Happy New Year Weekend (3 Day) Collections

Happy New Year has collected Rs 108.86 crore in its first weekend at the box office, which is Rs 1.25 crore higher than the first 3 day business of Dhoom 3. The film opened to record-breaking collections on Friday, but ended its weekend with collections of Rs 31.6 crore on Saturday and Rs 32.29 crore on Sunday.

The film was extraordinary in circuits like Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab and West Bengal. Newly introduced entertainment tax of 30% in the Rajasthan circuit meant that the film was below the collections of Dhoom 3. C.I, C.P Berar and Mysore circuit opened very well but dropped on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy New Year is also the joint fastest to the 100 crore mark with Dhoom 3, and Shahrukh Khan’s highest ever weekend at the box office beating his preview film Chennai Express.

Monday (today) will be the biggest test for HNY, if it has to beat the lifetime collections of Kick and emerge as the highest grosser of the year.

Happy New Year Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Weekend Total – 108.86 cr


  • @ legend khan – i thought we salman fans are most funny people in the world but today i realized kismat badi kutti cheez hoti hai opening day par baadshaah aur film ke aakhir mein chakka bana deti hai.

  • @ Kingshuk – u got it all wrong. theres no manipulation with d3. You are just taking Hindi trade fig…..thats why the difference

  • @sky — Don’t balme SRK fans alone…ek hat se tali nehi bajti….its a habbit of foul mouthing by all star fans be it Khans or any other….Actually it has become a habbit though its a created drama by the Khans and we the fans are becoming victims.

    Anyway coming to FHARA KHAN…Her 1st film MHN was just like HNY and it just became a HIT…While OSO is highly driveen by the DARD E DISCO number and goodwill of CDI.
    But in HNY she is carrying the wom of TMK and hubby SIRISH……Overall the movie is very good for me but many are also not liking it….WOM is mixed just like TAALASH….

  • @JC – Actually its the fight between fans which led up to sky high predictions….They forget how the industry and box office runs instead they think their stars as super human beings and predict huge.

  • hey just wait n watch.hny will emerge d top grosser of 2014. consider dese facts
    *hny has free run till 11th nov.no such big releases.
    *hny word of mouth is good.so itwill sustain well atleast till sunday.
    *weekend was awesome.however sunday collections were a bit low bcoz of low night shows as monday was working.
    *monday updates r looking good.specially in delhi n Mumbai.
    *hny is for masses n pk is for classes.
    *pk is a non holiday release.no opening records!!
    but still pk is content oriented so anything is possible.

  • @Indicine, Thanx for replying…
    Yaa u r ryt… Actuals are different from Estimates… But all sites mention that those figures are estimates & not actuals.. Like you did yday for HNY
    But it doesn’t make sense if First week figures keep fluctuating like that….
    I just mentioned that BOI is not as reliable now as it was once…

    In the first it is 123.25… Then on 16th it decreased… Everyone gets data by that time accurately but again it decreased on 18th….

    Why such changes… And everyone gets accurate data like you or koimoi or Hungama n other trade analysts but BOI…

    So I think BOI is not as reliable & trustworthy as it was once..

  • @Kingshuk Take the collections aside. Dhoom3 and Kick aren’t even close to HNY in terms of entertainment.

  • D-3 did really good collection last year…no doubt…but that of because brand….it will be interesting to see if P.k. Create same magic……

  • See as far as star power is concerned srk already show that he can get the maximum out of anything and surely better than aamir and salman by getting 45 cr opening. While salman got 26 cr and aamir 38 cr, pk will test his real power unlike the brand name of dhoom and yashraj

  • srk don’t need your comment .he is the king .nobody can change this fact .and hny is better tn kick & d3 without any doubt.

  • As per Koimoi.com
    2 days collection of HNY was 82.97 ie Day 1 – 44.97, Day 2 – 38

    How can be the total collection of HNY for 3 Days will be 108.86 if, Day 3 collection was 32.29???

  • HNY = Holiday first weekend = Rs.108.86 Crores (Nos. of Screen are more than D:3)

    D:3 = Non-Holiday first weekend = Rs.107.61 Crores

    Only difference of 1 Crore (approx,)

    That is the Power of Ace Khan (Aamir Khan)….. P.K. rocks !!!!

  • @sachin11 Thanx bro..this was a reply to a certain @vikram who after Day 1 was jumping around so much that he forgot about the looming crash after the weekend!!!
    It’s Too much fun seeing all the SRKians crying post weekend and coming up with excuses about why HNY underperformed!!! My reply to these guys are what you sow..shall you reap!!!


  • As I said Monday will be biggest test & may prove Fatal for HNY since no holidays now. It may end up 190-200 cr max looking by the slide. Srk fans dont cry !!!!!!!! @Noam : what excuses you have now ????

  • Srk fans :
    On Friday : Jumping Jacks with 300+ crs hope.

    On Saturday : Disco Dancers with D3 breaking collections hope.

    On Sunday : Classical dancers with 250+ crs hope.

    On Monday : Mr. India (nowhere to be seen) Forget CE & Kick now target is YJHD & BANG BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Romu hope you remember that Super Nani and Shaukeens are coming!!!

    this time no OUTIMD to save our King :(

  • If we see the full story than Dhoom3 was a squeal movie after Dhoom and Dhoom2 but HNY is not , so its a proud for all srk fans that it able to beat dhoom3 in its first day collection record and first weekend collection record…..#Srkian..

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