Here’s exactly what Aamir said about Shahrukh at PK Trailer launch

At the PK trailer launch event last evening, Aamir Khan spoke about clashes between two big films and a lot more. A journalist also questioned Aamir on why the trailer of some of his films have released with a Shahrukh Khan film. Aamir spoke about how Shahrukh’s films benefit him, but the media has wrongly quoted Aamir and blown a genuine comment out of proportion.

Here’s exactly what Aamir told reporters yesterday.

Q: When your films release, there are other big films also scheduled at that time. But most of those films tend to make way for an Aamir Khan film, why is that?

Aamir: It happens with every big film. When a Salman, Shahrukh, Ajay, Hrithik film releases, films of all these big stars in the industry, we all try not to come at the same time. We try not to release our films on the same day, so that the audience don’t divide. This is common, every actor wants it (solo release). Even I don’t want to clash against anyone. It’s not like people run away from releasing their films with mine.

Q. Why does the trailer of your films usually release with a Shahrukh Khan film?

Aamir: (laughs) It’s just a coincidence. In the last 5 years, my films have been releasing during Christmas and Shahrukh’s films usually release during Diwali. I am happy about this. Because Shahrukh is such a big star, so popular, people love him so much.. that when his films release, we get that advantage. We can show our trailer with his film. Lakhs of people who come to watch his films, they also get an opportunity to watch our trailer. I am happy that we get advantage because of his films.



  • What different movie star fans have to say about their favourites on the internet and the reality:

    1. SRK fans:
    Global King. Most consistent actor.

    REALITY: Yes, SRK has been consistent and his films are huge hits worldwide. Globally accepted.

    2. Salman Khan fans:
    Bhai ki film aarahai hai, ATBB on cards.

    REALITY: It’s true that Salman Khan movies create new box office records with each release. His name is enough.

    3. Aamir Khan fans:
    Another classic from Mr. Perfectionist, the founder of 100 cr and 200 cr clubs.

    REALITY: Sets new benchmarks in box office history. His movies are loved by all.

    4. Akshay Kumar fans:
    Akki’s movies under-perform because he has 3-4 releases each year. Tell Khans to release 3-4 movies a year and see what happens. Khans are nothing without big holidays and solo releases. Akshay Kumar doesn’t work with big directors and big banners like YRF, Dharma etc. Akshay Kumar films TRP on TV >>> SRK, Salman, Aamir movies’ TRP and bla bla bla.

    REALITY: Another average movie, another 60-70 cr grosser. Bashed by everybody. Needs extremely good WOM to make his good films(if any) a success. LOL.

  • In CE, DP got all the limelight and in HNY, Abhishek is hogging all the limelight. Its time SRK shifts himself from lead hero to side hero:D

  • Its a revised review
    @indicine — My hny review .! Do u agree ??
    Prelogue :-
    Entered the theatre with huge expectations bcoz of track record of srk-farah combo. And guess what , they have hit d bulls eye.
    Review :-
    There are 2 types of comedies — one slapstick comedy n other straight faced comedy. U need to enjoy slapstick comedy by ‘keeping ur brains at home’ and hny 1 st half is all about slapstick enjoyment.
    The pace of the 1st half is smooth. The gags and jokes work out as there are laughs in the theatre. 1st half of hny is a huge winner and the best of recent times as far as enjoyment is concerned.
    Srk and farah manages to keep the audience entertained.
    2nd half takes times to stabilize. But once it gathers momentum , thers no stoping it. Remember the song ‘all is in the well , if end is in the well’ means climax is the soul of the movie. And team hny has got a big thumbs up as far as climax is concerned.
    (literally saw people clapping n standing at the climax).
    End credits also keeps audience in theatres for a while after the movie ends.
    Thumbs down :-
    1) people moving out whenever any song started, means music is let down.
    2) ungli trailer not attached.
    3) slapstick comedy might not work with a few(but who cares, film is grander)
    4) didn’t like deepika’s accent.
    Thumbs up:-
    1) srk , junior bacchan
    2) grand production.
    3) location and sets.
    4) srk’s abs work big time.
    5) pk teaser.
    Conclusion :-
    Its an out and out srk- farah extravaganza. Srk proves why he is the king of hearts of the people.
    Box office :-
    Film will surpass all records left,right,centre. All the records will be blown to pieces. Even pk
    has to be a brilliant film if it has to surpass hny.
    PS :-
    Hope @indicine and all love my review. Thank you.
    Watch hny. Its an all time blockbuster !!!

  • Trend anything but a bad film will remain a bad film.. This is why people trust Aamir Khan & his films.. Quality speaks but not trending..

  • uffh. …@Lagend khan….what’s your problem?…. why u put same comment again and again in every page ….…………!…it’s damnn irritating …

  • The 3 minute trailer of #PK shown during interval was more entertaining than the 3 hour film put together #HappyNewYear

  • Action jackson trailer was terrible misfit with hny. It looked like a b grade film trailer in front of grand film like hny. Ajay is a good actor. He should stop doing such masala movies.

  • @vera

    Superb comment… Our resident 60 yr old Shaukeen reject knows thats the bitter truth about his 60 cr club SuperStar…!

  • will b watching tomorrow in Sha Allah..
    40 plus isnt far.. n seems to me 100 crs foh the weekend is in reach

  • @laila

    You were popular in the early 80’s with that ‘laila o laila’ classic song but now you just boring me with your ‘anti-fun’ remarks every single article… @legend khan is entertaining us- keep rocking you a legend bro

  • @vikram

    Aamir was having a joke on Kings expence- everybody knows king doesnt have 3.7 billion fans but in actual terms his fanbase /membership is in reality alot closer to the 3.7 million number than 3.7 billion mythical number….! Hence the ‘lakhon’ reference n not crore

  • Generally big movies releases every Diwali starring big stars like Srk,Hrithik etc and Aamir’s movie releases in Christmas so it is nothing bad in attaching trailer with their movies.It is just a way of promoting movie.Aamir can promote PK wherever he want.

  • @Legend Khan
    Bro I too like Amir as an actor but to say that trending doesnot matter is really wrong because it was trending only which made Dhoom 3 the highest grosser movie not the content.
    And i dont think that u went to watch the movie so dont say that 3 minutes of trailer was more entertaining :P

  • @vera:That is the truth..believe it or not…Haters will not believe but fans will.
    Every fan base likes to protect their stars be it SRK fans,aamir,salman or hrithik’s..
    So pointing specifically on akki is wrong..

  • moreover its a good thing that he provides good screentime to his costars.
    That is a rare thing for top stars. I really felt bad for Abhi in dhoom-3, he must have been feeling like uday chopra-2 in D-3.
    In HNY he got good amount of time to show his skills.
    SRK is selfmade king and thats why he respects everyone’s talent and provide them with ample chance. :)

  • Aamir said that its not like people run away from releasing their films with mine but actually it is opposite bcoz Christmas release is one of the best time to release movies but other producers prepones or postpones their movie seeing Aamir movie on Christmas.

  • @indicine, you said you can’t expect logic and sense from happy new year but during bang bang review, you talked alot about logic and sense! why this partiality ?? it seems like no matter whatever crap khans will put you will rate it great. you give craps like hny and kick 4 stars ??? you are insulting the cinema. i didn’t expect this from your website

  • success come nw for srk again, haters are now so jealous, i can c @legend khan furstrating, angry that the film has touched indians heart and its so possible it will cross dhoom first day hahahahahaha 40crore and above tho i predict

  • was told the entry of charlie was majestic and outstanding, hmmmn! can someone please get an ambulance ready for the likes of legend khan who i guess might explode when the actual figures of d films first day is published

  • this is why shahrukh is loved everywhere in the world, genius check this out-
    diwali-releasing the after the festival
    friday-ju’mat mubarak
    friday-happy new year to whe muslim, its muslims new year and we so glad to hear a movie is releasing on this very special day, happy new year

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