Happy New Year vs KICK: Box Office Comparison

We have received tons of requests for this very comparison, between two of the biggest releases of 2014 – Salman Khan’s Kick which was released during Eid and Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year released during Diwali.

Both films opened well at the box office. Kick released on a working day during the Ramadan period, while Happy New Year released on a holiday after Diwali. Kick had one additional national holiday for Eid-ul-fitr on its first Tuesday and the following day (Wednesday) was also a holiday in several parts of the country.

Kick collected Rs 164.21 crore in its first week, while Happy New Year was around 7 crore short of the highest opening week of 2014. However, the Salman Khan starrer showed tremendous growth in its second weekend, with net business of Rs 34.01 cr, Happy New Year fell well short with just Rs 22.24 cr.

Happy New Year is likely to finish with lifetime business of around 210 crore.

DayKICK (will be updated)Happy New Year (11 days collections only)
PreviewNo PreviewsNo Previews
Day 126.5244.97 (Diwali)
Day 227.1531.6
Day 330.18 (Sunday)32.29 (Sunday)
Day 414.4115.01
Day 528.89 (Eid)13.17
Day 621.6611.02
Day 715.49.51
First Week164.21 crores157.57 crores
Day 89.225.26
Day 910.627.47
Day 1014.17 (Sunday)9.51 (Sunday)
Day 115.083.31
Day 124.214.06 (holiday)
Day 133.912.75
Day 143.803.51 (holiday)
Two Week Total215.22 crores193.44 crores
Day 151.971.05
Day 162.931.8
Day 173.912.33
Day 181.690.9
Day 191.350.85
Day 201.11
Day 210.95
Three Week Total13.91 crores
Day 220.53
Day 230.43
Day 240.61
Till Fourth weekend244.61
Remaining weeks11.01
Lifetime Collections233.6 crores200.37 crores (19 days)


  • @bhai fans Since when is abhishek, boman, vivan and farah box office pullers? Even finding fanny is flopbuster. Without SRK, movie wudnt have even crossed 90 crores.

    Its funny u forgot in KICK, bhai had help of 2 great actors Randeep and Naz, but you are selfish just like lallu and take all the credit for salman and forget those two.

    Fact is HNY opening day and weekend are records due to SRK as 44.97 and 108.86 are only becuz of him. No one wud have gone to see an abhisek-farah-sonu-boman-deepika movie becuz of TMK, farah is hated and abhishek,boman,sonu have no star power. They came becuz of SRK and SRK-Deepika jodi and also becuz of OSO and MHN.

    It is a great risk to work with farah after TMK and after Joker, humshakkals, himmatwala, she, her husband and brother have been ridiculed and hated. No big star wud dare do a film again with one of them. SRK did sadly due to friendship. Movie still has done decently and is a solid hit/superhit. Quite frankly I enjoyed the film but idiot farah cud have given better screenplay and lower running time in order to give a more polished/entertaining product.

    Opening is due to star power. Afterwards its due to WOM/content. What happened in HNY case is that opening was huge due to SRK and WOM was mixed to negative becuz of fat lady farah stupid screenplay. Kick opening was good due to lallu but had better content and thus better WOM.

    So HNY versus Kick does not show who is better. They are almost equal. You have to consider two accepted films Kick and CE which got similar WOM. They did almost equal business. Kick only did slightly higher but considering all factors, you can say both films gave similar collections.

    So both SRK and lalu are still in same league of stardom currently.

    In fact SRK is higher as he can still do different genres like HR and give HIT films. Tell lallu to do something outside of action/comedy masala and give HIT. No chance. lol, too much fun!

  • @Rahil even veer was not a debacle, it was just an average grosser. every site including indicine has declared it. salman’s last flop was LD which too was a multi starrer. veer was just under performer like jai ho.

  • @ranbir kapoor Bodyguard worldwide collection 232cr, ra1 240cr, agree with you bodyguard is ahead of ra1 in domestic but not in oversease or worldwide.

  • Mr Arjun kapoor have very dangerous disease of “Marking his bullshit words ” ……..grow up man we know u are too jealous of salman but what is the option available for u here. ….It good to go n sleep for one year n after that wake up at the time of srk ‘ s next release n then again we will mark ur words like we mark before the release of Happy few tears. … :-D

  • @shaheer, the all time blockbuster debut called Maine Pyaar Kiya released in 1989, which no body could. in 1991 saajan was the biggest hit. in 1994 HAHK was the first movie which broke sholay’s record after 19 years. in 1997 judwaa was the 4th biggest hit, in 1999 3 movies topped the list of BO i.e. HSSH, BN1, and HDDCS. in early 2000s he had some flops due to his controversies, but despite all that he gave tere naam, MSK, No entry (biggest hit of 2005), partner 5th highest grosser of 2007, wanted 3rd highest grosser of 2009 and since 2010 back to back BBs and ATBBs. so, now you got your answer????????

  • omg if underperform movie can do 210….then what will be the collections of classic movie of this legend………….

  • @bhojpuri hrithik~ why should my friend @SSS leave indicine?
    Did you left indicine when you and old uncle and company were predicting 300cr for jai ho___lol can’t laugh anymore,they were predicting 300 for jai ho,loser bhojpuri!

  • @ sheheer- do u even know what is acting? what u r saying becuz of myth in media but do you have a point? what is the reason srk and aamir too start showing theirs body. watch ready not much action and body show 120 crore collection kick is recent example where he didnt show his body and collected 233 crore.

  • No comparison of 2 actors on just one movie.. Look and analysis their respective careers and then give an outcome.. Anyways.. Once again I’ll say that collection doesn’t matter.. The ultimate question is whether you are a true and loyal fan of your favourite superstar.. Keep this comparisons aside and just support your Superstar..

  • Salman Khan movies are attaining a status of ATBB,BB or Superhit as its a remake of all tamil/Telugu movies kick also was remake of kick(2009)

  • HNY & Kick are both incomparable. While HNY is original , Kick was a remake of Telugu hit. It had a readymade template of screenplay. Remake ke bachche toh sabhi bante hai, original ke baap banke toh dikhao !!! BTW , HNY is already the highest oversees grosser of 2014.

  • @My poor Sallu fans became angry while we are talking about past 2009.
    U people became pathetic while talking about acting skill.SRK Have 6 Film Fare awards for Best Actor ,which not any other actor have and Salman still dreaming for one.

    Why One among other Khans known as King Khan..Here is the reasons..

    1. Most no. Of blockbusters with less no. Of flops
    2. Most no. Of fan follwing in the world in Billions
    3. Most no. Of brands endorsed by srk approx 50
    4. More no. Of madam tussad’s statue inaugurated b4 all khans
    5. Capacity n wealthy enough to buy IPL cricket
    Team, has a Luxury home of 200 cr worth
    6. Most no. Of best actor awards..
    7. #Padamshri award which #salman dreams to get.
    8. Biography made only on one actor I.E. sRK after Mr. Amitabh
    9. Most no. Of sabse favourite kaun awards decided
    By public (i.E. 7 times)
    10. Award given by french govt for his exceptional
    11. IIFA most powerful entertainer ofdecade.
    12. Time magzine rated as one of the most powerful person in the world including Sonia Gandhi.
    13. Rajiv gandhi award for his excellance
    14. Doctrate given to SRK not to any other khan
    15. Included in forbes list of top 30 most influential person in the world.
    16. Only Indian to get UNESCO award for his charity…
    so respect SRK. He is our nation pride and really SRK is real king of bollywood n there is no comparison to him

    Here is an Article of Times of India, U people must read. (Its not created by me LOL)


  • @Shaheer : Despite billions of fan he is struggling to give highest grosser of the year from last 7 years (including 2014). Now dont change the topic. Everyone knows about FilmFake awards !!!!!!!!! It is proved not once but SEVEN times that Indian people love Aamir & Salman more than SRK !!!!!!!! No doubt once upon a time he ruled it but his time or era is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Dumbo Dynamic : It was a deal between me & @SSS. He challenged me that HNY will beat Dhoom 3 & reach 300 crs. @sky is the witness of it. So dont bark without knowing facts. Ask your friend to honor his own words !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,yes the deal happened between us.if HNY will be the highest grosser then you have to leave @indicine.I asked you the same at that time after kick’s ccollectio,but you said the deal of leaving @indicine was applied only upon me not by you while the same you also accepted at past.at that time I suddenly decided even if HNY will not be the highest grosser,I will remain in this site.because I have seen many cheaters in my life who accepted a thing and turned their back before lost due to fear.so where were your manliness was there.so don’t cry much.

    yes,FILMFARE is fake for you as amir couldn’t get that and salman is not even eligible though got one due to KING SRK only. HISTORY will remain GREATEST ACTOR WITH GREATEST CONSISTENCY THROUGH OUT THE CAREER.already declared who is THE BADSHAH.

  • hey guys kindly check the total for kick, till fourth week it is 244.61 and remaining weeks it is 11.01 so the total should be 255.62 but u have mentioned it as 233.6

  • SRK is just hype Salman Khan is the biggest star of his era.In the upcomming years SRK stardom will surely fade due to his hypocracy.

  • Srk is a flop actor… only hype and promotions carries his films.. same in d casenof ra.one excessive promotions assured good opening from next day it slowdowns. .. salman does promotions with small actress and debutant dir and mmovie is Blockbusters salman carries film’s on his stardom not blv on promotions and big actress and dir… srk dont do ptomotions his movies vll be like sharman joshi movies he has no stardom.

  • @SSS : Show me the statement where I claimed Kick to be highest grosser n Prove me wrong. I did challenge you that Kick will beat CE (India or Domestic) which I did. Show me one comment of mine where I predicted it to beat Dhoom 3. I know you are suffering from Triple shock : HNY not only failed to achieve your dream 300 cr club in India but also failed to beat Dhoom 3 & Kick !!!!!!!! You are a number one liar on Indicine !!!!!!!!! The real face of a Srk Fan.

  • If any body has doubt in the fact that Salman Khan is a bigger star than SRK.Ask SRK to release a movie during EID with a Salman’s movie that tym.Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jaega.Salman’ next year release PRDP is during diwali, ask SRK to release a movie at that tym even.
    Just wanna confirm d fact dat Salman Khan is in a different league guy’s, don’t compare him with SRK.

  • @hrithik,wow what you told that you didn’t remember-this is what the real face of a salman fan.the article of longest discussion between you and I ,where I challenged you to leave @indicine,in which If HNY will highest grosser,so go and check there.during kick’s collection,so many articles had given,in one of article,I said if HNY will be highest grosser,then you will leave indicine.which is recently during Eid still you forgot,I challenged and you denied and forgot your past challenge.so it’s your task to find out where you discussed with me,surely you can find out,I guaranteed.because I have no time and I also using mobile which is difficult to find out those articles,so find it fast.

    SRKIANS are never double standard my freind.BTW HNY is going very close near kick’s WW collection as usual. KING SRK is EVERGREEN STAR,HE need not to prove HIMSELF the biggest because HE is THE BIGGEST.small verdicts of biased boi can’t declared someone as no.1 neither that can affect on the career of BADSHAH KHAN.may be tomorrow you’ll get another talash/jai ho,but you can’t get such a single from BADSHAH KHAN.

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