Dhoom 3 Second Weekend Collections: Rock-solid on Saturday

Dhoom 3Dhoom 3 was rock-steady at the domestic box office on its 2nd Saturday (9th Day). The film has collected Rs 12.04 crore, to take its lifetime all India collections to Rs 211.13 crore.

The Aamir Khan starrer has collected Rs 22.14 crore in its second weekend and should finish its second weekend with business of around Rs 35-36 crore – which would take its 10 day total to 224-225 crore net, a few crores behind the lifetime business of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Dhoom 3 1st Week Collections

  • Friday ?36.22 cr
  • Saturday ?33.36 cr
  • Sunday ?38.03 cr
  • Monday ?21.71 cr
  • Tuesday ?20.14 cr
  • Wednesday ?25.52 cr
  • Thursday ? 14.01 cr
  • First Week Business ?188.99 crore

Dhoom 3 2nd Weekend Collections

  • Second Friday – ? 10.1 cr
  • Second Saturday -? 12.04 cr
  • Total Collections ?211.13 crore (including all versions)

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster

Note: Hindi version of Dhoom 3 has collected Rs 200.45 crore, which is about 2 crore behind the total business of 3 Idiots and about 27 crore below Chennai Express which didn’t release in regional versions.



  • Amazing collections and finally 3 idiots 4 year old second weekend record will be broken. Second week record too will belong to Aamir Dhoom Khan too. Unbelievable achievement and now 250 cr is a certainty but 300 could be out of reach unfortunately. Nevermind PK will do what Dhoom 3 fails to do and that is create the 300 cr club.

  • i watch Krishh 3 last night…. i heard from some pewple its worst movie etc…. but Krrish 3 is fabulous…… i love ett…. hope dhoom 3 will b the best too……

  • i ll just say that d3 is no where near to d2 d1.
    when will indian grew i dont 9 they like riding bike on wire common guys grow up

  • Verdict-All Time Blockbuster.Hurray.3 ATBB for Aamir khan in 6 years.This is an unbelievable achievement.Aamir khan has again set a new benchmark for others.

  • Even if “Dhoom 3” fails to cross “CE” today but surely it will cross it tomorrow.Aamir’s BMW bike is all set to overtake Passenger train.All passengers r requested to tighten their Lungis.lol

  • can indicine come up with an article that compares numbers of hits and Flops in India and Overseas of all 3 Khans in their resp careers ?

  • let’s see if d3 can cross 30 cr more in it’s hindi version … make sure ur topi is with u richawalas cos if d3 cant add 30 more in it’s hindi version then u’ll have only ur topi to cover urselfs up

  • can indicine come up with an article that compares numbers of hits and Flops in India and Overseas of all 3 Khans in their resp careers ? which also includes list of classics and versatility etc.

  • Lets not debate hw much a movie earns or hw many records r broken and all that,,,a movie should leave an impact on the people so that they can remember it for long long time irrespective of its bussiness.and also see the effort the actor has put in to do justice with his character….thats why people accept Aamir khan as 20 year old in 3 idiots ,,and like dhoom3 than others .

  • @vikram what nonsense…. You are without a lungi for past 2 months since K3 and now D3 have both derailed and destroyed all records of Chennai Depress and you have the audacity to advise others on public decency…. First of buy a lungi and quickly because next month the peoples bhai jaan will crush on any last remaining debris of the Crappy Express train if there is anything left of it after D3 ends its glorious run… Jai Ho

  • Saw d3 last night. Good movie though it’s an unofficial remake of the big b starrer Akayla. The difference being that it’s modernized and the antagonist in the 1991 movie was a ruthless killer and in d3 he is a good man out for revenge.

  • Why salman fans are jumping?
    i can see their jealous
    beacause still bhai is unable to cross 200 cr.
    And he will never gonna cross it
    poor bhai fans only support othrs but they don’t support bhai’s movie

  • Versatility? I laugh at those who actually think good movies are made in bollywood. Best Khan? Simple. Irrfan Khan. Aamir second, SRK distant 3rd. Very distant.

  • @to all srk haters we(srkian) are feeling same what aamir fans were feeling at time of ce but the difference is that they were giving credit to dp(she was a flope acctress before 2013 3 back to back flops no 100 crores) and rohit(his highest grossing movie before 2013 was only 104 crores cross 100 crores in more than 40 days)i mean they don,t have any logic in their comment but we are giving the credit to dhoom franchise,according to me
    d3 credits in bo
    25% credit of dhoom3 should goes to dhoom franchise
    12% to katrina
    2% to junior bachan
    61% to aamir
    k3 credits in bo
    22%credit of k3 should goes to k3 franchise
    5% to pc
    1% to kangna
    1% to vivek
    3% to director and actor,s combo
    68% to hrithik

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