Happy New Year Box Office Update: First Day 4PM

Happy New Year has taken the best opening for a film released in 2014. The occupancy for the morning shows was better than other big openers like Singham Returns, Kick and Bang Bang. Happy New Year was also about 10-15% better than the second best opening this year.

The average all-India occupancy was around 80%, which is fantastic considering the fact that some shows opened very early in the morning. Due to the length of the film, shows started a little earlier than usual at some centres.

Amongst all the big films released this year, the opening of Kick was on par with trade expectations, Bang Bang and Jai Ho were below-the-mark and films like Singham Returns and Ek Villain did better than expected. Happy New Year falls in the Kick category, as the expectations were already very high which the film has live up to.

After a bumper opening, films like Bang Bang and Kick dipped due to Pre-Eid and Navratri period, but the decision to release Happy New Year a day after Diwali holiday seems to have worked. The film has held strongly in the noon, with all-India occupancy crossing 85%. It could go higher later in the day as the reports from theatres is very positive.

Happy New Year should record the highest opening day collections and could cross the 40 cr mark for the first time ever. The Tamil and Telugu versions have also opened very well, which will only add to the domestic (India) collections.

Box Office Update till 4PM. Stay tuned to Indicine for more updates!



  • haters are buring………… kick’s firstday collection will be broke with huge margin …………
    my prediction :40.17 cr

    bhaitards will now leave these site soon

  • Happy new year will be flop like ra one movie
    in happy new year 10actors hahaha
    so sad for all 10actors happy new year will be flop

  • even before starting the evining show …………. the first day colllection of kick crossed :p lolz

    poor bhai fan

    hope bhai will cross the overseas collection of JTHJ(84 cr)
    forget about 100 cr

  • I mention again that hny is srk,s best performance since mnik. Full entertainment. 1st day 40cr and weekend 116cr.

  • abhisheks movie always carry bad wom..and this is no exception..

    that guy is so aweful that he carries the entire movie for a flop..

    his existance itself lends the film a flop status and a bad vibe..

    wonder what aish saw in him..!!

    we wish the film a super flop from the bottom of our hearts

    today will not be more than 5-6 cr..and that is the truth

  • @indicine – My hny review .! Do u agree ??
    Prelogue :-
    Entered the theatre with huge expectations bcoz of track record of srk-farah combo. And guess what , they have hit d bulls eye.
    Review :-
    There are 2 types of comedies – one slapstick comedy n other straight faced comedy. U need to enjoy slapstick comedy by ‘keeping ur brains at home’ and hny 1 st half is all about slapstick enjoyment.
    The pace of the 1st half is smooth. The gags and jokes work out as there are laughs in the theatre. 1st half of hny is a huge winner and the best of recent times as far as enjoyment is concerned.
    Srk and farah manages to keep the audience entertained.
    2nd half takes times to stabilize. But once it gathers momentum , thers no stoping it. Remember the song ‘all is in the well , if end is in the well’ means climax is the soul of the movie. And team hny has got a big thumbs up as far as climax is concerned.
    (literally saw people clapping n standing at the climax).
    End credits also keeps audience in theatres for a while after the movie ends.
    Thumbs down :-
    1) people moving out whenever any song started, means music is let down.
    2) ungli trailer not attached.
    3) slapstick comedy might not work with a few(but who cares, film is grander)
    4) didn’t like deepika’s accent.
    Thumbs up:-
    1) srk , junior bacchan
    2) grand production.
    3) location and sets.
    4) srk’s abs work big time.
    5) pk teaser.
    Conclusion :-
    Its an out and out srk- farah extravaganza. Srk proves why he is the king of hearts of the people.
    Box office :-
    Film will surpass all records left,right,centre. All the records will be blown to pieces. Even pk
    has to be a brilliant film if it has to surpass hny.
    PS :-
    Hope @indicine and all love my review. Thank you.
    Watch hny. Its an all time blockbuster !!!

  • I jist love this movie..this movie is a tight slap to all who says chennai express worked only for rohit shetty. Also the superstardom of srk is bigger than what farah khans image in public after tees maar khan!!!!. Srk..the only king of bollywood who does nt need rajkumar hirani or dhoom series to create records!!! That is why srk is a bigger star! !

  • its koimoi’s review- Rating:2/5 Stars (Two stars)Star Cast:Shah Rukh Khan,Abhishek Bachchan,Boman Irani,Sonu Sood,Deepika Padukone,Jackie Shroff, Vivaan ShahDirector:Farah KhanWhat’s Good:The actors are all earnest and the opulent canvas sure works in retaining your attention.What’s Bad:It lacks Farah Khan’s witty streak. The heist track just doesn’t work and the film’s second hour is plain unconvincing. Low on the needful IQ that could have made the robbery believable, the film’s thrill tapestry was on the weaker side.Loo break:Spend a good chunk of post interval in the loo.Watch or Not?:Happy New Yearis two distinct films rolled in one. While the first hour is breezy, fun and pretty watchable, the second hour is a convoluted mess with a heist angle that doesn’t work, a romantic track that seems forced, the vivaciousness lacking from the camaraderie of the characters and the sappyness of adukhbhari daastanof a backstory.It is a half baked film that uses all the regular formulaic heist tools and naturally offers nothing unseen or unexpected. The predictability of the climax was the most fatal blow for the film. It isn’t unwatchable but horridly disappointing. Farah Khan has better mettle I believe and her funda of keeping it simple, garbed in floss doesn’t work this time.

  • I have to admit one thing. @Indicine team is Chanakya in predicting business.

    From Dhoom 3 to Kick to Bang Bang and now HNY.

    You guys are really the best site to follow when it comes to predicting numbers. It was only during 3I when you went wrong. You have come a long way since then.

    Awesome work @Team Indicine!

  • Farah Khan is giving tough competition to her bro Sajid & hubby Shirish..It will be hard to choose the worst between Humshakals, Joker & Happy new year. pathetic movie hny. don’t waste your money guyz.

  • @ Indicine : It is one of the funniest and biased review of yours till date:

    1) you say leave our brain in home (only for HNY)
    2) length could have been less
    3) songs could have been good
    4) regular farah’s movie

    Still you have given 4 stars…vow…you should rename your portal as SRK-Indicine Wale..

    80 % occupancy level is too low. I have sent you links of its bad review and you have stopped all of them from publishing… Why…

  • shaggy.. Whr u changing ur stupid nonsence vewi from time to time.. Do u remeber, yestarday u said i t would not collect more than 30 crore.. And today it is targeting for 40+ and u r saying tomorrow it will not cross 30 crore… If it collects more than 30 then what will u say??? Have u brain??? Haha

  • Hindu review

    Farah once again walks the line between spoof and tribute in this rather long, self-aware entertainer with enough moments to make you smile

  • shaggy today monster collection will be a tight powerful slap on ur face.. Now shut ur mouth off and get last from here. Comment in PK’s artical..

  • seyar and pzrauf@ hahaha… Soo feeling so pitty for u.. But what will we do, it is going to break each and every record.. We cant stop.. My humble advice
    Get Lost from here… :D

  • @megha 518pm
    abhisheks movie always carry bad WOM., so u saying “Dhoom trilogy” had bad wom…
    & 1st day 5/6 cr for hny
    oh..god kill me…i dnt want to die…

  • To make things clear about the movie’s FEED-BACK, it has got mixed reactions from CRITICS (which is very normal for any big commercial film) but the PAYING PUBLIC which is the most important as far as BOX-OFFICE is concerned is loving the film and the WOM is ranging from VERY GOOD to EXCELENT.
    So nothing to worry about, the film will be challenging every record just like OSO!!

  • @noam .. just passing a comment or two ’cause you are doing all the good work, taking over these morons ‘shaggy’ ‘lejhand’ ‘tiger the real queen’ ‘navin’ ‘kambli11’ single handedly. Great Going & Congrats Srkians. 😀
    Haters are BURNING .. HNY seems all set to beat Dhoom 3 – Abhishek & Uday Chopra multi starrer by a huge margin .. it will cross Randeep Hooda starrer Kick in just 10 days.

  • Deccan Chronicle:

    ‘Happy New Year’ public review: Happy New Year’ public review: Filmgoers come out smiling

    I don’t know how 2 describe. Ether someone likes it so much or they completely hate it. There is no in between.

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