FAN First Week Box Office Collections

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN has just completed a poor first week at the box office. The film, which was expected to collect upwards of 90 crore in its first week, has collected Rs 71.5 crore in 7 days.

It’s a case of the film letting the star down, as FAN opened very well on its opening day and sustained to reasonably good numbers during the weekend. But on the day of the test (Monday), the audience verdict was loud and clear. FAN was rejected by the paying public and the film crashed on each day of the weekend – Monday drop was huge, Tuesday was shocking as it was a partial holiday and the downward trend continued on Wednesday and Thursday (both days witnessing drops of 25% or more).

FAN will also find the going tough in its second weekend. It has lost about 65-70% of its shows at multiplexes, which is huge because there are no new releases this week. The Jungle Book is still going strong and is expected to perform well in its third week too.

For the film to have an outside chance of recovering costs, FAN has to collect 13-15 crore in its second weekend – for which it needs big growth on Saturday and Sunday. This would mean the film has a chance of crossing the 90 crore mark and getting close to 100 crore – which was the very least that was expected out of the film prior to release. (Read: Fan Box Office Prediction)

If that doesn’t happen (i.e good second weekend), trade sources have confirmed that Yash Raj Films will lose money on FAN. The theatrical share (including both India and overseas business) will recover only about 65-70% of its budget of Rs 105 crore.

DayFanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)19.20-
Day 2 (Saturday)15.40- 20%
Day 3 (Sunday)17.75+ 15%
Day 4 (Monday)6.05- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.75- 5%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.20- 27%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.15- 25%
Week 1 Total71.5 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.70- 46%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)2.65+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)3.40+ 28%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.10- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1- 9%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.85- 15%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.75- 12%
Week 2 Total11.45 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.27- 64%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)0.22- 19%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)0.19- 14%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)0.15- 21%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)0.12- 20%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)0.11- 8%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)0.09- 18%
Week 3 Total 1.15 cr
India Total Collections 84.10 crore


  • India me pankha tuta , overseas me vi band hoga .. Bhai indicine second weekend nahi second week me 15 cr karegi ..
    Friday — 1.50
    Saturday– 2.50
    Sunday – 3
    Monday – 1.25
    Tuesday – 1
    Wednesday – 1
    Thursday – 75lk
    2nd week — 11-12cr
    remaining week – 3-4cr
    lifetime – 87cr … big disaster

  • Sure shot flop
    Here’s the end of shahrukh stardom
    If its going to do 90 to 95cr then its also flop naaaa???

  • @indicine i think SRK stardom has decreased after doing masala type movie.

    Fans are ok when Salman does masala movie but Fan expect some classic type from movie from SRK.

    So that may have affected Fan and will affect Raees also

    Fan is not a rejected movie, imdb rating is good enough to prove that

  • Reason of srk failure in latest movies that characters have no depth which was used to be there in past movies.
    But raees is movie which I think will earn appreciation and money both

  • FAN was as good as people eaxpecred film thats why it was rejected and good films like Neerja,Airlift and Kapoor and Sons didi well,some Srk fans blaming the audience for this debicable are pathetic.

  • Fan is running strong here in Pakistan…
    Will this help fan’s verdict or only domestic level decides the fat of a film???

  • Our so called king thought that, he might be able to made a move like “The Revenant” and won an oscar … but his film is universally rejected.

    It is already proven that star like Ranveer Singh is ahead of him now against the box office Race. Forget about Aamir, Salman.

    He is successful because of A list directors like Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Rakesh Roshan, Yash Chopra etc. He was also benefitted from great actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Kajol & Juhi Chawla.

    Whenever he tried a film with a less reputed director or a new director, the movie got badly flopped at box office !!!!!!

  • @indicine please answer me how movie can be benefited if it is release in eid as i think there is only 1 holiday
    please indicine answer

  • not even fan i think raees may also see the same fate from the fans .. raees story is such which has been shown to the indian celluloid innumerable times plus it has a pakistani actress . all the upcoming films of srk will see the same fate i.e flop .. time has arrived for srk to appear in character roles like brother., father, father in law etc.. or become producer/director .. well talking about the great HRITHIK ROSHAN ,, indicine when will mohenjodaro first look and trailer will be out .. now we cant wait more .. for seeing our greek god on silver screen after 28 months .

  • SRK should do movie like Fan and should leave Salman Khan to do commercial movies

    You should do way what you’re best at. Salman is not criticised when he does commercial movies, but when SRK does he gets criticise so much… that’s the difference

  • raees first week -40 crores . second week -10 crores rest-5 crores . total – 55 crores max .. verdict -disaster …

  • fan is a biggest disaster after bombay velvet. overated srk should compete with varun dhawan and arjun kapoor.megastars salman and aamir are way ahead of him.

  • #FAN is exceptional.
    BO verdict is temporary but it will remembered as one of d best of SRK.
    Already watched 4 times in theaters n real movie-goers also loved d movie.
    Its a grt time for us because finally SRK decided 2 do some meaningful cinema.
    And if u r a real #FAN then don’t feel bad , because now d real fun begins.
    #love u SRK.

  • yrf facing losses…
    But why they wasted huge money on that film whose lead actor himself is not interested in Box Office Numbers..?

    Yes i can understand that Srk might have made movie for his fans & awards & not for BO.

    But YRF is a company. They see each & every movie as a business deal…where you have to think about profits & no place for emotions.

    Any way now, except ETT & D3 no big Hit for them in last 5-6 years.

    Now they need a huge blockbuster to come back strongly…& yes once again Salman will do it for them with Sultan…

    don’t worry Yrf.. now Sultan will set benchmarks at Box office…

    Everyone from theatre owners to exhibitors-distributors will earn with Sultan…

    After all to buy food everyone needs money… because there is no single shop available in Universe where you can buy food by giving awards,critics stars or imdb rating.

  • mohenjodaro – 1 st week – 150 crores . 2nd week -80 crores , 3 rd week – 50 crores . rest – 40 crores .total – 350 crores verdict – atbb ..

  • Finally …it seems.. that the star power of SRK has actually gone down…not that he is not a big enough a star…but the reality is he is not the SRK he used to be…and now the road ahead will get tougher for him coz at this stage and age …recovery is all that difficult….One or two more flops/underperformers…then 1 he will be out of top 5 and 2 now even he will fear fridays and have sleeplesss nights…

  • Aur likho disaster n decade flop stars for Aamir & Salman. I think this is the best thing happened to SRK fans since DDLJ because it has brought them to reality and an eye opener. At least now they won’t burden SRK with unrealistic expectations with his every release !!!!!!!!!

  • Poor Minions collected more than a billion at the BO, whereas the biggest self proclaimed BO star makes not even 5% of that

  • Still his record on non holiday stands next compared to other 2 khans..

    Jai ho (Republic day release)
    Ready (post ipl release)
    Veer (Republic day release)
    GTGH etc…

    Mangal pandey

    Enough said (:

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