FAN flops at the domestic box office

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN has flopped at the domestic box office, as the film has dropped by 5% on a holiday for ‘Mahavir Jayanti’. It was clear from the trend over the first weekend itself, that the drop over the weekdays was inevitable. But there was hope that FAN would sustain to reasonably good levels on Monday and then show decent growth on Tuesday (partial holiday). Both of those expectations weren’t met and the film crashed both on Monday and Tuesday.

The first week business of FAN will be around 72 crore, which will be poor for a film starring a major superstar like Shah Rukh Khan. More so when it was given a big release of 3500 screens. The film could finish with lifetime business of around 85 crore, which will make it the lowest grossing SRK film since My Name Is Khan in 2010.

The overseas box office too isn’t sustaining as well as it was expected to. A few countries like Pakistan and UAE are holding up well, but others have shown bigger than expected drops.

Overall, FAN has disappointed at the box office because the film was expected to perform at multiplexes. It was never a film that was meant to do well in the heartland of India, like Shah Rukh himself said, but even he would agree that it’s the target audience (read moviegoers at multiplexes at Urban centres) who have rejected the film Saturday evening onwards.

DayFanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)19.20-
Day 2 (Saturday)15.40- 20%
Day 3 (Sunday)17.75+ 15%
Day 4 (Monday)6.05- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.75- 5%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.20- 27%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.15- 25%
Week 1 Total71.5 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.70- 46%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)2.65+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)3.40+ 28%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.10- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1- 9%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.85- 15%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.75- 12%
Week 2 Total11.45 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.27- 64%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)0.22- 19%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)0.19- 14%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)0.15- 21%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)0.12- 20%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)0.11- 8%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)0.09- 18%
Week 3 Total 1.15 cr
India Total Collections 84.10 crore


  • So where are those stupid Srk fans who were blaming Indian Audience that they don’t know what is good movie now see even in overseas FAN is rejected…..Indian audience know very well that’s why if they support movie like Ghajjni, Dabaang, Ready, Housefull (because of their entertainment value) then they show their love towards movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK, Airlift, Neerja (which are Content rich movies)…So Stop defending your Srk crap and pathetic movie and stop praising his over-acting again and again….and give some respect to other actors too….

    Too Much Fun….

  • I wonder where are the people who bashed Indicine when their very first FBO said FAN might collect 138cr. Frankly speaking..Hats off Indicine for your FBO prediction strategies..well done!

  • @Raees Khan
    U should live INDIA,, Bcoz Indian wants what they want not what u want.. If you want this type of movies go there where this type of movies work or wait for SRK next…
    srkians should accept that FAN is a big flop now don’t give excuse bcoz we and u all know YRF never expected this type of result otherwise they keep the budget low.. ?????

  • Jai ho(85cr budget) was a Semi Hit
    Talaash(50cr budget) was a clean hit

    Fan(105cr budget) is a big flop
    lifetime will be max.- 90cr

    • @Piyush, where did you get those numbers from? All wrong. Theatrical rights of Jai Ho were sold for 90 crore, plus Eros spent about 18-20 crore on marketing it. Reliance purchased Talaash for 90 crore. It’s not the cost of production, but the landing cost that decides a film’s fate at the box office.

  • Even raone, dilwale was flop, what New news in that… So fan also turn out flop…
    Well best of luck for next film raees…
    But seriously raees looks dull… Hope they will prove me wrong…

  • Only Salman give two 100cr movies and a blockbuster when he not released on national holiday,, Bcoz he actually not need holiday his fans make his release date a national holiday ????

  • Let’s face it. FAN was a bad movie and that’s why it didn’t work counter to the common notion that FAN was a niche film with no songs or top heroine as SRK and his fans claim.
    SRK as Gaurav was a treat to watch but that’s not enough to save a movie this terrible.

  • Today also partial holiday but collection we all know 4cr. All theaters empty house running… Lol.. too much fan…

  • @rice khan fan flopped but why are you bringing salman’s name ?? This is the reality of all srkians,they know only to defame Salman cause their star can’t give a hit

  • @indicine

    You are too early to declare FAN flop…

    FAN needs above 75 crores for BELOW AVERAGE, more than 85 crores for AVERAGE, more than 95 crores for ABOVE AVERAGE, more than 105 crore for SEMI HIT and more than 110 crore for HIT staus…

    Verdict still undecided indicine…

    • @Sameer_real, says who? If a film can’t recover even 50% of its budget from the all-important domestic market, without even including the lead actor’s fee, then it simply cannot be declared anything other than flop.

  • Bhai fans named Salman bhai as “Baap Of Bollywood”. Probably this is the only way they could console Bhai’s grief of still being a virgin.

  • Tomorrow l held party for FAN failure. My best friends all celebration coz FAN disaster. Hahaha… party time for Salman, Akki, Amir and Ajay fans even Emmi fans partying. :-D ;-)


    you are trying to woo one
    Fanbase i.e. Bhai’s very largely.

    FAN IS Not flop because no one lost any money.
    Aisi ghatiya article nikalne se pehle soch lia karo kya bol rhe ho.

    SRK was doing this film on %share on profit and there is no.local distributor.

    YRF will recover its cost at the least

    Kahan kisk nuksaa hua zara mujhr bhi batao.

    • @iamFAN, we have never tried to woo any fanbase. If Sultan or Dangal or any other film for that matter performs poorly, we’ll call it like it is. Whether people like it or not, does not matter.

  • Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. No offence to superstar SRK, but all his Fans cudn’t stop barking shit before the release of Fan like “Oscar”, “500 Cr” and other illogical stuff.
    And now let all the Salman, Akshay and Hrithik fans have their turn.

    Too much Fun!!!

  • That’s a bit early to give the verdict. If it runs on the same low levels without major drops it’ll recover the cost. The real test is 2nd Friday.
    It’s not going to be a major grosser. But, recovering the cost is for now the main aim for Fan.

  • xzone, javed, sss, kaha ho tum???? Tumahra sabse bara star with 3billions fans ki movie flop hogai. Kuch too karo!!

  • RAEES is a dark film that’s why in the end they tried some color on it adding Sunny Leone item song but that’s not gonna work #FACT.

  • Pathetic film. One of the worst of srk since Ram-Jane, Shakti, Paheli. Even HNY and Dilwale were better than this.
    Extra-Ordinary acting, career best, ye wo pata nai kya bola tha. Karan johar says srk made a character to be remembered for life, it wont be remembered even after 1 week. Jungle book will take more screens next week. Lifetime 80cr. Flop cum Disaster. And srk go and try and snatch that award coz you aren’t getting any.

  • it has Bommbed on Domestic and big setback for Srk fans .

    worldwide 300cr is outside chance which is somewhat challenging to global hits that 20million$ in overseas has realistic chance .

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