Fastest Films to 200 crores

Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 has become the fastest film to cross the Rs 200 crore mark in India, faster than films like Krrish 3, Chennai Express and 3 Idiots – which are the only three other films to have done All India business of 200 crore or more.

Krrish 3 (including all versions) took 10 days to net 200 crores, while Chennai Express crossed the milestone at the end of its second week. The first film to do so, 3 Idiots, became the first film ever to collect 200 crore in its 9th week at the box office.

Films that were the fastest to the 200 crore mark

  • Dhoom 3 – 9 days
  • Krrish 3 – 10 days
  • Chennai Express – 14 days
  • 3 Idiots – 58 days




  • For how many days SRK lovers will keep on harping the same .. aamir has 2 200 crs to his name .. srk has one

    If u say that one is due to raju hirani other due to yrf .. then pls tell which film of yrf including one by legendary filmmaker yash chopra having ar rahman .. so called global superstar .. and katrina kaif .. or any othe film by yrf have crossed 200 cr

    Also if u apply the same logic than srk himself has not given any film which crossed 120 crs (acc to srk fans much beloved site boi) be4 chennai express .. then how come u discount the fact tat it is a rohit shetty film where deepika’s acting was much loved .. hw come its credit is goin to srk

  • In fact honestly speaking .. his comic timing was really bad in CE
    he hammed his way through half the movie .. infact he was the weak pojnt of the movie and akshay or any other better comic actor would hqve done much better .. in fact ajay did much better acting in similar movie son of sardar with same kind of situations

  • OMG haters excuses against K3 and D3 are nonsensical and bordering on farcical…!

    Keep shocking yourselves only haterz but D3 has left the Chennai Depress train firmly in its place in Chennai and next stop for Dhoom 3 is Top Worldwide Grosser Ever…

    All hail Bollywoods King Khan aka Aamir Khan and not some lungiwala youtube king… :-P


  • @sss : you morons (srk fans) never accept the
    truth in reality. You always live in denial mode
    when any actor (apart from srk) makes or breaks
    record. Why didnt srk score more with Don
    franchise? was it smaller than Dhoom or was srk
    smaller than Hrithik n Aamir? what happened to
    110 crore diwali bomb. What about Yash ji’s last
    movie? where was srk power against SOS (the
    difference is only 16 crores despite JTJH getting
    more than 400+ more screens than SOS) why
    Don 2 failed to beat Ready despite a Christmas
    solo release? No doubt srk was leading in
    overseas but Aamir has slowly de-throning him
    there as well. Salman is buying copy rights for
    remakes whereas srk steals dam water from poor
    drought hit villages forget about buying remake
    rights (what is he doing with crores of rupees,
    cant even pay for water tankers to utilise for
    shoots?). Wud you have said same that “srk
    needs Dhoom” if srk had done the movie? FYI…
    only Adi Chopra, Sanjay Gadvi, Abhishek, Uday
    & John are solely responsible for making Dhoom
    what it is today. Hrithik took it another level n
    raised the bar. Sadly for you srk has no
    contribution in it. He even rejected D3 fearing he
    wont suit the role. Where are his guts n risking
    taking attitude. Srk was depended on Salman’s
    family during his struggling days. Aamir n Salman
    never depended on him. The world doea not
    start with srk or end with him, may be for you it
    begins n ends. I am Salman fan but I wud
    appreciate any actor doing good. Srk too has
    done some fantastic movies but sadly his fans
    like you have made him most hatred actor !!!!!
    Come out of DDLJ, KKHH era. Thats gone long
    ago !!!!

  • Who cares which movie got more accepted. Mattet of fact is, 90% of Bollywood movies are utter crap. Ce and D3 are equAlly bad, but D3 made more money, deAL with it, and stop crying.

  • Lungiwala fans are in,sane. When other actors’ films cross 100 crores or 200 crores, it is because of blah blah……When Lungiwala’s films do that, it is only because of him. Let us remind you that the Lungiwala’s film JTJH in the earlier year only managed to collect 120crores. But in CE, Rohit Shetty had already brought 100+ crores with him as he started making the movie. You know Rohit Shetty, right? No need of any introduction.

  • @sss

    i want to add few more points in your half covered logic.
    Take some more examples:-

    Salman Khan:-

    MPK:-Debut film with debut director Suraj ATBB.

    PKTDK:-debut director Sohail BB.

    No Entry :-Who knows Anees Bajmi before it.? BB.

    Dabangg:-Who knows Abhinav before it & also after it.? ATBB.

    Bodyguard:-debut director Siddique. BB

    Ek tha tiger:-First commercial hit of Kabir Khan & Historic hit & biggest BB for yrf till Yash Chopra alive.

    Dabangg 2:-debut director Arbaaz BB.

    Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 is just second film of Victor whose first film Tashan was biggest disaster.

  • @ srk fans,

    yeah, okay, so Indicine says K3 collected 200 crs.

    so, what you guys scared your star king will never chase it down?

    when CE deliberately increased a few lakhs to break ETT first day record, you should expect others to do so.

    if you feel your star is the so called global star, then you should say, okay, you make 200 cr, we make 300 cr.

    that should be the spirit.

    but it seems you don’t believe in your star ever breaking the record set by K3, as it is almost two months to release of K3 and still you people are stuck to the same record.

    it is a setback for your superstar.

    if his fans are not confident, how will he be confident?

    i bet even srk is not bothered to comment on such things.

    cheer up guys, still more movies to go for your star, give him a chance.

  • D3 now is biggest grosser ever with a collection of 211cr only in hindi version and they updated first week territorial breakdown as per that regional collection are 10cr approx so total domestic collection is 221cr all version. Hindi version alone collected 3cr more than ce lifetime 208cr in 10 days, as per officials total collection of d3 will Stand in 10 days close to 228-229cr so officialy it also break that record of 227cr ce too. Bravo Aamir.the best thing Aamir lived upto his promise as collection is not manipulated. Just a difference of 6-7cr is acceptable. If this was srk production than they will show collected 250cr in 10 days. @sss in which world mnh was bb,it was just a hit.check your facts @rohit rocking reply bro slightly correction pktdk was hit not bb, @divya,navin,jc&hr great comments. Funny thing Rohit shetty as a director entered in 100cq club 1 year early than srk in 2010 with Golmaal 3 and if his movies like Singhan and bol bachchan would got holiday release than would collect 130cr.

  • Why the hell U SRK fans talking about Hicked ticket price of Dhoom3, for the people like u only Aamir Khan gave statement before D3 release that D3 ticket price is almost same as CE, only for I-Max version ticket price is high, for ur SRK fans kind information there are mere 5 to 6 I-Max Theatres in India. Dont give silly excuses of more screens of D3 collection more collections, where was this logic when CE crossed 3I collections with Increased Ticket Price and Screens.

    Some SRk fans shouting for Salman’s South remakes, then why the hell SRK kept South Indian Super Star Rajnikanth as guest role in Ra-One and also a tribute song in Chennai Express, the fact is just SRK used Rajini Image to get good collections in south, cheap trick of SRK.

    SRK struggle to cross 150cr nett in India, Aamir, Salman, and even Ranbir Kapoor also crossed 150cr Nett Mark in India,Finally in 2013 it was CE which managed to cross 3I collections thanks to Rohit Shetty.

    Ok SRK has more highest grossing movies in overseas, But Still 3I is leading with $26million, MNIK with $23million, Chennai Express with $19million, D3 had collected $17million in its 1st week and in full run it will cross 3I to become Highest grossing movie in overseas, D3 which is action movie and history tells action movies never become highest grossing movie in overseas.

    Aamir Khan with D3 will be having 3 Alltime Highest Grossing Movies of Bollywood History ( Ghajini, 3I , D3) , and he will to equal to Raj Kapoor who too has 3 Alltime Highest Grossing Movies ( Barsaat, Awara, Shree420 )

    Where were u all SRK fans before CE, when Salman was giving back to back blockbusters.

    SRK got only one alltime biggest grossing movie in his carrer almost after 23years of his carrer with Chennai Express and that to didnt stand for 3months got broken by K3, if not by K3 it survived for 5months and broken by D3.

    My kind suggestion to SRK fans is that u people should accept that Aamir & Salman are bigger then SRK.

  • Dhoom 3 Is Biggest Grosser Of All Time

    Sunday 30th December 2013 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has become the biggest grosser of all time in just ten days. The final collections of Sunday are still to come in but it is certain that it has crossed the 208 crore nett lifetime figure of Chennai Express. The business of Dhoom 3 (Hindi) in ten days is over 210 crore nett. The top nett grossers of all time at the moment are as follows. All figures approx and for Hindi versions only.

    1. Dhoom 3 – 211 cr (still running)
    2. Chennai Express – 208 crore
    3. 3 Idiots – 202 crore
    4. Ek Tha Tiger – 186 crore
    5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 179 crore

    Courtesy By Boxoffice India

  • 1. Dhoom 3 – 211 cr (still running)

    2. Chennai Express – 208 crore

    3. 3 Idiots – 202 crore

    4. Ek Tha Tiger – 186 crore

    5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 179 crore

  • @divya srk is always king and will remain king till his last film releases. the ordinary man from Delhi became changed the fortune of Bollywood like amitji and delip sahab. srk is never star kid. his hardwork made him wat he is today achiver of 2013. by abp news. and some people saying srk is because of yrf banner then why not day chopra is still struggling. how much u hate srk that much he became go it. let me take an example so u want to compare other actor with OK let’s compare him with bhai jaan of Bollywood ya its salman . I will not talk about Don and janeman era so ur safe but just see this link u can get wat srk and his stardom is all about

  • Dhoom 3 Is Biggest Grosser Of All Time

    Sunday 30th December 2013 11.30 IST

    BOI Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has become the biggest grosser of all time in just ten days. The final collections of Sunday are still to come in but it is certain that it has crossed the 208 crore nett lifetime figure of Chennai Express. The business of Dhoom 3 (Hindi) in ten days is over 210 crore nett. The top nett grossers of all time at the moment are as follows. All figures approx and for Hindi versions only. 1. Dhoom 3 – 211 cr (still running)
    2. Chennai Express – 208 crore
    3. 3 Idiots – 202 crore
    4. Ek Tha Tiger – 186 crore
    5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 179 crore

  • to all morons who are doubting K3’s collections. the two leading trade experts of bollywood, taran adarsh and komal nahta accepted K3 as highest grosser of all time still you have problems ??

    Komal Nahta clealr explained in details on ETC bollywood business that K3 collected 220 cr and has gone past CE which had collected 216 cr. Now komal is false ?? you double standard morons praise taran and komal during khans films and bash boi but during Hrithik’s films you say boi is accurate and taran,komal wrong woww maan gaaye khan fans ki hypocrisy ko.

    You fools will be slaves of khans for another 1000 years. learn to respect all actors, be it khans or hrithik or akshay or ajay or any other.

  • all Bollywood fan base together and fighting with srk fans that shows the power of srk. moral of the story is king is only one and everybody wants to be like that.

  • Only three films has crossed 200 crore nd those r
    1. 3 idiots
    2. CE
    3. Dhoom 3
    No issue with hritik but reality is reality. I can’t support manipulated figures of roshans.

  • All figures approx and for Hindi versions only.

    1. Dhoom 3 – 211 cr (still running)
    2. Chennai Express – 208 crore
    3. 3 Idiots – 202 crore
    4. Ek Tha Tiger – 186 crore
    5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 179 crore

  • OMG its so funny…..SRK fans get a life……D3 has beaten all records hands down…….and yes no one can deny Aamir factor…..

    This is not to say that records cant be broken……all major superstars have films lined for next year….lets see…..

    But for God sake stop ridiculing one star for another…..Dhoom 3 has broken records and Aamir has a major role to play in it…..His last 3 commercial films have proven that……Ghajini, 3 Idiots and now Dhoom 3……so to say its only Dhoom factor is just fooling oneself…….all trade experts have labelled Aamir as the GAME CHANGER.

    lets see what all the superstars have in store for 2014…..remember anything is possible…..a good film from any supertsar can create the elusive 300 cr club….

  • @Salman : Dude, stardom is not solely calculated on basis of Social Media fans or followers. Facebook has more fans for Salman than srk, will you agree with it. The real fan is the one who spends money to watch his hero in theatre not the one who just click like on Twitter or FB, not the one who just follow their fav actor on social networking sites or Not the one who just watches movies on youtube. A simple question for you. Why did Don 2 failed to beat Ready? Ready was non holiday release (though it was released after IPL season n was the movie to set a benchmark for post IPL season as business season. Ex : Rowdy Rathore n YJHD both went on to become big grossers). Personally I feel Don 2 is better movie than Ready but even a Christmas solo release with srk stardom failed to beat Salman’s non holiday movie. I am sure Ready wud have been flop or below average if any other (bigger star) had acted in it instead of Salman. Turning ordinary movies into BB shows the power of Salman n his stardom !!!!!!!

  • Every actor bashing srk or his fans does not make srk right or a king. It shows there is something wrong with srk (despite being a big star) n his fans. May be Arrogance, selfishness, manipulation n disrespect towards other actors including senior actors. Stupid srkians, stop day dreaming !!!!!!!

  • All Hrithik haters will definately say that Krish 3 did not collect 200 cr because it broke all records of their stars except Dhoom 3.

    Let me tell you one thing, even if you consider BOI figure Krish 3 is one of the biggest film than YJHD, CE & ETT in content & collections and just one step behind 3 idiots in content & one step behind Dhoom 3 in collections for following reasons:

    1) Krish 3 indeed has the best critics review than YJHD, CE , D3 & ETT.
    2) Krish 3 collected 178 cr (Hindi) & 10 cr (Regional) = 188 cr as per BOI more than YJHD & ETT. YJHD & ETT did not release it in regional as they have no market there. Krish 3 released during diwali when people tend to celebrate/shop/fireworks etc , when there are no audience to watch. It would have easily grossed another 15 cr in the first weekend if it was not diwali. Even BOI accepted that the film was badly hit by Pre Diwali period.
    3) Then there was no national holidays for Krish 3. There are reports in trade that its 1st monday was national holiday which is untrue, check any state govt website, it was working day on Nov 4th for AP, TN, Kerala. Diwali was celebrated on Nov 2nd & 3rd in these states. Thus depriving the film of another 3 crs.
    4) Heavy competation from Week – 3 Ram leela, GTPM, SSTG, Bullet Raja etc..costing the film another 10 -12 crs. Only CE had a competation that in from a flop movie like OUTM.

    Krish 3 could have easily grossed more than 220 cr if above factors were in favour of Krish 3, which rest of movies enjoyed. However the actual real collections of Krish 3 are 233 cr (Hind) & 12 Cr (Regional) = 245 cr.

    BOI underreporting: It gave 20 cr collection’s for Ram leela which released in 2800 screens with 90 % occupancy & gave Krish 3 18 cr which released in 3900 screens with 90 % occupancy. The BOI take is totally false on the collections. For Dhoom 3 it has overreported collections more than what yash raj has declared. It has definately tried to push it to yash raj collections.This shows BOI has no accuracy on collections. When a movie like D3 & CE can cross 200 cr why can’t a well made film like Krish 3 can? Krish 3 deserves 280 cr collections easily.

  • @diyva lol at your second comment and it is true that thakur has been hamming his way through his entire career but to his deranged fans thats called great acting…! Silly how they can understand Thakurs gibberish but struggle to understand that Aamirs Samar act in Dhoom 3 was way more convincing than Thakurs Rizwan Khan act from Raavan Returns As Ra point One for instance…!

    Aamir the Perfectionist
    Salman the Peoples Bhai Jaan
    Thakur the King of Youtube where his lungiwala fans watch his repetitive act for free time after time after time…..!

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