest ever weekend at the box office beating his preview film Chennai Express.

Monday (today) will be the biggest test for HNY, if it has to beat the lifetime collections of Kick and emerge as the highest grosser of the year.

Happy New Year Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Weekend Total – 108.86 cr


  • highest grossers list
    2006-d2 hrithik
    2007- oso beat welcome narrowly SRk
    2008-ghajini -aamir
    2014-looks like kick/pk-salman/aamir
    omg omg where is our king :'(

  • @indicine …….you r showing wrong figure

    Actual Figure Is :-

    1s Day Box Office Collection ….44.97 cr

    2nd Day Box Office Collection ….38 cr

    3rd Day Box Office Collection …..42.34 cr

    Total Weekend Collection Is …….. 125.31

  • Hence one more thing proved hr is the only person now who created a big mess of bo coll by doing huge manupulation gap of 15 to 20 crrs on big grosser is understandable but what is this diff of 65 crrs 4 k3 and now again 42 crrs diff for bang bang and amazed that all the trade is silent

  • Film which has collected 31 cr+ on all 3 days is below performer.. looks like expectations from SRK are very high… 40 cr +?? rt? ..though everyone here knows that it has collected big number keeping in mind the negivetive pre realese publicity… band trailer bad songs .. remember..

  • those who dislikes my comments for hny plz read belo and callculate what is nett india earning after 104- entertainment tax? ——–ΉAs per the new slab, for tickets up to Rs 250,there will be no additional tax other than the existing 45 per cent. For tickets costing Rs 251–350, government will charge 49.5 per cent entertainment tax. For tickets priced at Rs 351–500, the new tax will be 51.75 per cent, while tickets costing Rs 500 and above will attract 54 per cent tax. Maharashtra has 64 multiplexes. The state is expected to get additional revenue of Rs 30 crore in its coffers.[7]Maharashtra has 64 multiplexes and549 single-screen theatres. The cabinet has also approved to give a five-year tax exemption to single-screen theatres under municipal councils and a seven-year exemption in rural areas.[8][9]Service tax is 12.36% and Maharashtra VAT is 5% on non-theatrical. The total tax in Maharashtra is 45% as entertainment tax, 5% VAT on non theatrical and in addition there is a stamp duty on the agreements entered in Maharashtra. The VAT on theatrical was waivedfrom May 2011 but there is still a past issue from 2005 to 2011 which the government is yetto exempt.[10][11]Rajasthanno-tax policyInMarch 2011,Rajasthanbecome the first state toexempt theatres from entertainment tax. In March 2009, the Rajasthan government started levying an entertainment tax of 23.08 per cent on gross and 30 per cent on net sales. Earlier in 2008, the government had reduced the entertainment tax from 40 per cent on net to 30 per cent on net sales.as we knows srk has few fans in urban areas sodefinately they watched movie in higher ticketrates so entertainment tax is higher for them.dnt go anywhere loser srk fans cuz today is monday picture abhi baaki hai dost u will tastehuge kick of salman from tuesday onwards. haha ha lolz too much fun

  • @indicine u r downgrading ur standard
    ist u showed 38cr for Saturday then 33cr and now 31cr . it doesn’t make any sense …
    boxofficeoffice India is most accurate site I believe
    u ppl jus know how to manipulate collections

  • gnrly dere is a diff of 10 to 20 cr liftim btwn actual n producers fgr..but our king n hs dear frnd manipulate sch no.s in 3 to 4 days…sch a shameless looser our king kong is…

  • hatters shut your mouth now. according to BIO Hindi version 98.52 and according to all websites all versions are 108.87 crore means Hindi version somthng around or more than 1or2 crore from BOI . in recent time this are less difference of three days collection hats of srk no manipulation by him and still break all records

  • Problem isn’t with collections. The main issue is that the movie isn’t trending. The same way Dabbangg 2 slided. If you go back and look at 3 idiots, its Monday collections were rock steady. Which showed a really positive trend.

    I think we can expect such a trend from pk, because the hit pair is back with strong content. I am sure it won’t break records life first day, first week, first weekend what it will do is, break lifetime record slowly and steadily with a super strong word-of-mouth.

  • Only on Friday HNY collected more that D3, saturday and sunday D3 collections were better. Even with highers no. of screens, high ticket prices this just proves how important is WOM. On day 1 advance bookings are large and people book tickets in advance that helped the collection of 45cr. But next 2 days its a big fall. Even bigger than Bang Bang (in terms of %age fall from day 1). Expect it to worsen from Monday onward. At the end of year highest collecting films should be in order,

    1. PK
    2. Kick
    3. HNY
    4. Bang Bang

  • Well , after an opening of 45 crores, the Weekend was expected to be a bit higher (I expected it to be around 115 atleast)! But still, doing 108 cr. isn’t bad. Cheers to all @SRK fans for the record breaking weekend. Lot of negativity is impacting, though I have heard from 70% of the people saying it is a good one-time watch! Now, it needs to trend well, atleast 15 cr. on Monday is required.

    My prediction still remains intact: Week1 should finish around 165-170, hopefully! If Monday is good.
    And, as I said difficult for it to go past Dhoom3. Should finish somewhere around 240-260 still!
    Let’s hope for the best!


  • so in reality not even 110 crs as expected after huge opening. Hope it doesnt go Singham Returns or Bang Bang way but I feel it is heading to 200 crs max. CE & Kick will be safe n D3 is out of reach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 Mins silence for those who thought HNY will cross D3!!! :D

    My largest finger salute to @Vikram, @Noam, @IamAKN, @sss, @Sahir and others!!! :D

    @Romu good to see you back!!!

    Too much Fun!!! :D

  • so its diwali fool for srk fans. enjoy fake success of hny. he needed 233 crore for his children and he took it with biggest all time block buster of 2014 kick.

  • D3 – Trade fig – 174 crs 1st week and 95 crs weekend and 260 crs total.

    Producer fig – 189 crs 1st week and 107 crs weekend and 284 crs total.

    So clear cut manipulation.
    Ir D3 would have grossed 10 – 15 crs more in actual then it would have entered 300 crs club via manipulation.lol

  • That’s gud yaar. Atlest Srk break 1st day and weekend records. What about sallu bhai who can’t beat these records. Monday will be 21+cr.

  • Now this collections r acceptable as there is not any big difference between producers and trade collections but 2nd and 3rd day collections r very low compared to Dhoom 3.So 2nd day and 3rd day record still belongs to Dhoom 3 and HNY failed to break it even with a Diwali holiday.lol

  • n b4 pointng fngr at aamir n SK.. just look at ur actor..had sk manipultd jai ho’s opng no one wud hv evn doubtd all wr xpctng 30+ but he stickd to originl..b4 spkng just get ur facts real..n fr ett it ws rprtd xct 199.8..hd it bn manipultd it cud hv bn said ,200cr.. mere diff. of lakhs nly..so dare u raise fngr on dese two khans..idiot loosers

  • Its trending on the same way as BODYGUARD, TAALASH, ETT trended I.e mixed WOM.

    Hope that his next FAN and RAEES gets good WOM and sets new benchmark…:-)

  • What I can say. Srk fans
    Kismat badi kutti cheez h kabhi bhi palat sakti h.
    Anybody can check the happy new year prediction post and see my comments, I clearly said that in every case hny weekend as per producer will be higher than d3,and they did,as per trade hny weekend is 97cr Hindi as compared to 95.60cr of d3,but if we include regionals than d3-95.61+6.25 101.85cr weekend higher than hny 99.91cr.
    Despite d3 released on non-holiday,screen size is much lower than hny,ticket rates lower than hny and most important by an actor who didn’t command large fan following.
    Since CE broken d3 mark,the way srk fans attacked Aamir,making fun of his career analysis and other things,it was my wish that they will get back their due and hny did the same.
    Mnik-it will break 3i
    Ra1-same comments
    Don2-same comments
    Jthj-crash sos but sos taken jaan of that film
    Ce-this time srk fans remain calm and CE did unthinkable business.
    Hny-300cr domestic, 200cr overseas,600cr we.result us that the film even struggles to cross CE producer figure and 200cr as per trade.
    Srk fans thinks that paise ped par lagte h.that why for me srk is consistent but nothing more.
    A full over actor is again loose by Aamir.Aukat dikha di srk ki.
    Yesterday when overseas article post our pick rum said don’t compare d3 mark with hny as hny released on dull period than moron how you compare hby with d3 as latter was non-holiday release.
    Mark my word as per trade hny won’t cross 200cr and 20 million $ overseas.
    Chutspa ho gaya or in Aamir 3 idiots word,
    Srk and his fans Ka balat_ar ho gayi.

  • There is almost no difference between HNY and Dhoom 3 weekend collections.Now people who r comparing HNY with Dhoom 3 do they know that Dhoom 3 4th day(Monday) collection was 21.71 crores.It will be interesting to see today’s collections of HNY.I hope it will be rofl moment when HNY monday collections will be published.lol

  • saturday-sunday has been a disappointment considering the huge 1st day. otherwise the collections are just terrific. it is the only movie besides dhoom 3(huge brand) to achieve a total of 30 crores for three consecutive days which is just phenominal. monday is the test and i hope it colllects 15-20 crore today. the usual negetivity surrounding every srk movie has begin. haters are doing their work very well and this time they have an extra edge in the form of farah khan. but i think the movie will sustain well in the weekdays as well due to decent wom. the movie is really enjoyable with lots of moments which can bring the hall down with laughter. lets see whats in store but 300 cr or dhoom3 record looks a little difficult now which looked very much acheivable based on first day collection.

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