Guess who? Cult filmmaker’s film gone wrong

Trade magazine Box Office India published an article earlier today. The article hints at a ‘cult filmmaker’ who believed he would ‘change the face of Indian Cinema’ with his upcoming release. However, when the film was screened to a group of people, the feedback he received was extremely negative. The film has been pushed to a later date.

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This is what happens when you become too big for your boots and assume that whatever you touch will turn to gold. And since you think so highly of yourself, you tend to work with people who worship you. No wonder, the people you work with will think that whatever you produce is out of this world. And since you’re surrounded by these people, you never grow.

Now this media-dubbed ‘cult filmmaker’ is on the horns of a dilemma. Since his people thought he’s made a film that will change the face of Indian cinema, he decided to go ahead and announce the release date.

Well, better sense prevailed and he decided to show his film to some other people to get some feedback. Instead of singing his praises, they either didn’t understand his film or thought it was going to be the biggest debacle of the century.

So this filmmaker decided to re-work the film, yet again, on the editing table and introduce some sense into the movie. So the film has been postponed, yet again, and now it will hit cinemas only after the filmmaker is convinced that it is release-worthy. We hope that happens, but judging by those who have watched the movie, it looks next to impossible.



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