Top 20 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies

Happy New Year is now the 8th highest grossing film of all time, going past other major grossers like Bang Bang, Dabangg 2, Bodyguard, Dabangg and Singham Returns.

In the next few days, Shahrukh Khan could be the first actor with two back-to-back 200 crore grossers, something that no other has achieved so far. The superstar also has 4 films in the Top 20, and when Happy New Year finishes its run, he will be the only actor with two films in the Top 5.

Shahrukh also has 5 back-to-back 100 crore (or more) grossers, second best after Salman Khan’s record of 7 films.

RankMovieRelease DateLifetime
1PK19 December 2014340 cr
2Bajrangi Bhaijaan17 July 2015321 cr
3Dhoom 320 December 2013285 cr
4Krrish 31 November 2013244 cr
5Kick25 July 2014233 cr
6Chennai Express9 August 2013227 cr
7Prem Ratan Dhan Payo12 November 2015213 cr
8Sultan6 July 2016210 cr*
9Happy New Year24 October 2014204 cr
103 Idiots25 December 2009202 cr
11Ek Tha Tiger15 August 2012199 cr
12Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani31 May 2013188 cr
13Bajirao Mastani18 December 2015187 cr
14The Jungle Book8 April 2016184 cr
15Bang Bang2 October 2014181 cr
16Dabangg 221 December 2012154 cr
17Tanu Weds Manu Returns22 May 2015151 cr
18Dilwale18 December 2015148 cr
19Bodyguard31 August 2011145 cr
20Dabangg10 September 2010141 cr
21Singham Returns15 August 2014140 cr
22Rowdy Rathore1 June 2012134 cr
23Airlift22 January 2016128 cr
24Ra One26 October 2011125 cr
25Agneepath26 January 2012122 cr
26Jab Tak Hai Jaan12 November 2012121 cr

Note: Bang Bang and Happy New Year are still running.



  • Krrish 3 is the 2nd biggest grosser and is ahead of all salman and Srkfilms. So haters, before questioning about Stardom of HR, think 100 times. Now don’t reply me about BOI figure because I am not a fool to believe in a crap site.

  • biggest hits in terms of verdicts next year
    1 fan
    2 tamasha
    3 jagga jasoos
    4 prdp
    5 bv
    6 brothers
    7 raees
    7 ddd
    8 tevar
    9 baby
    10 abcd2

  • @indicine: To be honest, i think Ghajini collected more than Holiday and Ramleela if i am not wrong!!

  • lol…. sm ppl wr saying dt jthj nd raone wr behind ready…. bt m luking smthng different….

    if u r talking abt d actor giving bck 2 bck 200 cr grosser den u r talkng abt KING KHAN

    bck 2 bck 100 cr grosser is less dan sallu bcoz srk do 1film per year whereas sallu do 2 remakes….oopss… 2 films in a year


  • now it is the turn of srk after two years you will see 1.domestic top grosser srk movie
    2. overseas top grosser srk movie
    3. worldwide top grosser srk movie
    srk is the king of bollywood consistency 100 persent one and only king khan

  • I haven’t seen Ram leela and Ra one and I will never.
    Honestly they dont deserve to be in the list.
    Action Jackson will be in top 8 incha allah.

  • Ungli will be the best dharma film of this year contentwise. It is a WOM film . Emraan always brings different movies every time. Ungli will rock the nation. It will be remembered as the best dharma movie.

  • @nipun but krrish 3 Hindi version 231 cr is less than kick.
    if kick also released with regional version then it definitely cross 244 cr.

  • @ Indicine : Comparison of early periods film with the current period is quite unfair due to the impact of inflation [I am not counting the screen counts & price increase of tickets].

    How, 3 Idiots and other 200 crores be counted in same frame? 3 Idiots released in 2009, with inflation far less, when 200 crores were dream and benchmark.

    Similarly, the 199 crores gross of ETT 2&1/4 years back is more than current 225 crores.

  • Salman was the last super star to have a 200cr movie, with his good track record over the past 4 years why? His Kick merely made 6cr more than last years CE (With CE having competition from big movies). Clearly CE is a winner and no-one can deny that. Kick was expected to earn 300cr, remember Indicine’s famous article? Kick is an underperformance altogether. Many lost their money on it since it was sold for high prices. HNY, however, supposedly is a weak film but it still will go over the 200cr mark. SRK will be the first superstar to have 2 200cr grossers in a row, a feat that Salman Khan couldn’t achieve. Let aside this, did Salman Khan even smell the 400cr club yet? His Kick stands at 370+ approx, almost 55cr less than CE, and you harp about his stardom that was clearly displayed in Jai Ho. So an underperformance from SRK gets us 200cr+ and an underperformance from Salman fetches us 111cr. LOL.

  • If HNY was anywhere as entertaining as CE, Dhoom:3 would have certainly been evicted from spot 1. I do agree that HNY did not meet expectations, but even with that, the movie will find a spot in the top 5. SRK and Aamir Khan both have the stardom to reach the top positions with a solid movie. Every movie is not destined to taste super-duper ke bhi uper ki success, but maintaining a steady pace, ending up with at least decent collections is the signature of a true star.

  • @shaggy: excluding tamil/telugu collection from total domestic collection of a movie and comparing it with the collection of another film which didn’t release in telugu/tamil language is senseless and not fair. Indicine has explained it many times.

  • I think I have to leave this fake site….
    hahahah ready 120 crore lol…ghajini 114.67 crore where is..
    dabangg 2 153 crore lol…and nipun boi is the most trusted site they kept movies collection from the last 30 40 years every movie collection data is available. ..and this taran adarsh komal nahta abhi abhi aaye hain…just for krrish 3 collection u r telling fake site hahahah….why not boi show ett 250 instead of 199 crore…ce 270 crore instead of 208 ..dhoom 3 340 crore instead of 160 crore , why only in case of krrish 3 collection and bang bang bcoz hrithik want to beat khans if not with actual collections why not with manipulated one….

  • @indicine giving us fake fig about raone and jthj
    raone were 115 cr but jthj were 120 cr
    and plz be honest everyone know ready collection r 121 cr.
    correct it. holiday not even touch 114 cr fig – it’s 112 cr.
    add ghajini 114 cr.
    I know indicine team u r fan of srk but truth never change.

  • remove krish 3 from second place it is behind yjhd

    1- dhoom3 = 260cr
    2 – Kick = 216cr
    3 – c.e = 208cr
    4 – 3idiot = 202cr
    5 – ek tha tiger = 186cr

    I think Happy new year collected 165cr till date. Difficult to cross ek tha tiger. So Salman and Aamir has 2 films in top 5 and srk 1.

  • Indicine really likes to blow the trumpet for SRK.
    Come on everyone knows happy new year under performed and is a disappointment but you are trying to paint a happy picture for SRK fans so that they continue visiting your site.

    If the same manipulation was done by Salman he would already be past 3 idiots when Ek tha Tiger released. He was just 2.2 cr short.
    Again Aamir wud have been past 100 cr in case of Talaash as well had he resorted to such manipulation.

    But respect these guys since they dont fake their collections just to create an illusion of staying ahead.

    Somehow magically HNY will go past a classic like 3 idiots becoz the collection will be manipulated by the most insecure guy in bollywood. But everyone knows that it is not only difficult but impossible for HNY to cross 200 crs in real life. Its collection has fallen and it is earning as much as Bang Bang only thing is Bang Bang had competition from its first day while HNY is a solo release with multiple holidays.
    I think its difficult for it to beat ETT let alone 3 idiots in real life.

    Coming to the story of crappy new year, man was it a torture. Okay you can ask someone to leave their brains at home when you are watching a movie like tranformers. But answer this can you ask the same of a guy when he is watching Ocean’s 11. Sonu sood apparently deaf in first half has his hearing back in the second half. Deepika falling in love becoz SRK can speak eeeenglish. The robbery scene itself was so badly written, the thieves are standing their hugging when the time is running out. I guess those 5 minutes were like half an hour in real life. The movie is idiotic from beginning till end still you guys are trying to make people go to theatres and see this piece of crap. You cannot sell crap in the name of entertainment.

    I guess it will be better for your credibility also if you dont support such a movie. Earlier I used to find your reviews very good and you used to review a film honestly. The only time you have left me disappointed was when you gave 4 stars to Kurbaan. But now I guess you guys have become more business oriented and lost your passion for movies. You guys are now just patronizing SRK’s online fan base.

  • @hamza khan really….
    so what about ek tha tiger 320 crore and jab tak haii jaan 241 crore 79 croree less hahahah….dont tell excuses it was a clash blah blah…hny have a 3 week free run next big release is kill dil…collect 182 crore only till now 51 crore still behind which is out of reach now hahaha 6 months promotion, world tour, kbc, dance reality show comedy nights with kapil everywhere…king doesn’t need promotion so why….
    kick only salman new director, Jacqueline first big movie only promotion in jhalak dikhla jaa only…..hahahah loll

  • Hrithik rocks with Krrish-3..Both content and performance-wise he is Brilliant..BB Deserve to be in 200 cr..Waiting for Mohenjodaro..

  • @hamza khan
    still jai ho collected more than all srk movie except last 2.
    gh an te ka king.
    Pichle 6 salon se ek bhi highest grosser ni gh an te stardom
    srkian’s stop saying picture abhi baki hai mere dost kyun ke logon ko koi interest nhi rha iss picture log bore ho rhe hain pichle 6saal se puch rhe hain kab khatm hogi ye picture

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