Happy New Year Weekend (3 Day) Collections

Happy New Year has collected Rs 108.86 crore in its first weekend at the box office, which is Rs 1.25 crore higher than the first 3 day business of Dhoom 3. The film opened to record-breaking collections on Friday, but ended its weekend with collections of Rs 31.6 crore on Saturday and Rs 32.29 crore on Sunday.

The film was extraordinary in circuits like Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab and West Bengal. Newly introduced entertainment tax of 30% in the Rajasthan circuit meant that the film was below the collections of Dhoom 3. C.I, C.P Berar and Mysore circuit opened very well but dropped on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy New Year is also the joint fastest to the 100 crore mark with Dhoom 3, and Shahrukh Khan’s highest ever weekend at the box office beating his preview film Chennai Express.

Monday (today) will be the biggest test for HNY, if it has to beat the lifetime collections of Kick and emerge as the highest grosser of the year.

Happy New Year Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Weekend Total – 108.86 cr


  • Farah Khan is the biggest mistake in srk’s life. HNY had to flop. It was a pathetic movie. CE was much better than this crap.
    Hope Srk will be back with a good movie in FAN and he should just stop trying to make movies for records. Do good movies, it’ll automatically make money(most of the times), remember CDI, DDLJ. So please Srk redeem yourself and i am sure u will with Fan and avoid Farah Khan. She is the worst director ever.

  • so bang on manipulation is on by srk…
    film collected 98 crore in weekend and failed to cross 100 crore..
    with both Saturday’s and Sunday below 30 crore…
    all credit goes to farah…for such a pakao movie…

  • oh no, that means tomorrow it will cross our bhaijan most biggest Blockbuster film jai ho. its a really shamefull news for us….

  • my review of hny :

    what is good :

    * some hilarious scenes through the film
    * every actors acting, srk with the best performance but nandu is th most entertaining character
    * farah khans direction – though she sucks in some parts but her direction is quiet good in others
    * srk and dp’s chemistry
    * last 40 minutes are just too gud
    * emotions connect and humor works
    * cinematography and camerawork

    what is bad :

    * length of the film
    * first 20 minutes after intermission is crap but picks up later
    * some over the top scenes
    * some unnecessary scenes
    * first half (not crap but ok ok for me)
    * screenplay of the film

    rating – 2.5/5

  • plz update today’s opening occupancy.is 17cr+ pissible today?wom is so positive for the film then y did it show a big drop on sunday and Saturday?It is trending doesn’t match with the wom.I m confused

  • May god give Srk the power to be strong at this point of time.
    Hope HNY being a flop doesn’t affect his health much.
    Good bless u… Spreading love….

  • Let it cross CE First then we can talk abt Kick, K3, D3….
    Guess it has to collect a minimum of 20 Cr today to cross lifetime of CE… Which obviously is difficult due to Trend….

  • 32.29 only on sunday … its clear HNY will never cross 3i lifetime…
    only diwali holiday help HNY to cross 100cr in 3days.. otherwise it will take almost week to cross 100cr..

  • strange but true. look at this fig
    hny producer fig – 108.86 cr > d3 – 107.61 cr.
    hny trade fig – 99.75 cr ett – 32.92 cr.
    ce trade fig – 29.75 cr < ett – 30.5 cr.
    producer r showing that ce beat opening day by slightly margin were hny beat 1st weekend by slightly margin.
    but according to trade both fig r less. pure manipulation by producer. they just want to attract people by showing this fig.

  • oh no, srk hny cross 100 crore in 3 days, but our bhaijan film did not cross 100 crore in 3 days. its a biggest shame for us….we hope our bhaijan next film weekend will be collect double then hny and create world wide history…..becoz we love our bhaijan and every animal loves our bhaijan

  • Trade figur 98.5cr, 102cr all verson, producer figer 108.5cr, good collection, now monday is the key, if it do anything between 17 to 20cr then sky is limit

  • trade fig 99.75 cr and producer fig 108.86 cr difference 9 cr. manipulation rocks. even hny rocks.
    look at d3 difference just 5 cr.

    • @Sachin1495, figures can change because the numbers that are first announced are estimates. The final collections are sometimes received after a week. Happens even with international websites like Boxofficemojo.

  • Also indicine please stop saying D3 was successful due to big brand.
    Collection can only come if wom is good, which aamir has in most of his movies. Everybody loved sahir and samar and so D3 could collect so much money. To collect the amount D3 film has to be universally liked.
    so please dont link D3 collection with Dhoom brand. If dhoom is a brand, Srk is also a brand. If Srk who has around 100 films to his name is lower than dhoom brand which just have 2 movies, then I guess Srk is not as big a star as you think.

  • Congrats to all srk fans . HNY has broken all opening records. Now monday collections r the big test for HNY. I think it should be more than 15 crore if it is going to pass kick or CE.

  • acc. to boi hny 97 cr n dhoom 3 was 95
    and acc to producers it is hny 108.5 n dhoom 3 107
    so if ur talking abt manipulation then see diff of hny is 11.5cr and d3 is 12cr..
    so before writing anything, think first!!!

  • Not good collections. Dhoom 3 was non holiday release with lesser screens and lesser ticket price then HNY.
    HNY is not holding well and it will see huge drop from today.

  • #HNYBestFilmEver is trending thanks to both srkfans and non-srkfans. While Srkfans are using this tag to trend, others are using it to make fun of this tag. Lol. No offence to srk. But your fans are trolling u.

  • Congratulations SRK fans. HNY is now in the league of Humshakals, Himmatwala, Joker, Tees Maar Khan and your crap favourite Ra.1.

  • all of u Mark my words movie will not cross kick 1st week collection producer fig 164 cr or trade fig 155 cr. if hny cross then I will definitely leave this site. Mark my words again.

  • yaar what types of this collection are????

    its first time I see that a movie earn 44.67 crore on first day and 31.42 on second day and again 3rd day collection which was Sunday same as Saturday 32.62 crore

    even advance booking of these three day were same little bit up down and public word of mouth were also extremely positive ittana hone par v yeh collection???

    Saturday and Sunday should be around 37 & 40 crore even srk chennai exp sat &Sunday collection were 30.24 & 32.53 soo its unbelievable ?? bt I am still happy because after all HNY became highest first day and highest weekend bt collection are not accepted it has to somewhere 117 crore

  • @Indicine …”Newly introduced entertainment tax
    of 30% in the Rajasthan circuit meant that
    the film was below the collections of Dhoom3”….plz clarify…..

  • fr all d loosers clbrtng ds..n cmparing it vd kick n d3. if u remembr kick ws pre eid releas n d3 ws non holiday..still..nly 1 cr more dn d3 vd 5000 screens 3 mnths promotn..aage aage dekho hta h kya..ds is producers no. go chk boi fr actuals..its far bhind d3..:D

  • Great collections though my expectations are of 115 crr weekend but tamil telugu version not perform well because of genre anyways congrats srk for beating each and every record if mon will go around 15 crrs so then the huge collections awaited best of luck

  • ha ha ha ha … Badi Badi Baaty Wada Pav Khaaty, day 1 44.97 crore and now collections are fall with a big numbers difference 31 crore 32 crore it will surely make 14-15 crore today, mark my words it will not break the record of SRK own movie Chennai Express, life time will end to 210-220 crore enough.

    To chase the Mr. Perfectionist are not only difficult it is impossible till upcoming 3 years, because (Dunya ne naa toh usko samjha aur naa hi uske tareeky ko, do boond toh piye nai zindagi ke par naam tha P.K). Amir Rocks

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