Happy New Year Sunday Collections

Updated on Monday

Happy New Year has collected around 32 crore on its third day at the domestic box office. The film took a record-breaking opening on Friday, but dropped by a little more than 25% on Saturday.

On Sunday, business was about 15% higher throughout the day at most centres until late evening, night shows had lower occupancy.

Happy New Year has done very well in the three main circuits Mumbai, Delhi/UP and East Punjab. The drops in Delhi were a little on the higher side on Saturday, compared to the other two circuits. Mysore circuit was strong on Friday, but collections came down on the following two days. Rajasthan was huge on Day 1, down on Saturday and up again on Sunday.

The film has crossed the 100 crore mark and recorded the highest first weekend collections ever, but the acid test will come on Monday. The costs are high, and expectations of a blockbuster are even higher, so the film has to hold above the 15 crore mark if it has to do well in the long run.

For those interested in a quick comparison – Dhoom 3 collected 36.22, 33.36, 38.03 = 107.61 cr in its first weekend. Kick collected 26.52, 27.15, 30.18 = 83.85 cr in 3 days.

Happy New Year Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Weekend Total – 108.86 cr


  • HNY may be the only film where producers will have to wait for Monday to announce Saturday’s collections
    What a disgrace after Krrish 3 and bb
    No wonder SRK is Hithrik’s friend

  • Dhoom series is a big franchise while HNY Came alone to conquer ,held on shoulders of SRK only..

    Anyway, a high benchmark is set for day 1 collection (44.97cr)which can’t be broken until avg. ticket price is Raised.


  • still saturday and sunday collection are in early estimated figure……….. it can goupts 115-118 cr when actual figure comes tommorrow ………….. monday will be around 20 cr for sure

  • Farah khan deserves the movie to flop more than Srk.
    She is worse than Sajid, Shirish or any other director ever to have made a film.

  • @aeyy keep ur mouth shut..dn’t knw abt hny bt Hrithik gv d clarification on collections of Krrish 3!

    2rs akki fans, can’t go over 130crs are cracking joles on big bollywood muvs collection

  • SO overall except the first huge day…HNY is on the same or probably lower level compared to dhoom 3..

    WOM is’nt better than D3 or CE as well..may be same,i have no idea as i have’nt watched it yet..
    But D3 had a Christmas and New Year holidays to come while HNY has none left now..

    So 300crs Dream is now almost shattered!!

  • @indicine I saw the movie today and I must say it was an entertaining watch… However for the record I think giving it 4 stars was too much- its entertaining in parts but other parts of it were too ridiculous- for instance if this was the third film of the Dhamaal series then I could have overlooked certain elements n said its all fun so forget logic but this was billed more as a heist film. I wont leave a review but will say we as a family enjoyed the movie- I liked Abhisheks character the most- I think 3 stars is just about right- if I can I may watch it during the week as its school holidays this coming week but its really a one time watch and buy the dvd to watch at your own leisure…!

    PS out of principle I will still mock the film as its never gonna be a 200cr grosser- its too silly to be that successful of a movie…,!

  • Oh no.Again not even 40 crores.We gave diwali excuse for underperformance of our kings movie in overseas but we cannot give diwali excuse in indian collections

  • Ha, Ha, Ha…Its only 28 crores on sunday according to trade pundits and sources. Evening and night shows were very dull. Happy New Year will never survive in long run. Its total life time business will be less than 200 crores for sure.

  • ahahaha, so happy for to hear this, the man who redefined bollywood entertainment business time and again and again

  • BOC “estimated” BO report:

    Day 1 (Fri): 44.97 crores (45 crores)
    Day 2 (Sat): 33.50 crores
    Day (Sun): 38.90 crores (39 crores)

    1st Weekend total = 117+ crores ” ESTIMATED ”

    Indicine reports only 113+ crores ” ESTIMATED ”

    why so much difference again and again?

  • LOL!! HNY is really collecting more than Avatar did! That’s why the producers of the film are unable to even release the Saturday collections. Something might have gone terribly wrong with the collections. Or the producers are figuring out which manipulated figures would be suitable to fool the public!! saarook, the king of manipulation!
    Anyway, the crash will begin for the super multistarer film from today onward!

  • LOL 15cr diff. Just in 2 days… BOI vs Producer :v :v Sunday ka v sayad 7-8cr ka diff. Hosakta hai hahaha… :v :v

  • HNY is no less than Krrish 3 & Bang Bang, already 112.97 – 98 = 14.97cr manipulation! too good.
    And SRK fans talked about manipulation during those films.

  • HNY is one of the worst movies of King Khan !! SRK should focus on scripts instead of Promotion strategies. Best Wishes King Khan:)

  • Some people r sayng of D3’s Overseas collection to be higher than HNY but are they forgot that: Those markets are addicted to IMAX, Chirsmas/New years factor, Movie Brand, & impotantly; Action-Thriller.

    No actor except SRK would’ve scored well with the film like ChennExpress abroad.
    So the point is tht, HNY will be still huge in overseas despite having a not-plausive situation in the light of release-period.

  • my sincere question to srk is, why is he not releasing his film without diwali, christmas or eid? why can’t he prove his stardom without holiday or festivals????????????????????????? and also, why is he repeating deepika again and again???????????????????????? since ra.one, he has only been working with top actresses. ra.one had karaana, don 2 had priyanka, JTHJ had katrina and now twice he has worked with deepika who is the biggest female star. it seems that poor sarookh is insecure about his position in bollywood, and he needs to rely on this big names to get hit. otherwise we know what happened with my name is khan.

  • While I underestimated the opening of HNY, my life time collections seem spot on.

    Clearly 45 crore opening means the release date and promotions were spot on. No doubt SRK is a big star but if the film isn’t appealing it can’t sustain after a while. Just like Dabangg 2 which had better release date than ETT, but couldn’t come any way near it.

    So my predictions are still the same:

    Lifetime: 225 to 250 crores.

  • Sunday collection is not up to the mark ,but this is what happend when movie took earth shattering opening. Watched hny enjoyed alot with friend now waiting only for Pk.

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