Happy New Year Trailer breaks all records, creates history: Exclusive stats

Red Chillies Entertainment’s new strategy of releasing the Happy New Year trailer exclusively on Facebook and Whatsapp has worked big time. The trailer of the film has reached more than 70 million across the world, less than a week after it was released on almost every popular platform on the planet.

Here are some exclusive stats that we have compiled for you:


  • 380,000 plus likes (261,000 plus on official page) (all time record for a Hindi trailer on Youtube)
  • 63,300 plus shares on official page (record)
  • 2.3 million trailer views on Facebook
  • Official page has gained almost a million likes in 7 days since the trailer launched
  • Nearly 20 million Facebook users reached!


  • 11.9 billion organic impressions on Happy New Year related tweets (1.5 billion on trailer launch day) (Credit: Topsy)
  • 5 hash tags trending at the same time on Trailer launch day
  • More than 1 million SRK related tweets since trailer launch (Read: Shahrukh Khan takes over Twitter on trailer launch day)

(More data below the image)

Happy New Year Trailer

Happy New Year Trailer Stats


  • Combined views on Youtube has crossed 4 million. Trailer was released after 2 hours. (Data includes views from T-Series, Red Chillies Entertainment and Yash Raj Films)

Others stats

  • The trailer was sent to Whatsapp users who had opted to receive the trailer on launch day.
  • More than 13 million Tata Sky subscribers were reached as the trailer was aired on the home channel (100).
  • Half a million people reached via SMS and Email.
  • About 1.25 crore people got to watch the trailer with Singham Returns i.e the audience in mass centres who may not have access to the internet or social media.

Overall, the strategy has worked big time. The trailer has generated huge buzz on social media, amongst the masses and the trade. What remains to be seen is, how much of it actually converts into ticket sales. During times when films like Singham Returns on 3600 screens and normal (non-festive) ticket prices is collecting 32 crore on its opening day, will Happy New Year be the first film to collect 40 cr? Now that’s the big question!



  • Wawooo Hats Off

    @indicine excellent article and compiling. Hats Off to you as well.

    Proud to be SRKians


    Power of KING

    Now u can see the hateful comments against this article.

    HNY trailer already made a record at INDICINE as well. Most commented and highest pages for any movie trailer.

    Great going KING KHAN. Its jus a beginning. Picture abhi baqi hai mere DOST.

    Trillions of Good Luck

  • Lets hope that even 1% of total SRK’s fanbase turn upto theatres then Youtube King can once again be crowned BoxOffice Khan…

  • 1.25 cr ppl saw trailer with Singham Returns which explains why that films collections are now dwindling….

    Not many of those people are Returning to theatres….

  • Less than 2K left for HNY trailer to break record of KICK. (In dislikes) KICK-9K on 98.7K & HNY-8K+ on 27K.

    SRK Said: My powerful fans.

  • Waiting for raja natwarlal. Kd direction n music never dissappoints. Kd has given us jannat1,2. With evergreen songs n will be played even when we grow old.

  • SRK Said: My fans are calculating views of HNY trailer like… Yrf + TSeries + Red chillies. WoW hope they will do total of dislikes also at the end.

  • Good,Now i hope these 7crs people watch this HNY in theatres..
    So taking the avg. Ticket price as even 100rs..
    It should collect 700crs worldwide,otherwise we will be disappointed!!!

  • really Big joke of the year.
    I don’t believe in fake no.
    if it is true. then you can see this movie will be definitely flop.

  • thats what i am thinking and in surprised from last one week that the king applaud and nothing happened??but today feeling sorry to all those who are very much happy and starts debate on youtube records lolzzzz dnt underestimate the power of badshah

  • haters just wait for octobar 24 then you will see the result…..first 3 day will be more then 100 crore….mark my words…anyone bet me

  • Ha ha ha cant stop laughing…

    Whatsapp shares & facebook likes ha ha ha….oh god….come on guys stop making fun…this joke is most epic than HNY jokes on social sites…

    One thing we know official about HNY trailer is it crossed lifetime dislikes of Kick trailer(9K) within 7 days that too despite disabling Dislike button on youtube.

    Can Farah Khan tell us out of 70M people(Bechare) who got HNY trailer on their Whatsapp,


  • trailer broke no records, its the most disliked trailer of this year and one of worst trailers of all time, film will be worst too, we all know that. the over desperate srk and farah are trying hard to show that their trailer worked big time despite huge negativity

    LOL BIG FAIL!!!!

  • now thats we called only SRK rules on bollywood coming with some fresh IDEA(HNY) without any successful franchise or any third clas south remake

  • i had already said b4,it’s masterstroke by hny team 2 give preferance 2 facebook as fb is way bigger platform than youtube

  • It is a king khan movie which is coming in diwali so ucan expect some or the other record to be bbroken..well this is just the start..let’s hope the movie also breaks opening records until p.k arrives

  • Happy New year…biggest entertainer of 2014..
    For Haters: Salman himself said that trailer is kick ass.
    If still u post negetive comments means u also hate Salman…

  • I don’t think such kind of records make any difference.if ppl wanna watch it srk-dips names r enough and if u don’t want to watch it then it doesn’t matter whether u hv seen the trailer or not u will not watch the movie

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