Happy New Year Sunday Collections

Updated on Monday

Happy New Year has collected around 32 crore on its third day at the domestic box office. The film took a record-breaking opening on Friday, but dropped by a little more than 25% on Saturday.

On Sunday, business was about 15% higher throughout the day at most centres until late evening, night shows had lower occupancy.

Happy New Year has done very well in the three main circuits Mumbai, Delhi/UP and East Punjab. The drops in Delhi were a little on the higher side on Saturday, compared to the other two circuits. Mysore circuit was strong on Friday, but collections came down on the following two days. Rajasthan was huge on Day 1, down on Saturday and up again on Sunday.

The film has crossed the 100 crore mark and recorded the highest first weekend collections ever, but the acid test will come on Monday. The costs are high, and expectations of a blockbuster are even higher, so the film has to hold above the 15 crore mark if it has to do well in the long run.

For those interested in a quick comparison – Dhoom 3 collected 36.22, 33.36, 38.03 = 107.61 cr in its first weekend. Kick collected 26.52, 27.15, 30.18 = 83.85 cr in 3 days.

Happy New Year Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Weekend Total – 108.86 cr


  • Those who are still making fun of HNY…i just think how can do like this….after some days they would say srk gave money to see people HNY….

  • this is poor considering holidays and promotion kick collected 83cr despite pre eid non holiday,dhoom3 had also non holiday release so if you compared to kick ,dhoom3,hny then it clearly showed kick and dhoom3 had great trending i am sure hny will not cross kick forget dhoom3 as it will crass on monday as sunday night was lower.

  • The fall begins now…….WOM comes into play.
    Forget dhoom 3 lifetime collection now. PK will enter first 300 Cr club.

  • those who dislikes my comments for hny plz read belo and callculate what is nett india earning after 104- entertainment tax? ——–ΉAs per the new slab, for tickets up to Rs 250,there will be no additional tax other than the existing 45 per cent. For tickets costing Rs 251–350, government will charge 49.5 per cent entertainment tax. For tickets priced at Rs 351–500, the new tax will be 51.75 per cent, while tickets costing Rs 500 and above will attract 54 per cent tax. Maharashtra has 64 multiplexes. The state is expected to get additional revenue of Rs 30 crore in its coffers.[7]Maharashtra has 64 multiplexes and549 single-screen theatres. The cabinet has also approved to give a five-year tax exemption to single-screen theatres under municipal councils and a seven-year exemption in rural areas.[8][9]Service tax is 12.36% and Maharashtra VAT is 5% on non-theatrical. The total tax in Maharashtra is 45% as entertainment tax, 5% VAT on non theatrical and in addition there is a stamp duty on the agreements entered in Maharashtra. The VAT on theatrical was waivedfrom May 2011 but there is still a past issue from 2005 to 2011 which the government is yetto exempt.[10][11]Rajasthan no-tax policyInMarch 2011,Rajasthanbecome the first state toexempt theatres from entertainment tax. In March 2009, the Rajasthan government started levying an entertainment tax of 23.08 per cent on gross and 30 per cent on net sales. Earlier in 2008, the government had reduced the entertainment tax from 40 per cent on net to 30 per cent on net sales.as we knows srk has few fans in urban areas sodefinately they watched movie in higher ticketrates so entertainment tax is higher for them.dnt go anywhere loser srk fans cuz today is monday picture abhi baaki hai dost u will tastehuge kick of salman from tuesday onwards. haha ha lolz too much fun.

  • @indicine team what a pathetic world we live in. Producers are insecured and manipulation taking place with figures.All started with Krrish 3 and Shahrukh is taking it to the next level already a difference of 16-17 crores

  • kick 1st sunday pre eid 4100 screens 30 crore…
    hny 1st Sunday holiday period 5100 screens 35 crore..
    dhoom 3 1st Sunday 4100 screens 38 crore…

  • @indicine- u r telling such fake figures…according to taran adarsh HNY collect 104.10 in hindi…and grand total-108cr.
    and according to boi HNY only collect 98-100cr.

  • HNY is a good movie ( obviously not out of the world ) . I saw it yesterday and liked it a lot . I was hesitating to watch the movie bcoz of those critics but after watching the movie I am not going to trust these morons from now on . Genuinely, HNY is a much better entertainer than Dhoom 3, Kick and other such movies . Indicine you guys have written a very good review.

  • So taran chacha suddenly appears early in the morning and twitted 108cr… So according to srk fans hny second day is 38cr which take 83cr for two day and sunday 26cr… this shows film is getting -ve wom. Will endup at 180cr at the end of its run..

  • It is awesome for Happy New Year but EID 2015 Salman Bhai’s Bajrangi Bhaijan will break the opeing record of HNY with New 50 Crore Opening Day record.

  • Karma bites SRK and his fans..you guys were busy bashing K3 to such an extent that even Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan had to give interviews to clear the controversy..
    I hope you guys are tasting your own medicine after coming to know that your film is a crap and is crashing!!! No matter what the collections are..but HNY is easily one of the bad movies of SRK!!!

  • now first week collection of kick is impossible to beat for hny it will be hit at best and fell short of 200cr so salman is the only one who give 5back to back blockbuster which is just dream for others.

  • after such a big first day we expect evevry day 38-40cr but these collection are very good after 45cr first day

  • I hope everyone remembers that the Happy
    New Year film is designed for the whole
    family’s entertainment. Whether you like Shah
    Rukh Khan (SRK) or not, I believe the movie
    has more than enough going on to keep even
    SRK haters entertained, even if comedy,
    romance, song & dance is not your favorite
    aspects of the movie, there is plenty of
    macho-man stuff going on too. It would be
    such a terrible shame if people refuse to go to
    see the movie for petty reasons or if they go to
    see it only to look for things to criticize.
    Happiness if a theme that all people can and
    should enjoy as much as they can while they
    can, and HNY offers lots of happiness to enjoy
    and to share with others. Personally, my
    anxiety level has reached the ultimate limit
    waiting for the release of this movie (Happy
    New Year). I’m anxious to be amazed by all of
    the vibrant colors, fascinating costumes, the
    outlandish performances of the characters
    learning to dance, the fire – generated
    romance between Mohini and Charlie, all the
    incredible stunts, the fight scenes showing off
    SRK’s awesomely chiseled 8-pack, I could go
    on and on and on!!! I am not doing PR for SRK
    or for the movie he is starring in. I just know
    it’s a movie that I will genuinely and
    thoroughly enjoy and I’d like to encourage
    others to experience the delightful thrill that I
    know I will experience when I watch Happy
    New Year! We all need a bit of joy to put the
    sparkle back in our lives.

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