Guess who? Cult filmmaker’s film gone wrong

Trade magazine Box Office India published an article earlier today. The article hints at a ‘cult filmmaker’ who believed he would ‘change the face of Indian Cinema’ with his upcoming release. However, when the film was screened to a group of people, the feedback he received was extremely negative. The film has been pushed to a later date.

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This is what happens when you become too big for your boots and assume that whatever you touch will turn to gold. And since you think so highly of yourself, you tend to work with people who worship you. No wonder, the people you work with will think that whatever you produce is out of this world. And since you’re surrounded by these people, you never grow.

Now this media-dubbed ‘cult filmmaker’ is on the horns of a dilemma. Since his people thought he’s made a film that will change the face of Indian cinema, he decided to go ahead and announce the release date.

Well, better sense prevailed and he decided to show his film to some other people to get some feedback. Instead of singing his praises, they either didn’t understand his film or thought it was going to be the biggest debacle of the century.

So this filmmaker decided to re-work the film, yet again, on the editing table and introduce some sense into the movie. So the film has been postponed, yet again, and now it will hit cinemas only after the filmmaker is convinced that it is release-worthy. We hope that happens, but judging by those who have watched the movie, it looks next to impossible.



  • @shaggy: i just thought it may be bcoz Raju is also a cult director…but indicine cleared my doubts,so why are u getting offended???

  • @indicine: Very nice reply to haters like “Shaggy”, who always post their hatred comments irrespective of the topic and article. Whatever is the article, they just have to spread negativity. I don’t know what is their problem.
    Coming to the article, I guess its Bombay velvet or Haider, though not sure. Will wait for indicine’s answer.

  • Lol on stupid hrithik fans who is saying it is #Haider it just shows their insecurity and also they don’t have faith in that crap kinght and day remake.coming to this article it clearly indicates anurag kashyap’s and i think both the kashyap brothers ego is much bigger than their talent.

    indicine please post my comment.

  • It is anurag baits kashayap who always think all the other movies are dumb box.. in contrary his own movies are shot full of vulgarity, abuses, double meaning lines which he thinks is best film making.. his movies starts, but never ends….

  • i think Anurag Kashyap . As Bombay Velvet is postponed . But it might have gone wrong considering commercial value of the film .
    And if its not Anurag , then may be Raju Hirani . Bcoz till now anything he has touched has turned into gold .
    Lets wait for the further announcements .

  • I guess bombey velvet???? coz when directors grow bigger they think very differently and this has lead him to think again.poor anurag.

  • @shagy it wont be pk as raju has made big films thrice and Anurag is making big film on dis huge scale he said’ Now I know what it takes to make a big film’
    So Bombay velvet must have gone horribly wrong. dis article clearly comes when Bombay Velvet was postponed just yesterday

    Yes certainly bombay velvet

    • @Sami, never said the film is not Bombay Velvet. What we meant is, according to Anurag’s statement, he postponed the film to complete the VFX work. He never spoke of re-editing or re-shooting portions of the film.

      • Anurag Kashyap: We have just realised that it will take us a long time to finish the VFX which we had not anticipated. I’m recreating a bygone era but I had not imagined that it needs so much of postproduction. I’m finally learning what it takes to make a big film.

        Ranbir Kapoor: We are very proud of Anurag’s vision of Bombay Velvet and want to put the best product out. The film’s VFX is taking time and hence we have decided to move to May. We don’t want to do a hasty job.

  • another 60cr film for ranbir kapoor after besharam.he might out of top 10 after bombay velvet would be disaster in 2015.

  • It may be Haider, it should be postponed. Shahid is simply destroying his career by clashing with Bang Bang, which has potential to be highest grosser of 2014.

  • @nipun:Ram gopal verma?? seriously?? every film of his nowadays go wrong…

    Its is 100% Anurag Kashyap,evidences which support this:
    1)Anurag is named the cult filmmaker;
    2)Bombay velvet was a big ambitious project which could have changed the face of indian cinema
    3)Bombay velvet is recently postponed to may 15 with director citing the incomplete VFX work.

  • one thing is for sure….it’s not any salman khan movie as he doesn’t know the meaning of cult movies.

  • its only Bombay Velvet, as that film pushed 6 month ahead, anurag kashyap known as cult director.but he has not a single hit with him, and Gang of wassepur are the only film of him which was liked by many and Dev D is most critically acclaimed and most successful as its verdict was a above average best for him.But I wish it won’t be.those who thinks about p.k. they should know P.K. already starts promotion and Raju Hirani is not media made cult director, he is publically made best director as his all 3 movies were classic and big hits. Its Anurag, if he is, than feeling said for Ranbir.

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