Guess who? Cult filmmaker’s film gone wrong

Trade magazine Box Office India published an article earlier today. The article hints at a ‘cult filmmaker’ who believed he would ‘change the face of Indian Cinema’ with his upcoming release. However, when the film was screened to a group of people, the feedback he received was extremely negative. The film has been pushed to a later date.

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This is what happens when you become too big for your boots and assume that whatever you touch will turn to gold. And since you think so highly of yourself, you tend to work with people who worship you. No wonder, the people you work with will think that whatever you produce is out of this world. And since you’re surrounded by these people, you never grow.

Now this media-dubbed ‘cult filmmaker’ is on the horns of a dilemma. Since his people thought he’s made a film that will change the face of Indian cinema, he decided to go ahead and announce the release date.

Well, better sense prevailed and he decided to show his film to some other people to get some feedback. Instead of singing his praises, they either didn’t understand his film or thought it was going to be the biggest debacle of the century.

So this filmmaker decided to re-work the film, yet again, on the editing table and introduce some sense into the movie. So the film has been postponed, yet again, and now it will hit cinemas only after the filmmaker is convinced that it is release-worthy. We hope that happens, but judging by those who have watched the movie, it looks next to impossible.



  • Anuragh Kashyap.

    He thinks he is Speilberg. Too much pride without even achieving 10% of what a guy like Rohit Shetty has achieved.

  • Definitely Bombay velvet. Cult filmmaker is anurag kashyap films like gangs of wasseypur,gulaal etc
    I do think he re edit and stuff come may and he might surprise. I hope it’s good new cinema. M not a rabbit fanboy. I like srk and aamir movies. But yeah young actors like ranbir siddharth ranveer varun r doing good projects

  • Many thinks Anurag as Greatest Filmmaker. But His 9 out of 10 movies are disasters. So what’s the point in making movies. Movies are made to entertain people & Give message to people. But his film’s make people bored. It’s just from an audience point of view.

  • guys it is Bombay Velvet.
    I have a proof….before you click the link (the headline) just look the tags and it is attached Bombay Velvet name.

  • Well, I will be honest! First person that came on my mind is Teesmaar Khan’s brother, Sajid Khan. But he has no movie postponed.
    But then, I remembered that the only so-called big movie with a so-called cult director is Bombay Velvet. I don’t like the title either. So, I became certain that it was Anurag Kashyap. It was postponed. VFX was an excuse. Is it a super hero movie or ultra slick (sic) action movie it takes so much time for VFX? Then, comments section confirmed it.

    The Two Rupees filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has really become too big for his boot. Woh Khud Bhi Tarki Karengi, Aur Doosro Ko Bhi Tarki Nahin Honay Degaa.
    He unnecessarily took fights with Khan brothers and showed attitude instead of gratitude. And he made his brother quit Dabangg 2. The result is before you to see.

  • it’s certainly PK or BV..
    but since BV is the one that is postponed..there is no doubt it’s BV
    somebody should ask karan johar to confirm..;)

  • So, the negativity campaign has already started.
    A famous dialogue from a movie comes to my mind:

    Keep on hating people, time will prove everything.

  • Next year will rather should belong to Ranbir, with movies like Bombay Velvet, Jagga Jasoos & Tamasha. And people atleast we should give him the credit of not misusing his stardom by doing completely commercial films, which are easy to be a success and trying different movies like Bombay Velvet & Jagga Jasoos. Whatever has been heard about both films seems very different from what has been attemted in bollywood.
    Only few superstars can be credited for not abusing their stardom by doing the same repetitive movies in the last few years and Ranbir leads them.

  • No indicine.stop spreading negativity against SIR RK.this cannot be true and if it is it will be extremely bad for youngistaan bcz RK is the leader of youngistaan movement

  • Guys this is might be Bombay Velvet I suppose, Anurag has also directed a small film titled ‘Ugly’ that is due for release this september or october, though the film has been screened in cannes and Toronto Film Festival, so the chances of it being thrashed is little possible. So, it could be BV. DAMN!!

  • This is surely regarding Bombay Velvet. But according to what I know, the people who even saw some parts of the movie loved it and praised it. Therefore, this blind item doesn’t make any sense. And I’m sure, Bombay Velvet gonna be a cult movie.

  • It seems like Bombay Velvet is leading contender, I hope they fix it if it’s true, I have high expectations from it.

  • @Navin – You do realize Gangs of Wasseypur was one of the most critically acclaimed and liked movies of 2012? From which logic Bomaby Velvet = Gangs of Wasseypur 3 since Bombay Velvet (suspect) got negative response unlike GOW?

  • @Sky – Wrong, Gangs of Wasseypur was Hit at the box office. Combined budget of both the parts was 18.5 crore and they went on to collect over 50 crore at the box office.

  • @rohit

    Oh really…? Classic…

    Give me a break…. Next you will say Jacpot is a classic or Jab Tak Hai Mojo is better than Maya Memsaab…

  • @rohit

    Films can easily go off track n become a different genre altogether…

    Srks RaOne was supposed to be a superhero genre movie but it became a horror movie where kids were more scared of the superhero G.One than Raavan…

    Guzarish was supposed to be an art film showcasing Euthanasia but ended up being a wildlife documentary featuring mosquitoes…

    Bombay Velvet has turned into GOW part 2… IMO

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