Dhoom 3 vs 3 Idiots: Comparison between Aamir blockbusters

Dhoom 3 has gone past the lifetime business of one of Hindi cinemas biggest blockbusters 3 Idiots, also starring Aamir Khan. The Hindi version of Dhoom 3 has collected about the same as 3 Idiots in just 9 days after its release.

3 Idiots vs Dhoom 3

3 Idiots vs Dhoom 3

Some points

  • The average ticket price was much lower when 3 Idiots released in theatres.
  • 3 Idiots got the biggest release of its time, when the film released on more than 1800 screens in India. In 4 years, Dhoom 3 more than doubled its release size with 4400 screens approx.
  • The Christmas weekend has been phenomenal for Aamir Khan – Ghajini was the first film to cross 100 crores, 3 Idiots in 2009 became the first film to collect 200 crores in India. Now, Dhoom 3, with quite a few open weeks, has an outside chance of crossing the 300 crore mark.
Day3 IdiotsDhoom 3
Preview2.5 croresNo Preview
Day 112.5 (Holiday Christmas)36.22
Day 211.533.36
Day 313.5 (Sunday)38.03 (Sunday)
Day 41121.71
Day 59.520.14
Day 6925.52 (Christmas)
Day 71014.01
First Week79.5 crores188.99 crores
Day 811 (New Year)10.1 crore
Day 910.512 crore (expected)
Day 1012.5 (Sunday)
Day 116
Day 125.75
Day 135.25
Day 145
Two Week Total136 crores
Day 154
Day 167
Day 178 (Sunday)
Day 183.25
Day 193
Day 202.75
Day 212.5
Three Week Total166.5 crores
Day 222.25
Day 233.25
Day 244 (Sunday)
Total till fourth weekend176 crores
Remaining weeks26.5
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores211.09 crores


  • i like d3. but k3 is unstoppable film for our mind limitation. i means in koi mil gaya a device was that we can contact alliens by rohit`computer, in krrish a device was that we can see our future by computer and in k3 a device was that we can give new life to any living organism by that solar photochomatic penand another idea was that we can make helpful maanvers. i hope in k4 rakesh sir will give something new and never before seen. i am also excited about d4 if there is salman or shahrukh in lead role of d4. indicine team please please please correct me if i am wrong. i am your die hard follower since your starting articles.

  • I saw dhoom3 last night and I found it be average. Not as well directed as d2. But I was blown away by aamir’s performance. He truly is an actor par excellence and his mentally challenged samar is an award winning act. In todays time apart from aamir only hrithik is an actor of this level. Hats off to aamir. But uday chopra is so irritating in this movie!!! Big bore. Glad hes retiring. This flick is the great aamir show. :P

  • Mindblowing figures…. On the hand Im disappointed as 3 idiots is still the most superior film to belong in the 200cr club but for hindi cinema its pivotal that movies go forth and break records and set even newer benchmarks. 250 cr for D3 by end of week 2 is a certainty now but looks like it may fall short of 300 cr mark… Oh well what D3 may not achieve will be achieved by Aamir and Raju Hirani with PK next June god willing.

    Aamir roxXxXxXx

  • I know one thing–
    3 idiots deserved it and dhoom 3 did not..
    Had 3 idiots released today,it could have easily crossed 300crs,while dhoom 3 will struggle to reach 300crs…
    Dhoom 3 is one of the worst movies of aamir in recent times..talaash,ghajini,taare zameen par,fanaa all were better than it.

  • No need to compare with 3i at that time no one was thinking that even 100cr become so easy in 3-4 years as we achieved 100cr in weekend and 3i collected 200cr, unimaginable and unthinkable at that time and most important thing what a movie 3i was,full marks to 3i team specially Raju hirani,aamir,sharman,madhvan,omi and boman..

  • d3 is not the best of aamir khan…bt still very good…n his performance was outstanding…congratulations to dhoom 3 team and aamir khan…

  • Dhoom3 worst film of the year!!!!….overseas people are laughing at this saying it’s the combination of the prestige,now you see me and batman also

  • Difference Between Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 Records :-
    Chennai Express made Records on the name of Brand ‘Shah Rukh Khan’.
    Aamir Khan made records on the name of Brand ‘DHOOM’.
    Agree or Not ???

  • congratulation to aamir khan for 4th blockbuster & 10th hit in his filmography. since u need brands & hirani to give bb, i would suhggest u to play jadoo’s son in krishh4 after hirani’s pk.

  • It will be interesting to see how much “Dhoom 3” collects from day 11 which is 2nd week.If the collections does not drop too much then it can go near 300 crore.

  • @beinglungifan Dont worry dude- our belived Rohit will play Krrish’ son in Rohit 4 so once again the cycle of the roshan family will continue on on its merry run of double roles and reincarnation etc etc…

    Lets hope Victors next- Tashan 2 starring lungi king Thakur beats Chennai Depress’ crappy records so you can be happy once again

  • @sahil Yes in Rohit 4 lets hope Rohit- Krrish’ son in the 4th film (confused..? Watch the 3 films in Rohit series again and catch up…) invents a metal detector like device called lungi detector…! WoW and in the film Rohit searches ‘paglapur’, ‘chennai’ ( or any overseas territory where thakur is sarkar/ king like Madagascar) searching for famous lungis lost by lungiwala fans like ‘romance expiry’, ‘nipun the alcoholic’, ‘sakhi rawant’ and ‘being alungiwala fan’ during the recent Christmas tsunami called DHOOM…!

    Im sure Hro and Thakur fans will unite like bever before to support such a masterpiece film and if we use a lungiwala fans calculator (remoteless control) and add both Crappy Express’ collections and Rohit 3’s collections then we can expect all India Gross collections totalling 600 crore or Total Nett collections of Rakesh ji amounting to a humungous 900 crores…! Truly a great film which even lungiwala fans will like and kids the world over will go gaga over….!!!

  • @Being sallu fan

    Aamir worked with indra kumar in Dil and ishq. Have u ever heard of any of his other movies except for masti :P

    Aamir worked with John matthew in sarfarosh. Have u ever heard of any other of his films

    Aamir worked with ashutosh gowariker when no one else would and the product was lagaan

    Aamir worked with rakesh mehra in Rang de basanti. After that he made dilli 6.

    Aamir worked with Debutant Farhan Akhtar in dil chahta hai.

    So please dont come here compaining such idiotic things. His name is synonymous with quality and he definitely wont do a film jst becoz of brand name.

    It is your favorite who wont do a film without established. Just to revive his career he begged Rohit shetty to make a film for him. Always depended on chopras and johars for most of his films and looks for established directors to build his career. If not for them he wont have any foothold in overseas market.

  • the worst film of the year along with ce and jab tak hai jaan is vying for the worst movie award… if we dnot crap this film abhishek bachchan may get revived and threaten us with his broad lips..!!!!

  • there is no question that 3i is a milestone in Indian cinema, and no comparision to it.

    but, here the comparision is about the collections, so stop bashing the website for it.

    people should read the article first and then comment.

  • even dabangg released in 1800 screens did 140 crores and dabangg-2 released in 3350 screens did 149.2 crores….i think 3 idiots got fantastic word of mouth if big star movie with same type of word of mouth 300 crores should be crossed but d-3 wil end up somewhere 240-260 thts all..dont be surprised if failed to cross fake 245 crores of krissh-3

  • Both films multistarrers. One lifted from bestselling novel. Other’s India’s biggest franchise. Add inflation and Christmas and you have hits for Aamir Khan who otherwise struggled to take his solo hero film Talaash beyond 90 crores and languished all through 90s!

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