Happy New Year vs KICK: Box Office Comparison

We have received tons of requests for this very comparison, between two of the biggest releases of 2014 – Salman Khan’s Kick which was released during Eid and Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year released during Diwali.

Both films opened well at the box office. Kick released on a working day during the Ramadan period, while Happy New Year released on a holiday after Diwali. Kick had one additional national holiday for Eid-ul-fitr on its first Tuesday and the following day (Wednesday) was also a holiday in several parts of the country.

Kick collected Rs 164.21 crore in its first week, while Happy New Year was around 7 crore short of the highest opening week of 2014. However, the Salman Khan starrer showed tremendous growth in its second weekend, with net business of Rs 34.01 cr, Happy New Year fell well short with just Rs 22.24 cr.

Happy New Year is likely to finish with lifetime business of around 210 crore.

DayKICK (will be updated)Happy New Year (11 days collections only)
PreviewNo PreviewsNo Previews
Day 126.5244.97 (Diwali)
Day 227.1531.6
Day 330.18 (Sunday)32.29 (Sunday)
Day 414.4115.01
Day 528.89 (Eid)13.17
Day 621.6611.02
Day 715.49.51
First Week164.21 crores157.57 crores
Day 89.225.26
Day 910.627.47
Day 1014.17 (Sunday)9.51 (Sunday)
Day 115.083.31
Day 124.214.06 (holiday)
Day 133.912.75
Day 143.803.51 (holiday)
Two Week Total215.22 crores193.44 crores
Day 151.971.05
Day 162.931.8
Day 173.912.33
Day 181.690.9
Day 191.350.85
Day 201.11
Day 210.95
Three Week Total13.91 crores
Day 220.53
Day 230.43
Day 240.61
Till Fourth weekend244.61
Remaining weeks11.01
Lifetime Collections233.6 crores200.37 crores (19 days)


  • @shaggy,but what happened to films containing big directors/heroines like yuvvraj and most every film was flop below 2010 ,where were your Sallu’s stardom was there?why don’t you accept all of those happened due to south remake/out of out MASALA film,I will become a fan of your sallu if he will give a film with hit verdict with a cult classic script which containing zero fights.people will remember ACTORS only not MASALA film hero.non of your Sallu’s movie even 2nf time watchable.in that perspect people remember only KING KHAN(15 FILMFARE) and amir (3ff)due to his script rather than his acting,LOL because KING KHAN IS THE KING OF CLASS AS WELL AS MASS.

  • lots of people comparing kick with tmk director came back movie hny ??? those who earlier said that its not even collect 100 cr bt look at this it’s very close to kick but it better to compare it from first realised of yours star jai ho bcoz 2014 first movie of sallu jaiho should be compare to first movie of this year of srk and aamir lol….

  • @shaggy- u have forgot to add marigold main aur mrs.khanna yuvraaj nd many more movies like these in ur list… dont forget sallu wz leading des movies also single handedly….

    srk also singlehandedly made successful movies-don-hit
    don 2-hit
    jthj-hit(cud bcm bb if got solo release )

    atleast srk gave his consistent hit movie bt wht happen to ur sallu nd aamir.. one started d yr wid a flop movie nd another wnt grt dirctor nd brand franchise….

    ur lallu is cnt even guarantee a hit widout holidayss

    atleast srk gave a hit movie mnik in d month of feb… wch is d most bad period to release d films….

    ok agreed dat hny wz nt having not-so-gud content bt despite dat movie is crossing 200 cr mark despite d movie is directed by a female director whose last movie wz one of d grtst disaster….

    its a huge inspiration for d female directors if hny earns 200 cr+

  • @Romance with crap movie, hny overseas only 10.75 millions only not 12.50. You said earlier of july I ONLY TRUST BOI COLLECTION but now you have your own medicine eat and wait for fun movie of 10 abs khan. Hny can’t cross YJHD forget ETT and KICK.

  • this list clearly shows that HNY underperfomed.
    As I said earlier in my Review, it crashed on weekdays.. for real HNY doesn’t deserve 200 cr.

  • @sss-kenyawale why you are in past man that time salman was not interested in films that much and all that films that u mentioned are not really salman films he was playing guest appearance in them only last debacle of salman was veer but it was also not flop also he was even not bother to promote any films that u mentioned below but after wanted he become serious about his films and also ready was not action movie it was comedy then bodyguard had also not much action it was love story and why salman have to do classy films if audience loves him in massy films even small heroes can do classy films so what,s the big deal.

  • Salman was the last super star to have a 200cr movie, with his good track record over the past 4 years why? His Kick merely made 6cr more than last years CE (With CE having competition from big movies). Clearly CE is a winner and no-one can deny that. Kick was expected to earn 300cr, remember Indicine’s famous article? Kick is an underperformance altogether. Many lost their money on it since it was sold for high prices. HNY, however, supposedly is a weak film but it still will go over the 200cr mark. SRK will be the first superstar to have 2 200cr grossers in a row, a feat that Salman Khan couldn’t achieve. Let aside this, did Salman Khan even smell the 400cr club yet? His Kick stands at 370+ approx, almost 55cr less than CE, and you harp about his stardom that was clearly displayed in Jai Ho. So an underperformance from SRK gets us 200cr+ and an underperformance from Salman fetches us 111cr. LOL.

  • @Arjun Kapoor,

    The picture is clear. Why wait next year?

    Salman has been churning out blockbuster year after year since the last 5 years, and still you want to wait one more year.

    Salman had 2 releases this year, while srk had to concentrate on just one release.

    Still less number of people turned up for his one release.

    The verdict is out LOUD and CLEAR.

    Salman is the Undisputed King of Bollywood India.

  • @MYANMAR YANGON: hny did $10.75million in 1st week, $12.50million after 10days as per early trends wait for official. Hny did 157cr in hindi as per trade, after 2nd week it will do close 170cr(boi). Lets see how much it add in life as no big films releasing in comming week

  • @all, it is now clear who Arjun Kapoor really is, a disgruntled srk fan, who uses the mask of being a youngistaan fan and sometimes that of Hro, salman, akshay and ajay.

    @arjun kapoor, teri toh pol khul gayi bachhe.

  • @srk fans now talking about what happened in 2007, what happened in 2009, blah blah…

    Talk about THE NOW, guys. Talk about the current release.

    HNY has flopped against Kick. PERIOD.

  • Being a Farah khan movie HNY is going to cross 200 crs
    Her last movie was total disaster
    HNY buzz Was very low as compare to kick
    Songs were not good
    But Coz Of SRK Farah will have 200 cr movie
    That tell lot about SRK’s Stardom
    Congo SRK fans
    well HNY was Crap But still it’s crossing 200 cr not a joke man
    Waiting for PK Fan, Raees PRDP
    Not interested in Bajrangi Bhaijan as it’s kabir khan movie

  • The most important thing HNY makers red chillies and yrf did is they dont show collecktions like roshans did at k3…may b first week higher then what v have really shown by makers as saturday first shows 37 cr later turn 31 to avoid k3 type controversy …may it repeat next days also…HNY is not as lucky who got 5 or more BOI higher day then official and have more then 2.5 cr diff with official (YRF DISTRUBITOR FOR BOTH MOVIES) who knows what hide there ???who z fault to show late numbers ??? Yrf rc or boi.com

  • Indicine really likes to blow the trumpet for SRK.
    Come on everyone knows happy new year under performed and is a disappointment but you are trying to paint a happy picture for SRK fans so that they continue visiting your site.

    If the same manipulation was done by Salman he would already be past 3 idiots when Ek tha Tiger released. He was just 2.2 cr short.
    Again Aamir wud have been past 100 cr in case of Talaash as well had he resorted to such manipulation.

    But respect these guys since they dont fake their collections just to create an illusion of staying ahead.

    Somehow magically HNY will go past a classic like 3 idiots becoz the collection will be manipulated by the most insecure guy in bollywood. But everyone knows that it is not only difficult but impossible for HNY to cross 200 crs in real life. Its collection has fallen and it is earning as much as Bang Bang only thing is Bang Bang had competition from its first day while HNY is a solo release with multiple holidays.
    I think its difficult for it to beat ETT let alone 3 idiots in real life.

    Coming to the story of crappy new year, man was it a torture. Okay you can ask someone to leave their brains at home when you are watching a movie like tranformers. But answer this can you ask the same of a guy when he is watching Ocean’s 11. Sonu sood apparently deaf in first half has his hearing back in the second half. Deepika falling in love becoz SRK can speak eeeenglish. The robbery scene itself was so badly written, the thieves are standing their hugging when the time is running out. I guess those 5 minutes were like half an hour in real life. The movie is idiotic from beginning till end still you guys are trying to make people go to theatres and see this piece of crap. You cannot sell crap in the name of entertainment.

    I guess it will be better for your credibility also if you dont support such a movie. Earlier I used to find your reviews very good and you used to review a film honestly. The only time you have left me disappointed was when you gave 4 stars to Kurbaan. But now I guess you guys have become more business oriented and lost your passion for movies. You guys are now just patronizing SRK’s online fan base.

  • actual trade fig. of hny is 161 cr and manipulating producer fig is 182.55 cr. so shame on producer of hny. 11 day me hi almost 22 cr difference.so bad. and kick actual trade fig is 216 cr. clear win by kick.

  • we were not surprised.. love u bhaijaan….” do charity for publicity or promotion i don’t care but we must do charity” this is our bhaijaan attitude & we love this…..

  • top grosser of the year worldwide. ..
    2008 – ghajini 190 crore
    2009 – 3 idiots 395 crore
    2010 – dabangg 215 crore
    2011 – bodyguard 240 crore
    2012 – ek tha tiger 320 crore
    2013 – dhoom 3 562 crore
    2014 – kick 380 crore or pk….
    from the last seven years shahrukh khan didn’t gave top grosser of the year so how it called be a king…..king remain on top but where is srk….I also like srk but this is a boxoffice numbers anything can happen may be next year fan or raaes will top of the list of 2015…I just want to say king koi bhi hosakta haii..no doubt srk rule the boxoffice from 2000 to 2007 single handedly but now its salman…truth never change if u like or dislike my comment whatever truth never change accept it….

  • @SSS, @syed @fan pk : When CE crossed ETT & 3 Idiots were you considering Aamirs past 2 ATBBs & Salmans 5 consecutive Blockbusters ??? nahi naaa!!!! so why are you bringing past failures ??? it just shows you srk fans are frustrated as HNY failing to beat Kick !!!!!!! Salman has given a big Kick to his haters better change else will get more from him. Talk about now – PRESENT not 7 or 8 years. PM Modi is most important person for India now it is not important what was he in past. So bottom line is wheres Srk Now ???? Not where was Aamir or Salman !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @SSS : Wheres your CHARLIE with 300 crs STORM ???? Better get ready to leave Indicine if you have any shame or if you are a real man !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can any one tell me about the movies collections of salman before ‘Wanted’.
    where were he?. Finally a remake film helped him to stand in this industry.
    Still he is living in this industry because of Remaked films.

    Remaked films must be super hits,thats why those films are remaked. On a remake film actor have nothing to do, just the content itself is super hit.



  • Dear Indicine, Play it fair! Why are you so much up to defending HNY? I wonder why!
    Kick had holidays, Sunday and Tuesday…
    HNY had three holidays- Fri, Sat, Sun

    Wednesday for Kick was a holiday in some parts of the country but HNY had holidays in Gujarat until Wednesday. Also, Today (Tuesday) n coming Thursday also Holidays for HNY.
    If the film is good, it will earn. As simple as that. Don’t give ur bogus reason.
    You said something else before the release of HNY that it had many holidays. Now, u r contradicting yourself.
    While HNY is a multistarrer & srk didn’t even have solo song, you can call kick solo film with Randeep n Nawaz in supporting roles.
    Everything was in its favor, it failed because it was bad film.

  • Just heard it Jaya bachchan saying HNY is the most nonsensical. Indicine you need to post this news.
    I really praise her for that, being a mother she still says the truth about her sons film. very appreciable and just sends a message to Abhishek that after Guru, not even 1 film of hims has been good. AB boy you can do better and if not then quit films and get permanently involved in kabaddi and football.

  • storm is coming….hny 300 crore it will kick salman khan kick 1000 crore worldwide fools srkians….struggling to cross 200 crore in india 300 crore…now it will break kick record then new excuses are coming salman cant act, kick is remake , hny bad word of mouth still 180 crore hahaha shame on u….shahrukh khan is a very good person but some of their fans are fools..

  • @Sheheer : Can you first answer how did Srk failed with Paheli & Bulli (both remakes) if it is sure shot hit Formula ??? Salman gave Dabangg & ETT which are not Remakes n both are landmark movies in his career !!!!!!!!!!

  • Its Kick all the way,Salman clearly outdone srk again.
    Why kick success is much bigger, I tell you.
    Salman was coming after two underperformer Jai ho and dabangg2.Dabangg 2 was expected to break 3i of he met its prequal but it not happened.Than jai ho debacle so for general public mindset the last huge success of Salman was ETT.
    While jai ho didn’t have anything good going as music,direction,lead actress and too much action And Biggest reason was D3 humogenous success all over which released just 1 month earlier.
    Now SRK returning after all time grosser first in his career ever CE,with same pair I.e.Deepika who also known as no.1 actress of current time,Supporting actor abhi who has two success bb,d3 behind him though its not only because of abhi but definitely success counts.Diwali release and with director who given loved film oso and mhn.still film will end around 180cr lifetime.
    Salman have overcome his last 2 underperformance the way srk did with CE but Salman alone with debut director, not popular heroine and good supporting cast with a remake done it with Eid release.
    The main threat for kick was it released on pre eid so if film not found appreciation than it couldn’t sustain well I’m coming days but they succeed.

  • @hamza khan irrespective to dig on salman you should thank god as there was no eid release of salman in 2013 otherwise CE wouldn’t create history dude.

  • @Vicky nobody will take him for dhoom 4, as he can’t match aamir, and also YRF can not afford for dhoom fracnchise to underperform so no chance for him. in fact it’s official that dhoom 3 is the last installment in dhoom franchise, and YRF is not gonna make dhoom 4 at all.

  • salman had flops in the past but he has left them behind and now he’s ruling whereas srk is starting to fade away. don’t live in the past, grow up.

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