Happy New Year Overseas Collections and Worldwide Total

Happy New YearHappy New Year has opened very well in the overseas markets. The opening is the biggest of the year, ahead of Bang Bang, which is something that you expect from a film starring Shahrukh Khan.

From the number of screens that have been reported, Happy New Year has collected around Rs 7.5 crore in the United States of America and Canada, Rs 3.75 crore from United Kingdom, Rs 2.1 crore in Pakistan, Rs 1.7 crore from Australia and New Zealand, Rs 14 crore from UAE/GCC. The film has also fared fairly well in other overseas territories.

The worldwide gross of Happy New Year now stands at around Rs 133 crore till Saturday. The first weekend worldwide total should cross 190 crore and even touch 200 crore gross if the Sunday business from India and overseas exceed expectations.

Overall, a huge weekend all over. Not quite as good as Dhoom 3, which did outstanding business overseas even though it released during the dull pre-Christmas period overseas. But Dhoom was a brand and the second film in the series (starring Hrithik Roshan) also did very well. When the final overseas numbers come in, it will be the biggest overseas grosser for Shahrukh Khan bettering his previous release Chennai Express.

Happy New Year Overseas Box Office Collections Breakdown (all figures in Indian rupees)

  • UAE/GCC – 14 crore
  • USA / Canada – 7.5 crore
  • UK – 3.75 crore
  • Pakistan – 2.1 crore
  • Australia and New Zealand – 1.7 crore
  • India ‘gross’ collections – 104 crore (including entertainment taxes)
  • Total worldwide gross – 133 crore


  • I ensured that I don’t watch the movie for free through contests or torrents so that I could contribute to the movie’s collections! Glad I was a contributor in the Rs14 crores collections of UAE! SRK is the most popular Bollywood star here! Not only Indians, but even Arabs love him n watch his movies! The ultimate King without doubt!

  • diwali is the worst period in overseas territory. and Christmas is the biggest day in overseas. so avatar released same date when d3 so its the bestest day in overseas.

  • @Indicine correct ur figures… in Pakistan hny cillected around 1.7crores (second biggest of all time) on first day itself… saturday was even higher with 2+crores…
    means total two days are 3.7 approx nd u r showing just 1.5????

  • d3 – usa 2 days – 15cr – HNY 7cr

    d3 – uk 2 days – 5cr – hny – 2cr

    d3 – uae 2 days – 16cr – hny – 14cr

    d3 – australia and newzeaalnd – 3cr in 2days – hny – 1cr

    D3 – pakistan 2 days – 4cr – HNY 2cr ..lolz

    D3 >>>>>>>>>>>>. HNY everywhere

    Baap Baap Hota Hain

    Srk did slam tours + premiere + uae shooting whole movie + london tour… huge star cast still could beat aamir ?

    now tell me who is global king ?

    It has been 6 years and srk couldn’t beat 6 years old 3i record of aamir … D3 33m$ , 3i 26m$ … srk ‘s highest mnik 22m$

  • Good but the crash is eminent on Monday onward! The trend of the business says this! It will fail to beat Chennai Express let alone Kick, K3 or Dhoom 3.

    @Indicine, by the way, do you have any idea about the Sunday’s collections?

  • Slam tour of global king failed in overseas.lol.Forgot Dhoom 3 now even crossing 3 idiots lifetime is like impossible in overseas.Too much fun

  • Indicine, I’m from the UK. I’m not sure how you can say Christmas is a dull period? If anything it is the best time to release a film overseas! Simply because all the kids have holidays from 18th December and University students have holidays from 14th December onwards. Most workplaces close the week before christmas thus giving all overseas Sub-continentals a chance to go to the cinema!

    Right now is not a great time for an overseas release as everyone is busy in work following summer holidays. Everyone has had their long summer holidays and most people are working 9-6.

  • Dhoom brand means nothing coz the brand creator aka our Greek Cinema God returned this yr with his Dhoom 4 aka BB n couldnt surpass Aamirs Dhooms collections… Please stop overhyping the Dhoom brand- Aamir made Dhoom famous overseas- Not Dhoom making Aamir famous…!

  • Honeymoon period over now for hny…
    Srk fans had good weekend rest of the others had horrible…
    Now tide is gonna change its srk fans who will face horrible times ahead as hny can’t even beat SALMAN KHAN’S KICK domestic collections for sure… Forget abt Dhoom 3

  • Dhoom 3 released in dull pre-christmas period? there is no such thing. when dhoom 3 released schools, universities were closed in many countries…

  • Overseas audiences are not so easily fooled by Farahs remake of Players- better sense has prevailed atlast- we the overseas fans ROCK n prefer good movies not poor movies like Farahs Players remake…!

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