Fastest Films to 200 crores

Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 has become the fastest film to cross the Rs 200 crore mark in India, faster than films like Krrish 3, Chennai Express and 3 Idiots – which are the only three other films to have done All India business of 200 crore or more.

Krrish 3 (including all versions) took 10 days to net 200 crores, while Chennai Express crossed the milestone at the end of its second week. The first film to do so, 3 Idiots, became the first film ever to collect 200 crore in its 9th week at the box office.

Films that were the fastest to the 200 crore mark

  • Dhoom 3 – 9 days
  • Krrish 3 – 10 days
  • Chennai Express – 14 days
  • 3 Idiots – 58 days




  • @Salman – U ask me why always SRK is dragged everywhere. Let me tell u the reason

    Do u see salman hrithik akshay ranbir or ajay’s fans here fighting to undermine the success of aamir

    There is mutual respect but guess whose fans are arrogant and brattish like there superstar and always tries to undermine other’s success. Its u guys always trashing other’s success with silly reasons. They are in shock by the fake kings record been broken left and right in 2 months. Dude accept the fact with dignity and live on. Dhoom 3 is already the highest grosser and will do a business of more than 500cr becoz of one and only aamir as people are going just to watch him now.

  • @salman D3 rocked the nation it is fact and other fact is every body is again on srk fans it doesn’t maens srk is above all, no ne is here again on directly to srk, we are against fans like you which is fans of him because you people will never accept the fact that there are other actors too who is also working better than SRK, you people are never been happy of success of any star films whether its Salman,Aamir,Akshay,Hrithik,Ajay and even Ranbir, we have seen how people on social networking sites and bollywood site unneccessary degradin Besharam without even wathcing the movie, personally speaking the movies wasn’t too bad at all, it deserves success. so first you accept the fact and start to appreciated others hard work and you will see that more people will come and support srk too., first change your attitude and than talk.

  • @divya agree we have seen srk better in comedy act than CE, personally i also find too overacting and hamming in ce, in D3 Samar act of Aamir is superb.

    @navin dear i want to say your comments are so funny, being a Srk hater and the way you writing comments was so funny, i found you bith harsh towards srk but you comments make me laugh and i am enjoying every bit of your comments.

    D3: 400cr grosser worldwide Fist movie to collect 400cr.

  • Krish 3 was the most viewed
    trailer in youtube..a record which still exist…

    Krish 3 is as big
    franchise as Dhoom..with the hype and brand
    it has and the fact that when Dhoom 3 can
    gross 280 cr can you imagine that Krish 3
    can’t gross even 200 cr…Even a small kid can
    tell how much a film can gross in a day
    releasing in 3900 screens with 90 %
    occupancy…definately 25 cr + easily…

    If you dont beleive
    Krish 3 crossing 200 cr as stated as
    Indicine…then stop reading Indicine & give
    your comments in BOI…

  • @aks thanks so much and sad reality is I loved thakurs films from say upto 2003 but then reality hit and I moved abroad, started a family, got occupied with family life and one day I got back with looking into what my fav stars were upto and what fans/ articles were saying and what did I find…? 1234 daily articles from Red Chillies PR Machine bashing Salman, Aamir, Ajay, Akki etc etc… Its the lungiwalas that made me despise their now clear for all to see two faced Thakur…. My hatred for their nasty backstabbing ways is immense now and even when I enjoy a thakur movie (an once in a lifetime occurence nowadays like an Eclipse type event) like crappy express- I will deny I ever felt such a blasphemous thing and go back to thakur bashing and more mocking of lungiwalas…! Respects to lungi wearing fans and all hail Youtube King- Thakur Of Paglapur sorry its now Sarkar Of Chennai

  • @Navin : Ditto here. I used to like srk until K3G but started disliking for his rude n arrogance n two faced personality !!!!!!

  • @navin @hritik i was never a fan of srk but also note hate him before 2006, but the way he was calling himself biggest khan and he himself thought he is real Don and even not respect big b’s that time, this arrogance,overconfidence and mocking other actors in each and every occasion and just try to praise himself everytime makes me to dislike him too.

  • @crappy navin
    the movie u think crap made it to the list of 10 most trending movies 2013 the
    only hindi movie are you telling the international audience are also
    like your indian audience
    wake up rickshawala and lungiwala suits you best cause u are indian
    we arent indian

  • @Remotecontrol – Are you aware of the fact PR. these kinds of things are done using IT companies. Just have to create a script amd make some fake profiles and the movie starts trending.

    Srk PR works overtime to always keep him in news some way or the other like fake parties for tv premiers during krissh3 success or fake trending during dhoom 3 success just to keep SRK in news during other actors successes

  • @hritik ha ha dude I am laughing loud for seeing your reply. I will answer for your question that you posted don2 is a strictly multiplex audience and it is not a masala film and srk previous film Raone is bashed badly without a region so his track record is not so good. all this goes against srk but still he manages to cross 100crs which is must for every big actor. and now ready is masala film and and the songs are chartbusters . salman is in his golden phase that time. ya I agree that stardom cannot be measured by the cyber world. if salman good phase started after wanted only. if jaiho collects more then CE then I will believe salman has more stardom then srk. and one more thing u know that Don vs janeman. even janeman is better then Don and with one more big actor with his side the khiladi himself. y that salman stardom worked that time.

  • @ those who says huge collection of D3 bcz of franchise of Dhoom ….Aamir doesnt require franchise…bt franchisee needs aamir He didnt go to yasraj for D3 bt yashraj did…they convecd Aamir for D3…Aamir is the real king of bollyd not on papers king like srk

  • One observation after visiting many forums such as this one..SRK fans are worst behaved, they will fight with everyone and will try to bring SRK’s name in any discussion. They will humiliate every other star and their fans (From Salmaan, Aamir, HR, Akshay, Ajay to Ranbir) I like SRK the actor/star but his fans need to show and behave with some maturity.

  • @Salman : The difference is there to see. I am talking about last 3 years n you went back to 2006. I have no hesitation acknowledging that Salman’s career was on low during Jaaneman. Another crap from you is comparing non holiday release ‘Jai Ho’ with Eid release (one of the biggest) CE. I talked about your n srk favour – Don 2 was a holiday release whereas Ready was non holiday. Period !!!!! If you believe Don 2 was movie for multiplex audience then dont bark about srk king slogans. Accept that he is an actor n human like others n not bigger than a movie !!!!!!

  • Where is Bahubali: The Beginning which grossed Rs. 215 Crore in five days and where is Bajrangi Bhaijaan which grossed Rs.201 Crore in 7 days

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