Happy New Year Box Office Update: First Day 4PM

Happy New Year has taken the best opening for a film released in 2014. The occupancy for the morning shows was better than other big openers like Singham Returns, Kick and Bang Bang. Happy New Year was also about 10-15% better than the second best opening this year.

The average all-India occupancy was around 80%, which is fantastic considering the fact that some shows opened very early in the morning. Due to the length of the film, shows started a little earlier than usual at some centres.

Amongst all the big films released this year, the opening of Kick was on par with trade expectations, Bang Bang and Jai Ho were below-the-mark and films like Singham Returns and Ek Villain did better than expected. Happy New Year falls in the Kick category, as the expectations were already very high which the film has live up to.

After a bumper opening, films like Bang Bang and Kick dipped due to Pre-Eid and Navratri period, but the decision to release Happy New Year a day after Diwali holiday seems to have worked. The film has held strongly in the noon, with all-India occupancy crossing 85%. It could go higher later in the day as the reports from theatres is very positive.

Happy New Year should record the highest opening day collections and could cross the 40 cr mark for the first time ever. The Tamil and Telugu versions have also opened very well, which will only add to the domestic (India) collections.

Box Office Update till 4PM. Stay tuned to Indicine for more updates!



  • watched HNY today…my opinion: very entertaining…just go for it..Music also works well in the movie..especially lovely, manwa laage, satakli.

  • Opening report_82-85%morning shows.
    And till now it has gained full accupacy since 4pm shows exept north up.
    Biggest opening of the year leaving miles behind singham returns and as par as only dhoom 3.
    Mention-not compared to kick bcs it has just 27 crore on day one and much screens than singham.
    So 40+ crores on cards.
    Dis diwali happy new year movie goers
    Mine review -4.4/5
    public review_8/10

  • Opening report_82-85%morning shows.
    And till now it has gained full100% accupacy since 4pm shows exept north up.
    Biggest opening of the year leaving miles behind singham returns and as par as only dhoom 3.
    Mention-not compared to kick bcs it has just 27 crore on day one and much screens than singham.
    So 40+ crores on cards.
    Dis diwali happy new year movie goers
    Mine review -4.4/5
    public review_8/10

  • Kiaara Sandhu @ KiaaraSandhu 1h
    @iamsrk #HappyNewYear Broke All
    Records in Bollywood. It collected 41 cr in
    India & Worldwide 65 cr on Opening Day.

  • PK will be first 40 cr opener, fastest 100 cr for second time for aamir, and first 350 crores movie in domestic, first 250 crs in overseas and first 600cr+ worldwide movie. old man needs to retire, as yashji and kajol are not gonna help him anymore and also deepika won’t work with him in future. I feel very bad for deepika as she had to share screen space with this old man who looks like her grandpa. HNY SUPPER DISASTER. poor old chotu haklu.

  • One minute silence for those who watched HNY
    more than once on first day. Really hats off to
    their patience & mental strengths !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The last time I paid for a Srk movie was Rab Ne
    Bana Di Jodi !!!!!!!!! My friend is a die hard srk
    fans & he always takes us to Srk movies. I do
    same when Salman movies releases. Another
    friend is an Aamir fan & we have one Akki fan as
    well but he never take us for Akki movies still we
    watch Action Khiladi on big screen. Srk fans
    desperate to see HNY breaking D3 opening but
    they should know that D3 released on a working
    day unlike HNY if with same no. of screens D3
    released on this day then 45+ cr
    guaranteed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy New Year Movie Review: A Perfect Revenge Saga

    Finally, the much promoted movie Happy New Year (HNY) was released on Friday! We watched the movie at 7:00PM of the day. Let’s review the movie and talk about my experience! Sorry guys for giving my review late!

    The film is about a bunch of six losers (I am not saying this but the film is) trying to become winners once in their lives. Hence because they believe in the saying that every loser has a chance to become a winner!

    It starts with the interpretations of the WDC (World Dance Championship) or Dabboo DC by Charlie urf Chandramohan. And then, there are the hosts (i.e. Dino Morea and a Woman) making announcements about the Dabboo DC. Every time the woman announces something, Dino Morea interprets them into Hindi. I wonder why somebody needs to interpret the announcements in Hindi if it is a Dabboo DC. If the interpretations are necessary, why not in other languages such as Russian, Mexican etc as well? After all, it is a Farah Khan film???

    Then, the character of the Charlie, this time not as a joker Charlie chaplin, but as a boxer is introduced. A graduate from Boston University yet a loser and earning professions through boxing! He is introduced with a boxing match that takes in mud. In the fight, the malnourished and skeleton charlie beats big people to pulp, his one punch breaks the backbone of a man who is triple his size. The fight highlights his malnourished physique with his over grown and obvious nipples.

    Then, Charan Grover (Jakie Shroff) announces on TV that he is keeping his diamonds worth hundreds of crores in the extremely secured and safe Antique Washing-Machine Turned Vault in the Hotel Atlantis in Dubai. At the same time, he announces that the Dabboo DC will be held in the hotel Atlantis. Don’t ask why somebody announces and tells others where he saves or keeps his properties such as money or diamonds literally to invite the attentions of the robbers. It is a Farah Khan film! Questioning is prohibited!!

    His father (Anupam Kher), who runs a business creating sturdy lockers, is duped by the evil businessman Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) and hurtled off to jail for a robbery he didn’t commit. Charlie’s idyllic life is destroyed and he dreams of bringing down Grover. So, as expected, the announcement by Charan attracts the attention of Charlie and he wants to revenge Charan Grover by robbing the diamonds.

    Then, the character of Jagmohan or Jag (Sonu Sood) is introduced. He is an ex-army officer and retired from the army because he has lost his hearing as he tried to defuse a bomb in the army. Now, he works with Director Sajid Khan as a staff to blast dummy bombs in the film shooting. The name of Sajid Khan’s movie is called “Haa Haa Hee Hee.” This sounds really interesting and better than original movie ‘HNY’ itself. If the movie is happening, I am looking forward to it!

    Then, the character of Tammy (Boman Irani), a 50+ Bachelor Babaji (Ka Thullu), expert in cracking codes and non-senile specimen of masculinity in their ‘hood’ whom sex-starved Parsi ladies lust after is introduced.

    Afterwards, Rohan Singh (Vivaan Shah) or Justin Bieber Wannabe Introvert Nerd Hacker is introduced.

    Then, Nandu Bhide Dimak Mein Khide (aka Abhishek Bachchan) is introduced. He is good for nothing except for the fact that he resembles Vikki Grover, the son of Charan Grover, in appearance. He is shown to frequently vomit at any time after consuming alcohol. It is absolutely disgusting for the viewers.

    Tammy and Jagmohan were ex-pals of Charlie’s father. Rohan is the nephew of Jagmohan! And Nandu is a person that Charlie has met at a festival event.

    Charlie, the chief loser, gathers all other four losers and assembles them as a team to pursue their dream of becoming winners. Audiences should have deja vu moments. It is exactly like the film ‘Players’ in which the film main hero gathers the people of different talents to commit robberies.

    Then, they become a team and start their dance rehearsal and studying the structural map of the hotel Atlantis. They hire different dance teacher to teach them dancing! But none of them seems to be successful in making them into dancers.

    But hereby, the Director Farah Khan ridiculed and insulted Saroj Khan and her choreographic skill by making fun of her songs. Again Deja Vu moment!! Alas, she even insulted the veteran Manoj Kumar in OSO!! Farah Khan, Madarr Chod Na Yarr!! It is high time for you to do so.
    Then, the character of the much-awaited lead actor of the film, Mohini, is introduced. She is another loser and brothel pool dancer just trying to earn Ijjat by shaking her bootiyas, hips and two melons in the brothel. She dreams of opening a dance school for children so that they can earn Ijjat by shaking their bootiyas as well.

    It feels like Mohini is a second birth of Meenamma of Chennai Express! She rapes the Tapoori Hindi Language the way she did the Tamil Language in her previous Janam! She has put Rakhi Sawant into shame!

    When the Charlie meets her to make her their dance teacher and a part of their team, she immediately falls in love with him because Charlie knows how to speak English!

    Alas, I also speak English. I wish some girls for me because I speak English! Till date, it has not happened to me because of that skill of mine! I don’t think it has happened to you either! It took me a lot of effort to make my GF falls for me.
    Mohini even likes the insults if they are in English! She is simply BREAST-taking, HIP-notizing and CLEAVAG-ing!!

    So, she has become a part of their team. And then, now they are a bunch of six losers! They get admission to the Dabboo DC representing India by conning the secret gay-couple cum Judges: Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Shekar (in cameos)!! And Public Votes were manipulated by the nerd hacker Rohan Singh in favor of their six-loser’s team.

    Then, they move to Hotel Atlantis, Dubai to take part in the Dabboo DC. They have to compete with the teams from all over the world including North Korean team, Russian Team, Mexican team etc. The plot to rob the diamonds goes on as they take part in the dance championship.

    The team take duplicates the finger prints of Vikki Grover sending him into anesthesia. Pretending as Vikki, Nandu, among the heavy securities, goes into the place where the Antique Washing Machine turned Vault is located. The hacker deactivates the laser shield for Nandu protecting the vault. Nandu advances to unscrew the iron shield blocking the AC Duct so that Charlie and Tammy inside via the channel. Then, Nandu leaves.

    Charlier and Tammy remain inside to rob diamonds. They robbed the diamonds and soon, they are stuck ad locked in the Washing Machine as the time is up. Then, Jagmohan sends water inside the Washing Machine by switching the channel of the Water Pipeline. The Washing Machine is now full of water and Tammy and Charlie swim upwards and come out of the washing machine by blasting its cover with bombs.

    Then, they participate in the final of Daboo DC. They win.
    Charan Grover and Vikki Grover are accused of robbing their own diamonds and imprisoned for lifetime in Dubai.

    The team of the six losers has now become a team of six winners. Because they believed in the saying haar kutta ki din hota hai! As simple as that! The Revenge is taken!

    The Revenge is Taken! The Revenge is Taken but not by Charlie against Charan Grover but by the great Farah Khan against the Sarkar for attacking her husband from behind at a party few years ago.

    Leave your whole brain at home if you want to watch the film! It is painfully lengthy and boring! If Dabangg 2, Bodyguard and some Akki films are illogical and senseless, this film is set to squarely defeat all these movies in terms of stupidity, silliness and senseless.

    If Bang Bang has too many action scenes, this one has too many silly dance scenes. Last but not the least, the basic plot of the movie is plagiarized from Ocean’s 11.
    I predict it will crash badly from Monday onward after initial craze on the weekends!

    -Maanwa Laage Song
    -Some Boman Irani Jokes
    -Prabhu Deva’s Cameo
    -Gauri Khan’s Cameo
    -AbRam Khan’s Cameo
    -Fight Scene with a Korean Guy on the top of the Hotel Atlantis

    -No Original Dialogues, All Dialogues are refurbished from his earlier films
    -No Story
    -Bad songs and Music
    -Forced Chemistry between Charlie and Mohini
    -Slapstick Sajid Khan Style Jokes
    -Fake and Over-the-Top Drama and Emotions
    -Fight Scenes that will prove Newton’s Laws wrong
    -Malnourished Greased Skeleton Show
    -Sajid Khan’s Cameo
    -Mishmash of Players, Cash and Ocean’s 11
    -Abhishek Bachchan
    -Disco lights throughout the film
    -Many others!!!!!

    Rating: 1.45/5*****

  • @mkm what do you mean it is rare in big star movies??? in 3 idiots, R.Madhvan and sharman joshi had huge screen time and equal as aamir. so you can’t say that. also watch RDB.

  • Kick is a stupid poor direction film which doesn’t even worth mentioning it. HNY for ppl who love to watch any movie n keep the brain at home. The best is Bang Bang among these 3 films

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