FAN First Week Box Office Collections

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN has just completed a poor first week at the box office. The film, which was expected to collect upwards of 90 crore in its first week, has collected Rs 71.5 crore in 7 days.

It’s a case of the film letting the star down, as FAN opened very well on its opening day and sustained to reasonably good numbers during the weekend. But on the day of the test (Monday), the audience verdict was loud and clear. FAN was rejected by the paying public and the film crashed on each day of the weekend – Monday drop was huge, Tuesday was shocking as it was a partial holiday and the downward trend continued on Wednesday and Thursday (both days witnessing drops of 25% or more).

FAN will also find the going tough in its second weekend. It has lost about 65-70% of its shows at multiplexes, which is huge because there are no new releases this week. The Jungle Book is still going strong and is expected to perform well in its third week too.

For the film to have an outside chance of recovering costs, FAN has to collect 13-15 crore in its second weekend – for which it needs big growth on Saturday and Sunday. This would mean the film has a chance of crossing the 90 crore mark and getting close to 100 crore – which was the very least that was expected out of the film prior to release. (Read: Fan Box Office Prediction)

If that doesn’t happen (i.e good second weekend), trade sources have confirmed that Yash Raj Films will lose money on FAN. The theatrical share (including both India and overseas business) will recover only about 65-70% of its budget of Rs 105 crore.

DayFanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)19.20-
Day 2 (Saturday)15.40- 20%
Day 3 (Sunday)17.75+ 15%
Day 4 (Monday)6.05- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.75- 5%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.20- 27%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.15- 25%
Week 1 Total71.5 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.70- 46%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)2.65+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)3.40+ 28%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.10- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1- 9%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.85- 15%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.75- 12%
Week 2 Total11.45 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.27- 64%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)0.22- 19%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)0.19- 14%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)0.15- 21%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)0.12- 20%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)0.11- 8%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)0.09- 18%
Week 3 Total 1.15 cr
India Total Collections 84.10 crore


  • SRK’s superstardom is vanishing. Even after good WOM and ratings the film is struggling for 90-100 cr.

    For an actor to be called a Superstar, every film should at least cross 100 cr.

    And Even CE and HNY the films were real crap.

    Superstardom days over for SRK

  • @Rocky,didnt know that Adi and Karan were famous before DDLJ and KKHH.Do some homework before writing rubbish.

  • SRK fans, I have nothing against you.. But seriously.. You guys are the most double faced people ever! Before release, you were claiming sky high numbers and now, all of a sudden, numbers don’t matter?
    SRK ke sachhe fan hote.. Toh usko uske bad phase me bhi support karo. Accept karo. Aur jaisa SRK ne movie me kahaa, ‘FAN ke alawa kuchh aur banke dikhaao.’ SRK fans ho naa? Pehle uski yeh baat toh samjho.

  • @Rohan,then whose star power collected 71cr urs?And that for a movie which is crap according to haters.

  • @sss who said srk not to cast heroine or not to include song he tried different things to gain buzz & audience but the move backfire. Don’t say about bhai dear whatever he does it becomes blockbuster real stardom of real superstar unlike media backed award winner disaster king Kong.

  • Well, well, well what do we have here a self proclaimed King dethroned by the very fans who was to have supported him so that he was going to have a 300 crore film and be the biggest block bluster that India has ever seen, but what did these 3.7 million fans do they did not even go to watch the film and are now doing the blame game calling the indian audience low class, low minded etc. sorry for repeating this but this kind of abuse to others has caused the downfall of their so called King.
    Now they have not learnt the lesson that pointing one finger you get back four times the destruction that you wished on Salman and others. Again you are still persisting on spreading your stupidity about Raees against Sultan. But you can’t touch Salman because if you keep spreading hatred against him the more people will love him because they have seen what has happen to Fan because of you fans.
    @Challa I told you more than a year ago that disaster would come to you if you did not desist from pointing your finger at others in a detrimental way, now you see the results the very one that you have lifted up has been brought down by his own ego and self importance, learn to give constructive criticism, don’t attack people personally, stop stupid comparing of a film from over two years to todays. Ticket prices were lower etc learn proper maths etc. but you know if you keep insisting of the path you are going they will come further disappointments in Raees and future films of SRK.
    SRK fans many of them has shown disloyalty to him because of his flop films, even when Salman was down we still gave him the support that he needed, we believed in him and the goodness of his heart towards others for I knew that God would bless him.
    Each film and each person should be judged according to their merit, comparing things is a dangerous method because it will bring great shame and disappointment.

  • @ Challa at 2:59 pm : Dont say that brother. Have been missing u here for last few days.

    Indicine is quite an addictive place. So u wont enjoy leaving it. Looking forward to more comments from u.

    And if u r talking about the 100 cr condition then I think the movie has even crossed 150 cr globally so the minimum condition suffices :)

  • @sss…paheli and swades both are south remakes…get the facts…ha ha ha…srk has done 3-4 south remakes…dont simply write rubbish

  • @Ginger Okay wanna know non Edx of Salman? Ready and jai ho with an average of 113 crs between them. 2 100 crs and 2 commercially successful movies. Semi hit and Blockbuster. Kuch samj? Ya phir ? nahi!!

  • @ ajay-salman fan,hehehe new joke jai ho commercially successfull.Then fan is blockbuster.For ready thats a south remake which was a hit in all languages which is remade.Nothing new.Mujche samjane ki sarurat nahi.

  • @ajay-salman fan,u r cracking good jokes.Paheli and swades are south remakes?Paheli is the remake of hindi movie Duvidha.Swades was dubbed in tamil named Desam.

  • @ginger….without Edx 100cr domestic club..1) Ajay devgan- sigham,singham returns,bol bacchan….2) Akshay kumar-rowdy rathore,airlift, holiday 3) salman khan- jai ho, Ready 4) varun dhawan-ABCD2 5) siddharth-Ek villian 6) Emraan hasmi-Dirty picture… now u tell SRK—-taenga

  • @satyajit,dumb peoples like you never understand the value of FAN,so I don’t want to make you understand about that.but what a joke whatever bhai does that becomes blockbuster,really?then why jai ho couldn’t become a hit so as prdp?why your so called bhai struggle to get a hit film of his own starrer through out last decade?please show a simple hit of bhai with out masala genre and holiday,then I’LL consider your bhai/bhabi as a star who is actually a decade struggler flopstar who has 40 flops in career,ROFL.

    @bajanIndian,but now at that point of instant I can mark that ego,self proclaimation from salman fans not SRKIANS.salman fan’s over confidence raised to peak level that some dumbs like you are now predicting future of KING OF BOLLYWOOD WHO made HIS LUCK with HIS OWN HAND.this is 1st flop KING KHAN after 12 years.while in between 12 YEARS,your bhai had already given 20+ flops,ROFL.that’s the difference between THE BADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD and the remake king of EID and Harshali/,masala dependent 2010 born papa’s made star,ROFL.last chance for you say sorry to SRKIANS so that everything will go well for you,there is no guarantee when your remake star will get return back to pre-2010 era once again.

    @ajay-salman fan,so as ett,bajrangi bhaijaan are also south remakes.if you see these kind of things you too will feel angry which is not must be a dumb south movie wtacher who is claiming SWADES,PAHELI are remakes.while PAHELI ‘s remake made in tamil,go dumb and reda that if you have internet.and PAHELI is a fresh script directed by AMOL PALEKAR.if you don’t know history stop writing hallucinating craps in your comment.

    @gangs of ajay devgan,

    jai ho—-independence day release—-flop—not a non holiday release
    ready(south remake)—-post-IPL release(holiday)—-blockbuster—-not a non holiday release

    and during post-IPL biggest blockbuster is—-YJHD>>>>>>ready given by Ranbir kapoor.if you’re thinking ranbir kapoor is bigger star than salman than there is no problem for us accept salman is bigger star than KING SRK.but before that you have to accept ranbir>>>>>>>salman,as YJHD>>>>>>>>sready,ROFL.

    wanna know NON EDX KING SRK,2010 ith high negativity MNIK—-HIT,200CR WW>>>>>.jail ho,the-laash,ROFL.go and hide anywhere loser,ROFL.


  • @sss….your knowledge about movies is very less… alwayz u tell other actors r remaking thats y i want2 show u facts… iam movie buff..specially hindi movies.. i will give information u better check and talk…swades- chiguridha kanasu(kannada movie)..paheli-nagamandala(kannada movie)… only difference in paheli is ghost whereas latter had a snake falling for a beautifull women… even billu barber-kuselan(tamil)… srks all south remakes r big flop whereas other actors remake r blockbuster… srk fits only in romance..he cant do comedy …action…he is not averstile actor like ajay sir…now sss check once n later bark… u check in swades wiki clearly they have mentioned

  • @sss ….iam watching hindi movies from when i was in school…i used 2 bunk and weekly i used2 c 3-4 hindi movies in theatre

  • @sss : You don’t have low IQ but absolutely no IQ. Expecting sense from you is like expecting a century from Ashok Dinda !!!!!!!!!! For you every Salman successful movie is Masala genre, Jai Ho was a pure Masala why it is not big hit as Dabangg? Salman was the first to say Masala genre will be over killed and he moved away from same. First learn words like Social drama (BB), Action (ETT) and then bark. Just because your fake queen have failed almost anything you are giving credit to Masala genre, what did your idol do with 2 Masala festive release HNY & Dilwale ? Keep writing thrash like King, Global star n all entire world knows his aukaat now. Poor SRK, he made a movie for his Fans but look what his fans did gift wrapped it as Flop. Where’s the power of 3.7 billion fans ? Where is the biggest star in the world ? Where’s the power of second richest actor ? I had said it before and will say again, your feku idol is a Nalla at Box Office compare to Salman. He can fool his fans but not everyone, his real face is out in the public that’s why his career graph is going down. Also his fans like you are utter disgrace for him & society, it has only garnered hatred for SRK. So keep spouting whatever you want, public/audience have shown the place n given the verdict. At least Jai Ho was semi Hit your Haklu’s movie is a big FLOP !!!!!!!!!!

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