Happy New Year vs KICK: Box Office Comparison

We have received tons of requests for this very comparison, between two of the biggest releases of 2014 – Salman Khan’s Kick which was released during Eid and Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year released during Diwali.

Both films opened well at the box office. Kick released on a working day during the Ramadan period, while Happy New Year released on a holiday after Diwali. Kick had one additional national holiday for Eid-ul-fitr on its first Tuesday and the following day (Wednesday) was also a holiday in several parts of the country.

Kick collected Rs 164.21 crore in its first week, while Happy New Year was around 7 crore short of the highest opening week of 2014. However, the Salman Khan starrer showed tremendous growth in its second weekend, with net business of Rs 34.01 cr, Happy New Year fell well short with just Rs 22.24 cr.

Happy New Year is likely to finish with lifetime business of around 210 crore.

DayKICK (will be updated)Happy New Year (11 days collections only)
PreviewNo PreviewsNo Previews
Day 126.5244.97 (Diwali)
Day 227.1531.6
Day 330.18 (Sunday)32.29 (Sunday)
Day 414.4115.01
Day 528.89 (Eid)13.17
Day 621.6611.02
Day 715.49.51
First Week164.21 crores157.57 crores
Day 89.225.26
Day 910.627.47
Day 1014.17 (Sunday)9.51 (Sunday)
Day 115.083.31
Day 124.214.06 (holiday)
Day 133.912.75
Day 143.803.51 (holiday)
Two Week Total215.22 crores193.44 crores
Day 151.971.05
Day 162.931.8
Day 173.912.33
Day 181.690.9
Day 191.350.85
Day 201.11
Day 210.95
Three Week Total13.91 crores
Day 220.53
Day 230.43
Day 240.61
Till Fourth weekend244.61
Remaining weeks11.01
Lifetime Collections233.6 crores200.37 crores (19 days)


  • I think time to accept, HNY has not been liked much by general audience. SRK should avoid doing such movies.

  • Forget about Kick ,break ur CE first, touch 200cr. By the way where is the stardom of u SRK, Deepika, Abhishek & all! Salman alone is enough.

  • Kick kicks out HNY.

    I guess there is now no doubt whatsoever that who is the biggest superstar of the country.

    @whoever doubted why Salman is called the biggest superstar of India, he/she needs to study the above comparision with all the pros and cons and will know that it was Salman + Eid against Srk + Diwali + Deepika + 10 other stars and still they all failed to even match him, forget about breaking records.

  • I nd all my frndz almost equally njoyed kick,k3,d3,yjhd,ce and hny.but y is hny showing weakest trending among all these films?plz ans indicine

  • This not only proves stardom but Kick was more liked compared to HNY despite a huge opening. Enough is said & enough is compare it is crystal clear who is ahead of whom between these two Khans. Waiting for PK n year 2015 where Salman has 2 & Srk has one release !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @jc u cant call someone bigger star than another actor based on just one film comparison.
    acc to me

    1 aamir/srk
    2 srk/aamir
    3 salman
    4 hrithik
    5 rk
    @jc next yr will give more clearer picture about who is a bigger star.mark my words

  • As per trade experts including Indicine a movie can sustain or do good in 2nd week due to wom or content which HNY failed to do it. No doubt it got bumper opening but look at the 2nd week comparisons that says it all !!!!!!!!

  • Oh no.It will be dissapointing if our kings hny fails to cross kick coz in kick salman was alone coz jacqueline was not big star before kick but in hny there was our king; deepika; abhishek; boman and sonu

  • Hny can’t beat Kick, where are those barking hny bad wom even collect 300cr? Overseas also can’t beat bang bang collection of overseas. @Indicine I kindly inform you Bang Bang still running in Myanmar. So you have to wait for overseas collection of bang bang.Thanks

  • We want to blame farah for this and not our king.In hny sonu sood was fighting and our king was sitting watching sonu fighting but we gone to see fight of our king not sonu and then why our king made 10 packs just for introduction scene

  • @MYANMAR YANGON: hny did $12.5 million in 10days from oversease n lifetime easily over $15million, ya agree it underperformed n turn ra1 of 2014, huge opening but less lifetime kismat baari kutti cheez hoti hai, saali kabhi bhi palaat jati hai;) now lets see what HNY liftime is

  • indian collection is good…
    but in overseas it disappoints..10.75 is really good collection but looking at Sharukh khan stardom and charm in overseas its not good…hope he can bounce back in overseas with fan….
    congrats hny entire but this movie deserve 250 crore in india…I am a salman fan but I really like hny enjoyed a lot and wom is also good but not sure why its not trending good….

  • Why you guys are barking? Relax!! SRK already made a lot of money through SLAM tour and promotions and by the way reaching 200 crore in India is not a joke man…people have liked it. One thing you should appreciate SRK is for his consistency for the past 20 years!!!! Any producer can easily bet on him at any stage of his career. He does not need to depend on south remakes nor great stories like 3idiots or path breaking brand like dhoom3.

  • Salman one handed movie
    no famous heroine these movie works only bcoz of Salman and Salman only.
    wanted – 61 cr superhit
    dabangg – 141 cr atbb
    ready – 121 cr blockbuster
    dabangg 2 – 150 cr blockbuster
    jai ho – 111 cr semi hit
    kick – 233 cr atbb.

  • hny ll never beat kick… a stupid movie just watched it bcz of srk..
    crapiest director farah khan screwed srk

  • Tried to prove his abs are real, used Salman Khan’s name for Buzz, Used Abram and Aryan also for promotions Still Can’t beat KICK. Self- Proclaimed King.

  • Jaya slams son Abhishek’s Happy New Year, calls it most nonsensical film

    It is usually said your mom is your best critic and rightly so, as Abhishek Bachchan and his work in Happy New Year has been slammed by none other than but mommy dear Jaya.

    At Tata Literature Live Mumbai LitFest Jaya said, “HNY is the most nonsensical film I’ve seen in recent years. I said that to the film’s lead actor as well. I watched it only because Abhishek was part of it. I told him he’s a great actor if he can act stupid in front of the camera like that. I can’t be part of what is being done in films these days and hence I don’t do films anymore.”

    Doob maroo SRKians. Shame On You.

  • @shaggay ja ho is not even a semi hit.it was just avg gtosser as acceoted by national media,indicibe and ur bhai himself.stop posting boi verdicts as no media house follows them

  • Shaggy, why are you projecting Salman Khan only from wanted movie? Are you ashamed of going few years earlier???. God tussi great ho, main aur mrs khanna, veer, hello, heroes, jaaneman,yuvraj to name a few!!!! These movies are not semi his but empty cinema halls on the first day!!!! Where was his power?. He should really thank prabhu deva, the creator of Salman Khan stardom…..

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